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Tipitek is managed by CRYPTOCOINPAY, headquartered in Singapore. In addition, the company indicates its office address in London, UK. Meanwhile, clause 4.1 of the Terms of Use states that the laws of Estonia provide the services. It is worth noting that the website contains a description of the management team and experts with photographs and a detailed history of the project from 2017 to 2024. As for the domain, it was registered in July 2020 and renewed in July 2023.

Can you trust investments to this intermediary? We will determine how reliable the company is after we analyze its technical and legal aspects.

Investment Conditions

Tipitek claims that the resource is used by more than 1 million clients from 176 countries, and the daily turnover exceeds 312 million US dollars. The company offers trading in tokenized commodities, indices, stocks, and other assets.

Tipitek provides 6 types of trading accounts, which differ in terms of packages and deposit limits. You can earn using the following plans:

  • MINI from $500 – Term minimum 180 days, Leverage: 1:5.
  • EASY START from $5,000 – Term minimum 180 days, Leverage: 1:5, Risk-free trades: 1.
  • START+ from $25,000 – Term minimum 180 days, Leverage: 1:5, Trading Signals 3 per week, Risk-free trades 2, Algorithmic trading with 1 built-in robot, Savings account 1.5%.
  • PRO from $100,000, Term minimum 90 days, Leverage 1:10, Trading signals 5 per week, Risk-free trades 3, Algorithmic trading with 2 built-in robots, Savings account 2%.
  • PRO+ from $500,000 – Term minimum 90 days, Leverage: 1:20, Trading signals 10 per week, Risk-free trades 4, Algorithmic trading with 3 built-in robots, Savings account 3%.
  • EXTRA from $1,000,000 – Term minimum 90 days, Leverage: 1:20, Trading signals unlimited, Risk-free trades 6, Algorithmic trading, Savings account 4%.

The broker presents a three-tier affiliate program, where you will receive up to 7% of your referral’s deposit. You can use a cryptocurrency wallet and debit cards from Tipitek.

The platform owner claims that it cooperates with leading liquidity providers. However, Tipitek does not disclose details about these partners.

Analytics is presented in Tipitek in the form of daily email newsletters, clients can track the analysis of transaction history in their personal cabinet. You can take advantage of the company’s expert advice, personal manager, and training materials. The firm invites job seekers to join its staff.


Would investing in Tipitek offer the best returns?

The probability that cooperation with this company will turn out to be a loss of funds for you is much higher than their acquisition. This is risky CFD trading, which becomes even more dangerous when working only with cryptocurrency.

Does Tipitek carry out withdrawals?

We have analyzed the terms of service and reviews from former customers, according to which you may encounter problems with withdrawals. Please comment on your trading experience if you have any.

May I be scammed on tipitek.com?

We have seen a high risk of scamming on this website. The company has neither a license nor a certificate of registration. The project was said to have started in 2017, but instead it has a fairly recent domain. These are very bad signs that raise big doubts about the reliability of this platform. 

What's the best way to share my experience with tipitek.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2017
Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 500$
Leverage: 1:20
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies

15 reviews about Tipitek

  1. Tipitek Victim
    February 9
    Scammed by Tipitek
    This is a fake Platform/ Company.
    Unfortunately I performed a serious search on them Only After I lost over 100K USDT by them.

    Be aware of these classic online scammers. - They will impress you at start but then You will never cash your money back.
    They cash your money into their account and present you with a fake on line account_ pretending trading.

    They manipulate their platform the way it benefits them to mislead you_further to take more money out of you.
    This review is under a real experience with them - do not read the GOOD Reviews - They are all written by them.

    if you discuss their bad reviews with them - they will tell you - its their competitors making them- however WHY ??
    Nobody knows this company, after searching on them...

    Honestly but Honestly my fellow friends watch out - it is a short fraudulent round that will collect your money and disappear very soon.
    be aware when the following people will contact you from them ....
    Ryan Biley
    Will Tang
    Daniella Palmer
    Den Nash

    pretending to be in Singapore or London or USA .... ( no they are not in either OF THE 3 locations at all)

    this bunch of scam friends are all sitting at ....

    Thank you for reading my review.
  2. Victor
    February 1
    The platform is 100% safe!
    I am confident in the reliability of this service, because I have already withdrawn money several times, and everything is always fine, crypto is withdrawn instantly, you only need to wait for confirmation in the blockchain.
  3. nexuss
    January 15
    I can not withdraw my money
    I deposited the minimum amount and traded for two weeks without any progress - almost not a single trade in the black. I decided to leave and ordered 440$ for withdrawal, but coins don’t appear in my crypto wallet, consultants write me that the application is processed, but there is no money for 10 days.
  4. Mikael Strong
    December 14
    I got giant stress instead of profit
    In the fall, I put $100,000 in USDT into a savings account as a long-term investment. I log into my account today and I see that my wallet is empty!!!
  5. ciracacima
    November 20
    The activity is illegal!!!
    The site was updated only SUMMER 2023, when the "broker" bought this domain, and before that there was a different site here, which you can check in the web archive. The financial organization is not regulated by anyone, there are a lot of complaints about it already on independent review sites. It is not safe for you to trade on tipitek, let alone invest large sums of money.
  6. allhyips
    October 21
    I'm trying to make a withdrawal, but I can't do it
    I put a weekly profit of 320$ on withdrawal, and a strange SMS came to me from a mobile operator that they are trying to contact me from an unknown phone number and they were all sent to spam. When I turned off the anti-spam service, it turned out that managers from tipitek called me, they wanted to persuade me not to make a withdrawal, what kind of pressure is this?! I want to withdraw my profits, why do the crypto exchange employees call me and try to convince me not to do so?! I did not listen to them, and my application for withdrawal still hangs unapproved. I do not know how long it will last...
  7. Spec
    October 18
    Fake crypto exchange
    Tipitek's team is fictitious, photos of employees are taken from Internet stocks. Moreover, none of the team members has a link to LinkedIn or Twitter next to their photo, although this is ‌common practice. All employees of crypto exchanges have accounts on social networks, but these representatives of the company are somehow absent. Moreover, the company itself has social networks, but I get the feeling that they are absent too. There are only 20 followers on Twitter - very frivolous for a company with 5 years of experience! Who would believe such a fake? One last thing - the brokerage firm doesn't have a license! How can this be, what kind of site is this? This is another scam that operates according to the usual scheme of swindlers: they invented a long period of work, invented registration, and legal data, and created a fake team. For what? Of course, to deceive customers and steal their money.
  8. ponoch
    October 14
    Very cheap resource
    The website looks very bad... I registered for the sake of interest to see what this service looks like from the inside... I expected something interesting and advanced, about the same level as their bold claims about the number of millions of clients and other moments from the activity... but in fact, there's nothing here - the platform is in the form of some cheesy web trader, which cannot be downloaded to an iPhone or installed on a computer... no wallets have been created, because this is supposedly only in the plans... the platform itself is as primitive as possible, and even ordinary web traders of many other crypto exchanges look much more interesting... I don't know what kind of functionality tipitek can lure people to it...
  9. Spencer
    October 9
    Everything started out great
    The conditions were great on this site, the interface is convenient for beginners and experienced traders. The registration was fast, everything went perfectly and nothing indicated any trick. My first few trades were positive, but then my money started to "drain". Commissions increased, cryptoassets were not added, and I couldn't withdraw money :( I couldn't solve the problem, so I still have 896 dollars in the status of "in processing", only they are of no use: I can not trade with these funds, and if I could, I would not withdraw the profit, because the withdrawal button disappeared in my personal account! If I had known in advance that scammers ran this site, I would never have turned to them!
  10. Nexel
    October 1
    I ask experienced traders to help me with advice
    I deposited 12k USDT, I made 15k USDT in profit. I decided to withdraw all the funds, the transaction was fast and the money went from my tipitek account, but it's been a week now and my crypto wallet has not received the funds. I don't know where I should turn to. I wrote a huge email to the manager yesterday asking for clarification, where are my funds? I have not received a reply, I am very hopeful in solving this issue, however, I am asking for help from traders who know what to do in similar situations
  11. ozslr
    September 29
    I've been cheated for several months
    I lost more than 2,500$, after these funds were credited to my trading account, my account went into high security mode. The crypto exchange asked me to re-verify by video call with a staff member, but no one answers my calls!!!
  12. Nay
    September 28
    The platform is good
    Support pleases me, and consultants answer quickly. Verification is fast, everything is clear 👍 I still need to check how the money is withdrawn, but all the other things I like and the broker's services suit me 🙂
  13. Truyen Vu
    September 3
    I think they are scammers
    I transferred 3 BTC for storage at 2% to Tipitek (tipitek.com) for 90 days. In the end, I can't access my profile when 3 months have passed!!! Feedback is not working, I can't get any response to inquiries for several days now...
  14. olegi
    September 2
    The trading terminal is working but how long will it last?
    I tried trading on MINI account, I deposited $500 and tested with small amounts - everything works, I was able to withdraw profit without any problems. But it was only a test of trading and only on a minimum account. This result does not mean that everything will work just as well with higher amounts, but, of course, I have a big question about investing in this company. Today there is tipitek.com, and tomorrow it may no longer exist, and for investment, you already need $25 thousand! The service does not even pay interest monthly, and these conditions are not clear to me. I think that I should not take risks with such firms, I have to see how it will behave for a year at least, and so far I can not trust it.
  15. Vasi
    August 27
    Dangerous company from which you need to stay as far away as possible
    I can not understand why this project is so insistent on calling itself a crypto exchange. Even based on the trading conditions it is clear to everyone that it is more like a broker. Where have you seen exchanges set the entry threshold at $500!? However, if you carefully read what tipitek publishes in its documents, you will realize that the main trading asset here is CFD contracts on cryptocurrency, not the cryptocurrency itself. The contact information listed on tipitek.com is most likely fake. Especially the US numbers, which a priori cannot be the company's office numbers. Such a company needs to have an office in the USA, and CFD trading is prohibited there, how will a cryptobroker work in the USA?! You will agree with me that this looks like some crazy nonsense. Other than that, it's really funny to me to see these made up statistics of millions of users. How can there be millions if no one knows anything about the exchange?! Google only returns a couple of pages when you search for this site on the Internet. If there were 1 million users here, the search engine would look completely different. This domain was created in 2020, but it was only updated in 2023 when tipitek.com was bought out by scammers because it belonged to another company until 2023. Tipitek reviews didn't start appearing until the fall of 2023. And finally, I’d like to say that the platform has no regulation. Although they need to obtain a MAS license in Singapore, I'm not talking about the UK, where this scam supposedly has an office. Crypto exchanges are perfectly regulated now by regulators from different continents. The fact that there is no license here speaks volumes about the fake and illegal activities of the scam organizers.

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