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The website belongs to TRADE GALACTICA LTD. The company claims that it is registered in the UK and its headquarters are located in London, but does not confirm these facts with documents. According to the information provided on the website, the project was launched in 2018 and is currently leading the CFD sector in mobile innovation. As for the domain, it was registered in 2007 and renewed in May 2023. Besides, the project does not have a license for financial activity. Finally, the broker does not provide services to residents of Belgium, the USA, Turkey, and some other countries and jurisdictions.

Is it safe to trade here? Is it really the best place in terms of reliability? We will have to deal with the legal aspects and platform functionality to answer these questions.

Trading Conditions

Trade Galactica offers a MetaTrader 5 terminal for making transactions. Access to the trading environment is available at any time of the day. The broker informs clients that their funds are kept in segregated accounts, separate from the company’s funds in order to increase protection.

Tariff plans are presented in 8 variants, which are sorted by the size of the minimum deposit. You can open an account on the following terms:

  1. Starting from $2,500 – Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 2.5%,
  2. Basic from $10,000 – Bonus 15%, Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 5%.
  3. Standard from $50,000 – Risk Free Trades 1, DailySignals 1, Bonus 15%,
  4. Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 7.5%
  5. Bronze from $175,000 – Risk Free Trades 3, DailySignals 3, Bonus 25%,
  6. Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 12%
  7. Silver from $600,000 – Risk Free Trades 8, Daily Signals 5, Bonus 30%, Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 21%
  8. Gold from $1,000,000 – Risk Free Trades 25, Bonus 35%, Daily Signals Managed, Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 33%, Guaranteed for all Taxes Done from Our Side 20%.

Trade Galactica offers an additional reward in the form of a bonus. You will have to make a mandatory turnover of funds to withdraw the bonus money. The turnover amount is linked to the bonus amount multiplied by its leverage (from 1:35 to 1:40).

The company will withdraw $50 from your account if there is no trading activity for more than 30 days. The fee is charged from your deposit at the time of withdrawal when your withdrawal request is received.

Under the terms of the “User Agreement”, deposit and withdrawal payments are made exclusively in cryptocurrency – in Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and BCH. The minimum withdrawal amount is equal to the amount equivalent to 10 US dollars/Canadian dollars/Australian dollars. The withdrawal process takes between 7 and 30 business days.

Trade Galactica offers traders educational videos, which are freely available and distributed into 3 thematic categories. Registered users have access to a personal consultant, webinars, and technical support.


Would investing in Trade Galactica offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this broker is not safe for your financial interests. CFD trading at the same time as transactions exclusively in cryptocurrency creates for you a double risk of losing money, and the probability of earning profits becomes negligible.

Does Trade Galactica carry out withdrawals?

The platform administration often prevents withdrawals, which is evident from the requirements for the client in the legal provisions and rules. From user feedback, we learned that there were cases when the account was zeroed out if a trader made a withdrawal request. Share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The founders of the company do not disclose data about themselves, certificates or licenses they have received. All promotional articles and online reviews are dated 2023, which raises doubts about the company's operation since 2018. Therefore, the risk of fraud on this site is quite high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Trade Galactica?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 2500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Trade Galactica

  1. Gary
    March 13
    Potential trader
    I made an inquiry on there website, received a phone call to help me set up my account. Finally after numerous requests for there web address it was supplied , then when i check it out , impossible to verify if the company is requlated. I was told the company is 50 years old, scamchecker states the company started less than 20 years ago and provides no regulated documentation
  2. jacky2
    November 16
    I have no regrets about cooperation!
    I have been trading with Trade Galactica for six months already, and I want to say that I consider this broker worthwhile! Moreover, for 4 months I have been investing money in an account with a guaranteed 21% profit and I do not regret anything! Here you can earn much more than from a deposit in the bank...
  3. Delphin
    November 7
    I am new to the crypto world
    After learning the basics of crypto trading, I started working with the Trade Galactica platform and so far I am happy with the result. I have already invested 9,000 euros in the deposit and earned quite a good profit for the next 3 months, more than 4,200 euros. The only disadvantage of the broker is that customer support is not always prompt.
  4. Milan
    October 27
    This company does not withdraw money!!!
    Moreover, the administration requires you to pay an additional amount for withdrawal :( this is extortion and blackmail! Outrageous!
  5. 1toka1
    October 21
    My experience confirms that they are fraudsters
    I found information about this company on the Internet and decided to leave a request. I got a call back the next day, the interlocutor introduced himself as an analyst of trade galactica, and he began to tell me about ways to earn money. On the same day, I made the first payment on deposit in the amount of 900 thousand HUF. The funds were received quickly, and after that trading went well, I was working with BTC/USD and my balance was constantly growing. Then the financial analyst suggested to me to deposit more funds to make a good and profitable transaction with crypto, promising a big profit. I believed him and deposited another 2 million HUF. In total, since September I have made 5 payments totaling 8 million HUF. In October, the transactions were not so successful and the balance started to decrease. The analyst asked me to deposit more funds so as not to go into a minus. He assured me that according to insider information, the price of BTC should go up in the near future, and it would be possible to make money on it. I funded my account with another 3.5 million HUF. Everything was going smoothly until I started talking about withdrawals. My savings ran out and I made my first withdrawal request of 8,000 dollars. The analyst replied that it was not the right time and the broker rejected my request because of my incorrect certificate of residence in Hungary. I submitted a new certificate and again made a request to withdraw 16,000 dollars, after which almost immediately I received a call from an unknown number. The caller said he was the head of the company's finance department and then informed me that the withdrawal was suspended. He said that I had to pay the amount of tax, otherwise I would lose all my earnings. Of course, I did not want to lose the funds, so I made my last transfer to the company's account in the amount of 4 million HUF, which should have activated my withdrawal request. After that, the financial analyst never contacted me again. My attempts to contact anyone from this company were unsuccessful. Then I wrote an e-mail request, but there was no response either. After a short time my account stopped working as well. I sent a claim to the company, but even after that nobody contacted me, and the funds have not been returned yet. I do not advise you to invest in trade galactica, my review is a confirmation of the fact that the site is run by fraudsters.
  6. mute
    October 21
    My choice was a mistake
    At first glance it seemed to me that the broker really gives its clients an opportunity to earn money. I ended up depositing $5,000 and was quickly drained of half of it in less than a week. The highest level of cynicism is the fact that the scammers make me pay a commission for withdrawal of funds.
  7. Niko
    October 10
    I will trade only here
    I have tested the terminals of many brokers and found more or less acceptable functionality. The site has already confirmed the high level of financial literacy of its owners many times.
  8. hypinv
    October 9
    The level of service is below average
    I started trading with this broker and closed my account after one month. trade galactica has huge commissions, money from the account is drained or does not arrive to your crypto wallet when you withdraw...
  9. arsle
    October 7
    I do not dare to open an account yet
    I am now looking at this broker, because some traders are satisfied with the service and do not write anything bad about cooperation. At the same time, I am not in a hurry to deposit my capital, because this company does not have all the necessary permits and licenses yet. I hope that soon it will become clear to me whether it is worth trading crypto here.
  10. MonteCristo
    September 25
    I am testing the terminal
    The first time I funded my account and took a bonus on trade galactica. I started trading using the strategy with the Stochastic indicator. It is too early to talk about the results.
  11. develop
    September 24
    Unfortunately, I had an experience with this broker...
    First of all, it is not a broker, and secondly, it is a scam and your money will not be withdrawn to your crypto wallet ever! The administrators will also demand additional deposits from you to pay commissions and taxes. Secondly, I felt dishonest manipulations from the managers of this company. They practice their adjustments in executing trades and setting their prices to extract for themselves the maximum profit from each trader's trade.
  12. lola
    September 10
    The information is false
    Trade Galactica is based in London. As you know, the local regulator FCA obliges all financial companies to license their activities. But this broker is missing from the register at
  13. Siro
    September 7
    Uncomplicated fake
    A British broker without a license is ridiculous! Trade galactica belongs to the category of scammers who do not try to make a beautiful website design or their legend...
  14. rollos
    August 29
    Scammers told me so convincingly about the prospects of earning money by investing in cryptocurrency on their platform that I deposited 7,000 dollars. In three months I failed to earn money, and the withdrawal of funds was denied for unknown reasons. Don't trust scammers👎and never invest your money on 😡
  15. Yakhont
    August 26
    Be careful! Scam!!!
    I was a client of this company and I suffered losses of more than $17,000. The employees of the company will be friendly with you only at the beginning of your work, until you invest a large amount of money, after that they dramatically drain your deposit and come up with various excuses, making you guilty! Trade galactica will not return your money to you ever, or the broker will slowly make a minus on your account! Scammers gain access to your computer through special remote access programs. When they initially asked you to connect this program to your computer, allegedly for "installation of MT5 platform", from that moment they have access to your computer! Then your money smoothly disappears from your deposit. As soon as one brand of these rascals discredits itself and is blacklisted by all regulators, that is, a large number of victims, then the scammers make a new site. Do not fall for the entreaties of the employees of this company!
  16. Fidel
    August 21
    I don't recommend opening an account
    Stay away from The broker only knows how to promise you profits and steal other people's money. I drained my 8,000 USDT deposit here in two weeks, and it's not my fault.

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