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Theinwestycja claims to be registered in the UK and headquartered in London, but this is not documented. As for the project’s history, the site’s owners have talked about its launch in 2018. However, the domain was only registered in September 2023. In addition, the brokerage company does not have a UK license.

Is this trading platform reliable? We will analyze the technical and legal information of this service and conclude whether you can trade safely here.

Trading Conditions

Theinwestycja claims a market capitalization of 2.6bn and total revenues of 63.8m but does not specify the currency of these figures. In addition, there are allegedly 32 million active traders using the platform.

The company promises to provide clients with certified translations of brokerage documents into more than 100 languages. However, there are no Terms and Conditions of its operation in the public domain. 

Theinwestycja does not disclose the minimum deposit amounts and commissions in trading conditions. The broker has developed 3 types of accounts, which differ in their set of functions. You can choose a suitable tariff according to the following parameters:

  • Basic – Leverage 1:200, Swap 10%, Spread 20%, News alerts, Daily market updates, Monthly personal meetings with an analyst, Welcome bonus up to 75%, Weekly financial research and market reviews.
  • Gold – MT5, Leverage 1:300, Swap 10%, Spread 20%, Money Management Plan, Daily Market Updates, Weekly Analyst Meetings, Welcome Bonus up to 100%, Weekly Financial Research and Market Reviews, Personal Manager.
  • Platinum – MT5, Leverage 1:400, 40% Swap, 50% Spread, Professional Schedule, Portfolio Management, Daily Market Updates, Weekly Meetings with Analysts, Welcome Bonus up to 100%, Weekly Financial Research and Market Reviews, Long Term Financial Plan, Direct Number to Your Success Manager, Up to 5 Protected Trades.

Theinwestycja offers customers a trading calendar, educational videos, and analyses of currency pair quotes. You can consult with an expert in live chat. The interface supports English (by default) and Polish.


Would investing in Theinwestycja offer the best returns?

You are more likely to lose your deposit rather than make a profit on a platform with unclear trading conditions. An additional risk is CFD trading with a huge leverage of 1:400, which is limited in Europe to 1:30 and banned in the USA.

Does Theinwestycja carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the site showed that the broker does not provide clients with any guarantees for withdrawal of their funds. Traders talk in reviews about unreasonable account blocking and transaction problems. Please share your comments if you have experience with this company.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the risk of scamming on this site is high as the company does not provide any documents, and there are no copies of licenses and certificates of registration. The start date of the project does not correspond to a fresh domain, and the stated number of 32 million clients raises big doubts about its veracity. 

What's the best way to share my experience with

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How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about Theinwestycja

  1. Yohoo
    January 8
    I am happy with the responsiveness of technical support
    Whenever I contacted the consultants of this broker, I received quality service. Many questions arise for every trader in the world of finance, sometimes every minute is precious to us, so it's important to have quality technical support from the broker. Also, offers us several bonus options, which makes cooperation with it even more pleasant and profitable. I received a good bonus for my deposit. The platform has a quite adequate trading program and it works without serious failures. Cooperation with Theinwestycja allowed me to further expand my opportunities in the forex market. I'm very satisfied with working with this broker, and although there are some minor stability issues with the terminal, however, I still recommend it to other traders.
  2. Stan
    January 4
    You have little chance to earn profit
    I have been working with theinwestycja for about three months, but now I am planning to move away from this broker. What annoys me is that the stops are very often not triggered and the spread is sometimes above 8 pips. So you won't get losses only if you don't work on this terminal. I am very sorry that a popular company has such shortcomings. I think I need to urgently pick up another broker.
  3. Sandrfroll
    December 18
    I'm very sorry that I believed the scammers
    I advise you never to transfer a single cent to this fraudulent broker's account. I traded on theinwestycja with big losses. I had a balance of 672 USD in my trading account one month ago. I requested to withdraw 300 USD (and this is part of my deposit!!), but the broker canceled the withdrawal. The administrators don't give reasons for the rejection and don't respond to written requests, they don't explain to me what my fault is. I have come to the conclusion that these are scammers and so I tell you: never work with this scam under any circumstances.
  4. Soko
    December 3
    I'm disappointed with this platform incredibly!
    I invested $6,000 in an account with theinwestycja and now it's gone in an instant! I spent months trying to increase my savings :( and now it's all gone. The managers of the company promised me high returns and low risk, but in the end, it turned out to be a complete lie :( I demand my money back immediately!
  5. ermek
    November 22
    I was scammed
    I invested $320 and opened one forex trade, then it was closed with a profit, but I was surprised that my balance decreased instead of increasing. I tried to withdraw the balance of my deposit which was above $250, however, my withdrawal request is pending approval from December 2023 until today. I am sending emails to regarding my withdrawal but I am not getting any response. This is a very abusive broker...
  6. monser
    October 28
    This terminal is almost perfect
    This site has a modern convenient intuitive platform, a bunch of tools, no problems with depositing and withdrawing, adequate support and other positive features. I would give five points to, but here's a very long registration process. It took me two days to verify.
    That's why I'm rating the site only four for now.
  7. alex dotru
    October 26
    One of the good services
    The conditions for opening an account on this site are not the easiest. But what is important for me is that this broker is reliable 👏 I passed verification three months ago and I deposited $22,000 into my account. I am trading almost daily now and making profits. I have already had the first payouts, theinwestycja withdraws the trader's reward correctly 🔥 But I repeat once again, the trading conditions on this platform are quite strict!
  8. magistor
    October 23
    Do not invest money here
    Friends, this company is a scam, I say so on the basis of not someone else's experience, but my real cooperation with theinwestycja. I can safely confirm that this broker does not withdraw money. I invested here 880 dollars because I believed that I would deal with an experienced broker, working more than 5 years in the forex market. But later, when I already invested, it turned out to be a lie. Now this company has frozen the withdrawal of my funds. I have no way to contact these scammers. I do not even know what to do in such a situation!!? It is clear to me that my funds are gone (-880 dollars!), but maybe you know - is there any way to return this money?
  9. Investor
    October 23
    The site has a lot of flaws
    I became convinced of the poor service of theinwestycja. Firstly, I could not register for a long time, it was quite problematic to fulfill all the verification requirements on this site, and I had some difficulties with this process. Secondly, I received a personal account that was not quite convenient and not thought out. Meanwhile, the site freezes periodically, which makes me very nervous. But this broker has advantages. For example, there is a quite wide selection of different assets available and you can open many orders at once.
  10. linaufa
    October 23
    The broker is operating illegally and without a license
    How can a company have tens of millions of clients without having offices in different countries! One specific address is listed on theinwestycja website, i.e in London, but I highly doubt it is an office of this company. I think about this address that the site owners lied and indicated the first one they saw on the map. By the way, you should not trust brokers who work in the UK, providing trading with leverage of 1:400, because such brokers are fraudulent in 99% of cases. The UK regulator will not allow such a blatant violation of the law. No wonder people are losing money with theinwestycja, as it is an unlicensed company, and also blatantly deceives traders about several millions of users in a huge number of countries. You should not trust this broker in any case, otherwise you will invest money here and you will not be able to withdraw it back. And finally, I will say about the obvious lie of this scam - the period of work, which the crooks so brazenly falsify, claiming that they have been working since 2018 and that they are actively working and developing in the global market, although, in fact, this resource is not more than half a year - this is evident from the first mentions of forex scam on the Internet, and the date of domain registration.

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