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TIG Capital claims that their brand is registered in Switzerland and that the company’s head office is allegedly located in Geneva. However, there is no confirmation of these facts. As for the company’s history, the broker honestly says that the platform has been operating since 2023. It is worth noting that the domain was registered in September 2023. Is it safe for you to invest your money in trading on this site? We will analyze the activities of this company in detail and tell you about the results obtained.

Trading Conditions

TIG Capital offers traders trading on the MT5 platform. You will get access to assets on global markets, including stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and NFT. The functionality of the terminal allows you to use Stop Loss orders, Purchase Limit, Take Profit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Sale Limit, Trailing Stop.

Tariff plans are divided into 5 categories, which differ in terms of trade depending on the minimum deposit amount. You can choose an account for yourself from the following options:

  • Basic from $1,500 – Leverage 1:25, Access to 5 markets, 7-day trial account.
  • Silver from $25,000 – Leverage 1:25, 30-day Trial account, 30% Bonus, 1 Free Monthly Withdrawal.
  • Gold from $50,000 – Leverage 1:25, Membership in a managed account, 1 Free Weekly withdrawal, 50% Bonus.
  • Platinum from $150,000 – Personal Analyst, Leverage 1:100, Membership in a managed account, 1 Free weekly withdrawal, 75% Bonus.
  • VIP amount on request – Leverage 1:200, 1 Fully protected trade per month, 1 Market Research per month.

Each client can use the services of a personal analyst or manager. You can invest money at 5% per month using the Crypto Stacking Potential feature. The service is available 24/7.

TIG Capital reserves the right to change any trading conditions without prior notice to users.

TIG Capital provides real-time market data and financial news analytics. You will get access to articles, tutorials, webinars, and consultations. Technical support will help you in online chat.


Would investing in TIG Capital offer the best returns?

The probability of losing your funds far exceeds the possibility of earning money in CFD trading. Therefore, the maximum leverage is limited in Switzerland (1:30), and this broker has this value almost 7 times higher, which significantly increases the risks of loss of capital by a trader. The broker's promise of passive earnings to clients in the amount of 5% per month is absurd, since this cannot be implemented in practice.

Does TIG Capital carry out withdrawals?

You risk not receiving your funds, this is stated in the User Agreement – the broker can change the trading conditions at any time and refuse to withdraw money to you. Account blocking occurs frequently, as the broker's clients write in their reviews. Please share your comment.

May I be scammed on tigcap.com?

Yes, the risk of fraud is high. The broker does not have a license from the Swiss regulator FINMA, there is no company registration certificate on the website, trading conditions are opaque, and leverage is much higher than acceptable – all these are signs of an illegal financial organization.

What's the best way to share my experience with TIG Capital?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 1500$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

22 reviews about TIG Capital

  1. Jason Knight
    May 16
    Learned A Lesson Alright
    After investing and a loan on top of it,and not being able to pay the fees👎🏻.No kinda of paperwork/emails nothing. Yea they got my money so keep yours
  2. N
    May 15
    Thieving rogues Scam Scam Scam. unfortunately l know through experience
    Don't touch them
  3. Harry
    March 21
    Scam Scam Scam..
    Initially they were calling me every day for about 2 week, They will keep calling you until you say that you do not have money in your account to deposit into tigcap. Once done then they will not give you call or chat with you guys.
    After 2 months I tried to withdraw the money then they keep declining it and no call. Also my emails are bounced back. Now they have suspended my account without any information.
    "Your trading account has been temporarily suspended.
    Please contact your broker. "
    This is purely scam and only scam.
  4. Steve
    February 17
    These guys wont return my calls i want to shut down my account and they wont do any thing about it
  5. Thomas Brooks
    February 16
    TIG Capital
    Absolutely without any doubt is a SCAM. Personal experience. Website now down
  6. Geraldine ORiordan
    February 12
    I received a call to ask about investing on their trading platform.
    They asked about my financial and I ended up giving them all my savings+money I put on a credit card altogether £20000. They said they would manage it for me as I did not know anything about trading
    Promised me they would make money . They did a lot according to my ap on their platform showing it grow and getting lots of calls telling me how it was growing
    Then I asked to withdraw some and they said I'd have to give them another £10000 first.
    Seem like I've lost the money and it is all I had plus I'm in debt with my card.
    I'm 70 years old and in a mess because of Tig Cap
    It's a scam .
    Don't trust them . On that ap I have £96,746
    But I haven't got a penny not even the £20,000 I gave them
    I have to give a rating but it is your policy .. So one star to a scam company
  7. richard
    February 6
    They deserve a zero rating!

    I have been trying to get my money back with no success. Whenever I call they refuse to close my account. They are scammers sent my the devil. I have made several complaints that have fallen of deaf ears and now they have somehow barred my access to my dashboard. Alexandria Adams , Thomas Jonathan Hayes are crooks. May they rot in hell for stealing my money.
  8. Glenn Dunn
    January 10
    DONT Touch them, I invested a very small amount as I’m very cautious, recieved loads of phone calls from different country codes, every conversation they want you to invest more, my conversation was I want to close my account and have my money back, still having these phone calls and me asking for my money back, big scammers
  9. Bronwyn
    December 23
    Good sevice
    Ive always been cautious when doing this type of thing but i took the leap. Transactions in are easy. Withdrawals have been easy and recieved within 2hrs. Trading has been good to. My assigned manager is more than happy to explain it all and help me out.
    1. Bronwyn
      December 28
      Screwd over
      Im changing my review. Up until now they had been really good. But they have now screwed me over. This place needs to be closed down. They have changed all if my open prices and now i will never recover my money
  10. Maev
    December 22
    Worst experience of my life
    Their so called advisors call at the oddest times and go as far as yelling at you... With my own money!!! I have been asking to get my money back but nothing. This is a scam. After putting in 5k, the keep wanting you to put in more. When you refuse they start yelling at you. No jokes! They always make you start small, with like 210 usd. Then try to make you contribute more promising the funds will grow. My mistake. I have been trying to get my money back but to no avail. Do not try or attempt to invest with TIG Cap. It's a scam!
  11. Lokalokaloka
    December 1
    Brazen scammers!
    The manager guaranteed me that I would earn a lot of money at TIG Capital, and in the end, not only did I not withdraw my earnings, but I also could not return my investments. Don't get involved, it's a scam!!!
  12. alegin
    November 18
    Ordinary swindlers
    The broker does not withdraw money, and the manager brazenly does not even answer the phone. I had almost 800 euros debited from my tig capital account and without explanation…
  13. Cross
    November 3
    This is an average broker: with cons and pros
    The desire to earn money led me to the site tigcap.com . This platform suited me because the terms of the loyalty program provide for a good bonus, although you need to replenish your trading account for 25 thousand dollars (such conditions are found quite often with other brokers, which did not stop me from cooperating). It turned out to be difficult to get a bonus, you need to trade according to the established rules, so bonuses for beginners turned out to be an illusion. Withdrawal of funds takes at least several hours, and sometimes many days, which in my opinion does not make the site attractive.
  14. Avreh
    October 30
    I haven't decided yet
    I am thinking about whether I will trade on this terminal or not. It seems that the broker is not a scam, but my intuition tells me that it is better not to deposit money on tigcap.com. I feel doubts, this company seems opaque to me.
  15. Chill
    October 26
    Long withdrawal of money
    I ‌registered on the website tigcap.com in October 2023, I replenished the balance by $8,000, started trading and everything seemed to be going well until it came to withdrawing funds. The first time my money was withdrawn for a little more than a week, the second time the withdrawal to the card was with a commission of 30-35%, the process also took 2 weeks, and then everything froze for an unknown period.
  16. NskCat
    October 18
    I fell into the trap of fraudsters and like a fool gave them 1,500 dollars 😂 Well, it's good that at least the money ran out on time on my card and I had nothing else to send to the thieves, otherwise I would have given them everything I have…
  17. Lider32
    October 14
    I am very lucky to have found this broker. You will have to search for a very long time for such conditions that TIG Capital offers! What are the bonuses worth!!! I have never met such a loyal broker anywhere. I deposited 60 thousand dollars and received almost the same amount in the form of a bonus. I am absolutely delighted!
  18. Liya
    October 11
    The trade here is not profitable
    Spreads are very large, they are 3-4 times larger than those of other brokers, more or less acceptable spreads start for an account from $150,000. This is a very large amount for some clients, for example, for me. If you want to enter the forex market, earn 10-15 points and leave, i.e. you trade intraday and quite short-term, then you will be very uncomfortable with a spread of 2.2 points. I.e. you need to earn 20% of your earnings in one transaction for the broker first and only then for yourself. The second big disadvantage is that the withdrawal of profits is very long at tig capital. Such a service has outlived itself in the era of the highest competition between brokers for a client, when each broker tries to provide the most competitive trading conditions, and if the company cannot withdraw money to the client's previous details automatically, then they need to withdraw at least 15 minutes to several hours, but withdraw money from the deposit for several days – It's just endless stupidity. Just think about it – I withdraw profits in 5 working days :( That is, if you want to withdraw a little bit every day, then this service is not an option for you right away, if once a week, then you will also receive it only by the middle of next week. If you urgently need some amount from the account, then that's it, it's a fiasco. Such a long withdrawal of money can only suit those traders who plan to receive funds once a month or less. I believe that this is a manifestation of disrespect for the client, this is the last century. My summary: if you have a large amount of money for an account, and you trade fairly medium-term, do not withdraw profits often, then you can work with this company. There are better options for everyone else. Thanks for your attention!
  19. pivad2007
    October 7
    My trading experience
    Hello to everyone who reads this review. I will not write about the fact that this is a good or bad broker. I will write about my history of cooperation with this company, and you will draw your own conclusions. I replenished my first deposit two months ago with €1,500, and then, while I have not yet lost the first deposit, I replenished it with another €500. It seemed to me that this deposit was lost because of an expert whom I paid for help (he is not from tig capital). After that, in October 2023, this expert called me and offered to invest a large amount of money in Morgan Stanley shares, he said that the risks were minimal, that the shares would definitely rise in price, etc. And the shares did rise, but he again advised me to buy 8 lots of different NFTs in addition to the lots of shares. As a result, I closed 12 lots of shares and NFT on margin stake. And I had to double the money on the deposit. And when the broker saw that I was slowly getting out of the drawdown and increasing my deposit, he persistently advised me to manage my account, and after connecting this service, after 2 days, the broker drained all the money to me, and at that time there were about €7 thousand. At that time, I wrote a claim to technical support, but they replied to me that tig capital does not provide brokerage services in the territory of German jurisdiction. That is, I can transfer money to their account to trade, but I cannot withdraw my deposit, since the company has stopped providing brokerage services to me 👏 I am sure that the account management service that the broker installed for me was specially developed by the company's programmers to pump the client's money into the pocket of the site owner, because that about 20 positions were opened and closed on my account within one minute. After that, I found out that the company does not have a license to provide brokerage services in Europe. In short, this is a scam and you will absolutely not be allowed to make a profit here. I am completely sure that this site is run by thieves who have only one goal - to persuade you to deposit the maximum amount of money and then successfully disappear with them.
  20. Shyveg
    September 28
    The team is not working very well
    An unpleasant story happened to me when making a deposit. I transferred money from a VISA card. My payment has passed, but the broker has not credited the money to my trading account. I turned to my personal manager, who, due to his incompetence told me before this payment: “the transaction will go smoothly, don't worry, transfer the money,” but in fact my money was not credited to the trading account. Then the manager offered to withdraw them and REPEAT the payment with another card. However!!! AT THE SAME TIME, 10 PERCENT OF THE AMOUNT will be CHARGED FROM ME, plus the payment system will take its own percentage. That is, the company EARNED 10 percent on me due to the lack of service and no one from the administration even offered me to return this 10% with a subsequent replenishment from another bank card, although the manager promised me to add 5 percent to the amount that was at the first replenishment of the account. The technical support here is extremely inadequate!!! Especially after you try to withdraw money, or rather it just doesn't exist. I specifically sent emails with claims to the broker with a note about reading by the final addressee. But no one even opened them!!! And my manager also texted me at 9:00 a.m. that he wasn't at work yet :( despite the fact that the site says about round-the-clock customer support…
  21. persefona
    September 21
    Favorable conditions
    This broker is the second in my trading experience, we did not become friends with the first one. I have no special complaints about TIG Capital. Well, maybe there was a long delay in withdrawing funds several times, but everything was resolved after I contacted technical support. At first, I thought for a long time and looked closely, studied the site, and then opened my personal account. It took me only a few minutes to register, it's not difficult, then I immediately passed verification, which I already had to tinker with a little longer. The personal account is convenient, everything in it is very clear and understandable. I really enjoyed trading from a mobile phone, the site also works great with a stable Internet, by the way, the interface has the same design and supports different language panels. As for trading, so far I have chosen only a trading account (Silver), it seemed to me the most profitable due to the bonus and one free monthly withdrawal of funds. I am comfortable trading, there is a constant profit, it is withdrawn to the card for the second time a month with an acceptable commission of 5% and without problems, and I also replenished the deposit with a bank card and without interest.

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