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Tools4Deals lists office addresses in the Netherlands and Singapore on its website. However, there is no information about the company’s registration and licensing. It is worth noting that the certificate of regulation dated May 2022, which the broker shows, was issued by a private company Crypto Service Authority, which unites several players in the crypto sphere. In addition, Tools4Deals does not disclose the history and launch date of the project. As for the domain, it was only registered in November 2023.

Is this platform reliable? How risky is it to trade here? We will research the legal documentation and terminal functions and then share our findings with you.

Trading Conditions

Tools4Deals offers users a trading platform and “free tools” but does not disclose their parameters. The company presents six investment plans to potential clients. Judging by their names – Educational, Family, Pension, we are talking about savings programs. The broker promises to bring you as close as possible to achieving the desired profit with the help of these plans. You can use credit/debit/pre-paid cards and bank transfers as a way to top up your balance.

Trading accounts on the platform are available in 7 variants. The tariffs are sorted by deposit amount. Tools4Deals offers clients trading with leverage at different levels, but does not disclose its size. You can choose and open an account from the following offers:

  • Standard from $250 – Custom Account Specialist.
  • Bronze from $3,500 – 1 insured trade, Bonus.
  • Silver from $10,000 – Individual investment plan, 4 insured trades.
  • Gold from $25,000 – 8 insured transactions, Business Financing.
  • Platinum from $50,000 – Trading Signals, Access to mutual investment plans.
  • Pro from $100,000 – Trade exclusive contracts.
  • VIP from $250,000 – Enhanced strategy for all VIP clients.

Tools4Deals incentivises clients with special promotions and bonuses. The company charges different fees to traders’ accounts, including accounts with low activity or minimum balances, but the fees are not stated on the website.

The Company ( under the trade mark TOOLS4DEALS concludes a client agreement with the Trader on this platform. In fact, this document is placed on another site ( and the connection between them is not specified. In addition, the broker refuses to be responsible for any damage caused to the client.

Each client receives a library of training materials from Tools4Deals after opening an account. The broker promises to introduce traders to the news. You will be able to improve your trading skills with professional advice from analysts and personalized training sessions.


Would investing in Tools4Deals offer the best returns?

You will find it difficult to make money with an anonymous broker in risky CFD trading. Rather, you will lose money on a platform with non-transparent working conditions. The company does not even specify trading instruments and basic parameters of trading accounts.

Does Tools4Deals carry out withdrawals?

You are unlikely to be able to do this easily, as the company has opaque withdrawal fees, does not specify withdrawal deadlines, and may refuse to withdraw your funds without giving any reasons. Reviews about this broker are mostly negative. Please share your experience with us.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the broker's activity raises reasonable suspicions of fraud. The website with a primitive interface is filled with mostly meaningless text, and important information about the license and registration is missing. In addition, the fresh domain does not match ‌data about the company's participation in a CSA fund from 2022.

What's the best way to share my experience with Tools4Deals?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about Tools4Deals

  1. Robert
    December 19
    Fake company
    Tools4Deals is a fake white label broker scam and also a scam. In recent weeks, fake 5-star reviews have once again been published on Trustpilot to deceive potential victims. Don't invest your money.they ask alwais more money...
  2. Dm
    December 9
    It's a scam, don't believe the managers!
    I believed in the managers' promises of big profits and learned that real trading according to their advice leads only to losses. They promised me a stable and constant income, told me nothing about risks, and also assured me that everyone makes money on this platform. I guess this guy meant all those who work at Tools4Deals and I misunderstood him :( clearly, the broker doesn't think about clients, because I was scammed and that's for sure. I have $832 left from the original $11,000 deposited, although I have never deviated from the specified strategy and I checked every order with the assistant. Isn't this a fraud and not a purposeful draining of my balance?! I had serious hopes for this profitable trading, but it turned out not at all as I was told by the representatives of this company. These are scammers, do not believe the words of managers, it is impossible to earn here!!!
  3. saqwe
    December 2
    Crazy commissions!!!
    I was persuaded to deposit $2,000 into a retirement investment plan with monthly interest, and when I decided to withdraw this money, Tools4Deals charged me a whopping $1,000 commission for withdrawal, I think the broker is insane!!!
  4. rudi
    December 2
    My short experience
    I gave up trading with this broker a week after registration :) The starting deposit is small on this platform, only $250, and the spread is minimal, I thought: wow, everything is super! But as soon as I got to the terminal, my opinion was sharply changed to the opposite. The terminal freezes and slows down very much, at first I thought that the load was high at that moment, but this terminal constantly hangs, at any time of the day and night. Although I can note that the terminal on the interface is rich, not even ugly, beautiful, but unfortunately this is the end of its pluses. Withdrawal of funds in Tools4Deals is also long, you will wait at least a day. I do not recommend it.
  5. Fallahi
    November 23
    The conditions are not the best
    I saw a few reasons for cooperation. I will note one nuance - the platform is not favorable for beginners, I started with €350 and this money is not enough for profitable trading. Tools4Deals has huge commissions and I had to split my earnings in half with the broker. Now I have found another company where everything is better: less commission, better spread and the analytics department works adequately. I withdrew my money from Tools4Deals, I had no problems with this process, I left this service and do not plan to return.
  6. Spoon
    November 22
    Your money will be stolen quickly
    This is not a Forex broker, but some fake company that exists at the expense of inexperienced traders like me. I was attracted by their tempting offer of insured trades and made my first deposit of $650. Almost immediately my deposit was drained. I then found out that Tools4Deals has no licence, no regulator. Beware of these thieves.
  7. vss.richest
    November 18
    The terminal is fake!!!
    I liked the functionality and the training, and I hurriedly went through the verification and confirmed my details completely. And then I deposited 4 thousand euros, and I tried to work with the help of the analyst, but all was to no avail. It turned out that my efforts were of no use as the broker is oriented on lies and fraud. I watched how the market behaved unnaturally and my order merged into minus. At first, the broker did its machinations at night so that clients did not catch it on deception, and now managers have become brazen and at any time start to play with the market and drain clients' funds. The support responses to my complaints were amazing: "The market is unstable", "It's all because of your Internet connection", "all brokers have problems now". The consultants answered the same template to all my questions.
  8. nicdgek
    November 16
    Comfortable trading platform
    I have been working with Tools4Deals for less than a month and I have not had any problems so far, on the contrary, I think I will stay here for a long time, as it is easy to trade here and the withdrawal of funds is fast, I have not contacted technical support yet, as I have not had any problems.
    1. Marijke
      January 2
      This review is fake. is already unmasked by dutch, belgium, france and spanisch authority financial market
  9. malexa
    November 13
    I can not enter my cabinet
    The broker provides not the best conditions anyway, but I hoped that my trading would start to bring income, but it did not happen. I tolerated the high commissions and constant problems with withdrawal, but I did not expect Tools4Deals to block my account - it's too much! I'm afraid that I just contacted scammers...
  10. klee
    November 8
    Forex broker with good leverage
    I have been working for a long time on this platform and have losses, but I often make money. I came here with a minimum deposit of $250 and I had good training. I chose a terminal for mobile trading, I deposit and withdraw money with a debit card. I will note that depositing is faster, and the withdrawal in Tools4Deals is sometimes delayed. But the main thing is that the money is paid, not drained. Sometimes I attend trainings, it is useful. I will note the negative points: rarely, but the broker gives charts that do not coincide with the real market values, and then your earnings are in minus. I don't know why this happens.
    1. Marijke
      January 2
      This review is fake and you know that!

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