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TopMarkets is a company offering CFD trading. The project appeared not so long ago. Its website was founded in September 2023. The broker’s place of registration is unknown to us. However, the company claims that its office is located in Frankfurt. The company’s activities are not regulated by anyone. What do you think, is it worth trading here or is it better to look for another platform?

Trading Conditions

The minimum deposit on TopMarkets is $5,000. The leverage depends on the type of account and can reach up to 1:500. Clients can trade on the proprietary Sirix platform, which offers CFDs on stocks, currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities (such as gold and oil). The platform is available as a mobile application or web version, compatible with smartphones, laptops, or computers. Customers can practice trading on a demo account or use a risk-free trade. The broker offers the following types of accounts:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Premium (by invitation only)

Users have access to personal account managers. Starting from the Gold account, a welcome bonus is available. Educational materials are provided with the Platinum account, and social trading services are offered with the Premium account. Balance can be replenished with a credit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.


Would investing in TopMarkets offer the best returns?

The conditions can hardly be called good, as CFD trading always involves significant risk.

Does TopMarkets carry out withdrawals?

Drawing a conclusion is difficult: there are currently few reviews. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The risk of deception is high since this website was created recently and has numerous flaws.

What's the best way to share my experience with TopMarkets?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about TopMarkets

  1. Deckcard23
    April 9
    Analista internacional en cibercrimen especializado en fraudes del mundo cripto
    Hola a todos, tengo varias denuncias que estoy investigando respecto a este caso. Si alguien está interesado en participar por medio de información de algún tipo, si ha sido estafado y quiere participar en la demanda colectiva puede ponerse en contacto conmigo.
  2. Dieter
    March 11
    Every thing what has been reported on the TopMarkets scammers is true!
    I just got scammed with my investment!
    They are promising everything and sending agreement contracts with guaranteed profit gains! Everything looks perfect and you can see on your account how it is going up every day!
    You get excited and they are forcing you to invest more because it is the chance of your life time!
    Do not believe this criminal gang not a single word!
    Everything is a huge fraud and scam!
    When it comes to cash out they have all excuses why it does not work! Everybody is guilty except TopMarkets!
    Give them not a single cent- nothing!
    I had a broker named John Guzman- for sure a fake name!
    Everything was fraud - the broker license, the contracts etc!
    Don’t believe him a single word!
    I lost all my money and they are extremely ruthless and dangerous!
    I have reported everything to all official authorities!
    Be careful !!!!!
  3. giovanni
    February 3
    Vedremo se è vero tutto quello che si scrive,naturalmente é una guerra tra Broker e Broker,visto che sono migliaia sul mercato ,di disonesti ed onesti.
    February 1
  5. MPete
    November 11
    This company is undoubtedly a fraud. Once you have transferred money it is impossible to get your own money back. The account manager insists that you install Anydesk so that he can do a "verification". This is a classic scam, they only want to gain access to your computer and thus to your data. The refund will still not work. If you have already deposited money, forget about it, you will not get it back. Do not allow TopMarkets access to your computer!!! Do not use this program under any circumstances!!!
  6. Peter
    November 7
    The company it is a big scam!!!!
    On 25.10.2023, I transferred EUR 250 to the agent and the agent came under the name Jim Blanco. Even after two weeks, he refused to return the amount paid. He constantly lied on Messenger and tried to get me to invest again. From 07.11.2023, their website is no longer accessible. The reason is a gang of liars and money grabbers. This is a big scam.
  7. toneto
    October 21
    Very cunning scammers
    TopMarkets has created various barriers and strict requirements, making it almost impossible to access my own funds. They claimed that I needed to meet certain trading volume thresholds for them to process the withdrawal. Supposedly, they gave me a bonus and I am obligated to work it off. It was a clear attempt to keep my funds on their platform... And I consider such manipulations to be extremely dishonest.
  8. Danny C
    October 19
    Their platform is awful
    I reckon this clunky Sirix terminal was developed by Topmarkets themselves. I don't know how else to explain such a mismatch in quotes, as prices for assets in other places are completely different. I also noticed that all operations are carried out slowly, and speed is critical in trading. And finally, it's better not to install the app on your smartphone, otherwise, your whole phone will freeze.
  9. Dre
    October 18
    They don't withdraw money! Scammers!
    Never agree to replenish a broker account with cryptocurrency, otherwise, you'll end up in the same stupid situation as me with these topmarkets. When I registered here, their manager convinced me to deposit money like that. I traded a bit here but didn't like it. And in the end, I decided to withdraw. They didn't return my money. And I won't be able to get anything back through court. Because the transaction was conducted through a crypto wallet…
  10. armchair
    October 15
    They promise support, but in reality, they ignore you
    I was counting on help from the topmarkets employees and didn't receive it... you stop being important to them as soon as they get money from you... they don't give you any advice, they respond to messages slowly, and overall they seem useless to me. And if they respond to you, they’ll give contradictory recommendations, leading to confusion and poor trading decisions. Their main goal is to manipulate and deceive their clients rather than providing honest and reliable services….
  11. zGidz
    October 8
    This website is very new and poorly designed
    The scam portal was established just a month ago, no more. Some links are not working… for example, it's impossible to read the user agreement! Customers can't even know what rules they are agreeing to when they register. This is unacceptable.
  12. JamBS
    October 3
    Good trading opportunities
    Thank you topmarkets for the opportunity to trade different assets. It's very convenient to practice and familiarize myself with the platform here. There's a demo account and risk-free trades available. The high minimum deposit may not suit everyone, but its purpose is for you to be able to earn more, so criticizing it is pointless.
    1. MPeter
      November 11
      Are you part of this criminal gang?
  13. loki
    October 1
    As a professional, I would say it's better not to trade here.
    Seriously, find a broker better than Topmarkets. This ordeal appeared a month ago and there's no guarantee it won't disappear just as quickly. There's no registration or license here. And there won't be a license either. Just look at their terms, what regulator would consider a leverage of 1:500 normal? It's a huge risk for traders. Oh, and speaking of risks, they say that the probability of losing all your money is simply enormous. There's even a chance of losing more than you deposited, which means they will keep calling you and telling you that you owe them. It's naive to believe that you're special and that this won't happen to you.
  14. famus
    September 29
    I feel comfortable trading here
    Topmarkets has a wide range of assets to trade, suitable for both beginners and professionals. I'm glad I found this platform.
    1. MPete
      November 11
      Are you part of this criminal gang
  15. Andr
    September 26
    Do people still trust TopMarkets and other scammers offering CFD? Their sole objective is to enrich themselves by taking advantage of individuals who are new to the trading world or simply looking to make some extra money. I wouldn't recommend getting involved in that, you'll just end up losing all your money.
  16. zoolra
    September 23
    I don’t like their conditions
    5,000$ is the minimum deposit, really? Are TopMarkets asking for too much? An unregistered and unlicensed company wants their clients to invest such a large amount of money? Where do they plan to find suckers?..

    And besides, the training is only available if you invest 100 thousand dollars or more. It's utterly ridiculous. I believe that only people who have a good understanding of trading can afford such a sum, and they don't need any training. Premium users are even offered social trading, which means copying trades from successful users... lol, who would believe that?

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