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The website belongs to TRADE GALACTICA LTD. The company is registered in the UK and is headquartered in London. According to the information provided on the website, the project was launched in 2018 and is currently leading the sector of mobile CFD innovations. Finally, the broker does not provide services to residents of Syria, Sudan, and some other countries and jurisdictions.

Is it safe to trade here? Is it really the best place in terms of reliability? We will have to deal with the legal aspects and platform functionality to answer these questions.

Trading Conditions

Trade Galactica offers a MetaTrader 5 terminal for making transactions. Access to the trading environment is possible at any time of the day. The broker informs clients that their funds are kept in segregated accounts, separate from the company’s funds in order to increase protection.

Tariff plans are presented in 8 variants, which are sorted by the size of the minimum deposit. You can open an account on the following terms:

  1. Starting from $2,500 – Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 2.5%.
  2. Basic from $10,000 – Bonus 15%, Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 5%.
  3. Standard from $50,000 – Risk Free Trades 1, DailySignals 1, Bonus 15%.
  4. Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 7.5%.
  5. Bronze from $175,000 – Risk Free Trades 3, DailySignals 3, Bonus 25%.
  6. Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 12%.
  7. Silver from $600,000 – Risk Free Trades 8, Daily Signals 5, Bonus 30%, Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 21%.
  8. Gold from $1,000,000 – Risk Free Trades 25, Bonus 35%, Daily Signals Managed, Guarantee of Investment Increase Returns 33%, Guaranteed for all Taxes Done from Our Side 20%.

Trade Galactica offers an additional reward in the form of a bonus. You will have to make a mandatory turnover of funds to withdraw the bonus money.

Under the terms of the “User Agreement”, deposit and withdrawal payments are made exclusively in cryptocurrency – Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and BCH. The minimum withdrawal amount is equal to the amount equivalent to 10 US dollars/Canadian dollars/Australian dollars.

Trade Galactica offers traders educational videos, which are freely available and distributed into 3 thematic categories. Registered users have access to a personal consultant, webinars, and technical support.


Would investing in Trade Galactica offer the best returns?

This broker offers risk-free trades, bonuses, and guarantees to increase the return on investment, which provides good opportunities for earning profits. However, you should primarily rely on your experience in CFD trading and risk only those amounts that you will not be sorry to lose.

Does Trade Galactica carry out withdrawals?

The administration of the platform offers the withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency, but a small minimum amount of $10 allows you to master the digital wallet without special risks. Customers note the high level of support service, which responds quickly and professionally to problems and questions. Share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

We did not find any obvious signs of a scam. Clients' funds are kept separately from the company's funds. The platform is managed by an experienced and quite versatile broker. The service offers a wide range of tools for trading and training for beginners to work with cryptocurrency.

What's the best way to share my experience with Trade Galactica?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 2500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Trade Galactica

  1. jacky2
    November 16
    I have no regrets about cooperation!
    I have been trading with Trade Galactica for six months already, and I want to say that I consider this broker worthwhile! Moreover, for 4 months I have been investing money in an account with a guaranteed 21% profit and I do not regret anything! Here you can earn much more than from a deposit in the bank...
  2. celena
    November 12
    I have no complaints
    I have been trading here for 4 months, and at the moment I have no special complaints. I am in a small, but still a plus, all the time.
  3. Delphin
    November 7
    I am new to the crypto world
    After learning the basics of crypto trading, I started working with the Trade Galactica platform and so far I am happy with the result. I have already invested 9,000 euros in the deposit and earned quite a good profit for the next 3 months, more than 4,200 euros. The only disadvantage of the broker is that customer support is not always prompt.
  4. din61
    October 27
    No scam
    This is a very good broker, I can say nothing bad. I have been trading here for a long time and I have never noticed that the company used any manipulation, everything is transparent.
  5. MartinArsowski
    October 23
    Professional work
    I have used the platform many times and I will say confidently that this is a reliable broker. The spread is very narrow, order execution is also very fast and the trading terminal is very professional. In addition, the broker withdraws money quickly, in accordance with the regulations. My feedback about Trade Galactica is positive.
  6. Icebaby
    October 22
    There are good features and advantages
    The broker's offers impressed me, we have had almost a year of mutually beneficial cooperation, and trading brings me a good income. The platform is very convenient and functional, I feel comfortable working. There are many advantages for customers – a variety of tariff plans, flexibility of services, access to a large set of tools, and rapid technological development of the structure. I am interested in professional scalping, I have been using it since the very beginning of my exchange activity, and Trade Galactica has everything for this. I am given the opportunity to participate in the automation of trading processes, to trade on the Forex/CFD market, and to develop my strategy. I will mention such strengths as reliability, a loyal attitude to traders, and a lot of material for education. The administration is working in depth on the quality of services and software provided. There are unique developments in the structure, a service for execution, which allows you to minimize slippage in trading. I recommend this platform to everyone!!
  7. Niko
    October 10
    I will trade only here
    I have tested the terminals of many brokers and found more or less acceptable functionality. The site has already confirmed the high level of financial literacy of its owners many times.
  8. sunrise
    October 5
    I learned trading here
    I couldn't even open a deal without the help of specialists from this company at first. I did not see entry points, did not understand how much cryptocurrency I needed to add to the deposit, did not know how much more I would need to be able to hold the deal longer until the most favorable closing moment, etc. Moreover, I already had some work experience, but it turned out that all I knew was superficial knowledge. Therefore, I worked closely with consultants from Trade Galactica for several months and only recently I began to enter the market on my own. Therefore, I want to thank all the staff of the company for their good work in training newcomers. I still feel insecure sometimes, but still, I have ‌huge progress. Unlike a number of dishonest brokers and their employees who drain a deposit from newcomers, inexperienced traders are really helped and trained on this platform.
  9. Flower
    October 2
    The platform is reliable
    The company fulfills its stated and assumed obligations - I have no doubts about that! The support service is always on the phone. Transactions are executed quickly and honestly, earnings are withdrawn quickly enough. I can only thank the broker for the quality of service. The deposit, which I failed to increase this month, is solely my own miscalculations. I know that many of my friends and colleagues, who have experience working with dozens of large brokerage companies, consider to be one of the most reliable platforms with the biggest guarantees of the safety of client's funds.
  10. OttoFX
    September 21
    The company is not bad
    This broker has good customer service and responds quickly to complaints. I like that the admins are always trying to improve the platform and make it easier for customers. I think they deserve the attention of investors with large amounts in crypto wallets, and mostly I have met satisfied customers. I work successfully with this representative, and I will continue cooperation, because I am also interested in innovations on trade galactica and their additional services are popular among my trader friends. There are no annoying managers in this company, and if you need help, you turn to the competent support service, where the staff will find you the best solution to any problem.
  11. lucky
    September 19
    Trading here is fascinating to me
    The platform is great and it makes trading very easy and fun. The broker allows you to trade not only crypto but also fiat currency, stocks, and much more, I will tell you that the choice here is not bad. Also, each trader can choose an indicator to help him ‌trade.
  12. kate88851
    September 14
    The popularity is not accidental
    This is a European broker that has been working in the field of forex brokerage services for a long time, and this company is very popular among crypto traders. My trading brings me 2-3 thousand euros a month in my bank account, of course, I am completely satisfied with this broker.
  13. AZO
    September 1
    There is no manipulation on the terminal
    I trade with three brokers at the same time. In my opinion, the conditions are the most favorable with Trade galactica. There is a great choice of trading instruments and high-quality tech analysis. Depending on the fortune, I earn on average from 400 to 800 usd per month :) If some of you think that this is an insufficient amount to be proud of your earnings, I will answer - it means that you have not tried to work on a construction site, where the pay is not much higher, but health, time, and effort are taken away an incomparable amount. Trade galactica is very loyal to its clients and it cannot be compared with other brokerage companies in terms of profitability. I can safely count every month on additional income due to the almost complete absence of requotes and instant speed of execution of transactions at the level of some European banks, and on the fact that the results of trading for the month I will always be in the plus. I do not worry about losses, because this is not a company that will want to lose its clients because of manipulations with transactions :)
  14. Dragon
    August 29
    I am very satisfied with the service!
    I started working with the project not so long ago. So far I have made only two small withdrawals in bitcoins, equivalent to 30 dollars. I trade only stocks and traditional currencies such as GBP/USD and EUR/USD, but in the future, I plan to start trading crypto when I am sure of my knowledge of this new sphere. I have only learned how to transfer digital money to my bank card, it is very convenient and easy to do, nothing special is needed, and the site has information on how to start working with crypto. You transfer money to your account, and you can track how the transactions are going. Then when you want to withdraw, you just specify the amount you want. I received fiat money in two days to my card, but my bank checks for any transfers. My trading process is going great, I have no complaints about Trade galactica.
  15. rumomoko
    August 25
    Technical indicators are good
    After going through several brokerage companies, I finally found my foothold on Here I found the conditions that allowed me to successfully engage in trading. It is important to note that on this platform there are no unpleasant situations such as incorrect stop-loss triggering or freezing of the trading terminal. I get a stable profit, almost every day about 50-70 euros, as I trade regularly on weekdays for 3-4 hours. Withdrawal of funds is also carried out promptly and without delays.

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