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Trade Index Market positions itself as the largest cryptocurrency and forex brand with an office in California, USA. According to its website, the company provides a “technology-driven environment” for millions of investors. It’s worth noting that the firm allegedly won four industry awards in 2019 as the best forex broker in Europe and other global regions. However, there’s no evidence of this, other than photos of the standard nameless trophies. Meanwhile, the founder of the business John O. Trade talks about the platform, one of the largest CFD providers, and the history of the project, which started more than 5 years ago. As for the domain, it was registered in July 2022 in the Netherlands and renewed in July 2023. Finally, the company claims to have licenses in 6 jurisdictions. However, it does not specify the countries where the regulators are located and does not provide any legal documents on licensing.

How reliable and safe is this service? Can you trust your investment in this company? We will conduct our own comprehensive review of its financial activities and tell you our conclusions about the legitimacy of this business.

Investment Conditions

The website Trade Index Market offers clients trading on financial markets. Users have the opportunity to earn on leading exchanges including Forex, trading stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. You can register on the site and create an account under single or multi-deposit investment plans. The minimum entry threshold for an investor is $500.

You can entrust your capital to the Trade Index Market team for management or trade on your own. There are 6 types of plans available to traders, differing in the size of the minimum deposit. Each subsequent account level differs from the previous one by an improved set of services:

  1. Starter from $500 – leverage 1:300, spreads from 3.3 pips.
  2. Basic from $3,000 – leverage 1:500, spreads from 3.3 pips, all available platforms.
  3. Bronze from $6,000 – leverage 1:700, spreads from 2.2 pips, all learning tools.
  4. Silver from $20,000 – leverage 1:1000, spreads from 1.5 pips, technical analysis report.
  5. Gold from $50,000 – leverage 1:5000, spreads from 1.0 pips, electronic messages about market updates.
  6. Platinum from $100,000 – leverage 1:5000, spreads from 0.5 pips, features of all account variants.

You can earn commissions in the affiliate program from the trading of invited investors without having to make your personal investments. Payouts are up to 50% of the company’s profits, and you will be transferred to your deposit up to 10% of your referrals’ trading investments. In addition, you can get back a part of the paid fees through the Loyalty Cashback program.

The company claims to ensure the safety of clients’ funds and personal data through the use of advanced computer program protection technologies. They also claim that customers’ money is kept in separate bank accounts. However, there is no confirmation of these security measures.

You can make your deposit via payment systems such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, and Payeer. Trade Index Market regularly announces promotions and provides investors with a $500 bonus on a $1,000 deposit.

Trade Index Market offers registered users tools to analyze the market and educational materials to help with price forecasting. Investors can access webinars, video tutorials, and articles to help traders improve their trading skills. Live Chart Support is available to all clients 24/7.


Would investing in Trade Index Market offer the best returns?

Cooperating with this project may have a negative impact on your financial well-being, this is more likely than earning profits. Remember that investing in an HYIP based on CFD trading is always a high risk of losing money. Moreover, this type of trading is banned in the USA for the safety of its citizens.

Does Trade Index Market carry out withdrawals?

If you fund your account with this company, you will withdraw your funds not soon or, most likely, never. Your investment will be lost and you will have to face financial problems. This is evidenced by many reviews on independent portals, which are extremely negative.

May I be scammed on

The activity that this financial company is engaged in is associated with a high risk of fraud. Usually, such sites that only accept investments through cryptocurrency and electronic payment systems do not deserve your trust. The company doesn't have a license, although the site owner claims there are 6 of them, there's a fresh domain and a bad cheap interface design.

What's the best way to share my experience with Trade Index Market?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Trade Index Market is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2012
Minimum deposit: 500$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems
Legend: cryptocurrency, trading Forex and CFD, commodity trading
Investment term: long
Payment period: monthly
Automatic reinvestment: No

11 reviews about Trade Index Market

  1. kiss_y
    October 2
    Withdrawal is not available here
    I invested in Trade Index Market for the sake of interest $500, but to be honest, I thought that I had time to work off my deposit and withdraw both the principal and interest... But I miscalculated, and I lost everything, as the withdrawal of funds does not work anymore... But I invested the amount I was ready to lose here, so I do not regret it...
  2. zzzff
    October 1
    I think it is possible to make money here
    This is a standard HYIP, which will work for the time being. The question is only one - when the site will be closed, and that's it. Well, it all depends on your risk tolerance, are you willing to take risks where the probability of losing money is very high? With a business like this, you have to be careful. You don't need to invest amounts of money that will hurt you in case of a loss. You should only invest an amount of money that you can lose easily and without bitterness that won't hurt you psychologically, financially, or in your current standard of living. That's the truth. I don't know anything about this project. Go into it yourself and think whether there is still time for passive investors on the site or it is too late to invest in this HYIP... If you are not a professional in HYIPs, I advise you to study this topic in advance, and not after you have already invested :)
  3. Zend
    September 29
    Take your money to the bank
    I want to comment on the activities of the owners of this site. It's fake, and you can immediately see that it's an obvious scam. You will be robbed, there is no other option here. If you do not see it's scam, then still close your browser, believe my years of experience :) go to the bank put your money in the bank account!!!
  4. Sukretny
    September 29
    I saw a similar site from thieves
    I noticed that the design elements here are exactly the same as on the previously detected suspicious site. Even the investment plans are copied one to one just like that fake broker. Scammers don't even want to show a minimum of imagination to distance themselves from a failed scam business.
  5. N1tro
    September 15
    It is obvious that this is a scam
    There is no point in looking for success and profit here, it is simply not here, because this is a project created by anonymous scammers, of course, with the purpose of stealing money from everyone who will invest their capital here!
  6. Vlad Jong
    August 24
    This is a scam project
    I have always been interested in cryptocurrency trading, I wanted to invest in a company where my investment will be managed and I will be educated. I chose Trade Index Market to invest my money so that it will grow. I deposited 800 dollars, and here I was promised a high return on ETH/BTC trading, up to 40%, it was basically my first investment. In fact, there are no payouts, and are not expected, I already realized that I got to the scammers...
  7. andr
    August 17
    Scammers do not withdraw my money
    I invested $3,200, the income was accrued to me steadily, but withdrawing money from this site is impossible. Just a withdrawal is not processed, and there is nothing you can do about it ...
  8. max
    August 9
    Regular investors do not make money here
    Do you know who makes money in the Trade Index Market? There are two kinds of people making money here: 1) The founders of the HYIP. Since the main flow of money flows into their pockets. 2) Participants of the referral program, who actively invite naive simpletons to this fraudulent site, receiving generous rewards for this.
    What do passive investors get? This category of HYIP clients does not earn anything in such organizations!!! They are hard-working mice, and they become the prey of vultures, they are vigilantly shot by the two categories of predators I mentioned above. You may be told that investors supposedly earn money too, yes, but only those who came to the project at the very early stage of development. Those who are even a little late, all of them, will eventually lose their investments, and in the best case - they will come out with zero profit or lose not the full amount of their investment.
  9. Vincent Brain
    August 8
    I invested funds, then lost them and gained valuable experience
    The Trade Index Market website looks quite legitimate, it has convincing information about cryptocurrency investment strategy and forex trading, about the firm and its activities, and there is a photo of the founder, in a word - everything is clear and true. So I was convinced that I should invest here and deposited $22,000 into my Silver account. The first few weeks I was excited to see my account balance growing. But then things went in the opposite direction. I tried to withdraw some of my profits, but faced numerous obstacles, with the company constantly arguing that the funds could not be withdrawn. Got concerned and started investigating the activity. In short, I discovered that the company was operating as a Ponzi scheme in which new investors' money was used to pay off previous investors. And then I realized that I had been a victim of fraud and was unlikely to see my money again. I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. I realized that the world of investing in cryptocurrency can be dangerous, and it is very important to do your research and carefully choose a legitimate company before you deposit funds into your account. Such is my sad story, I don't wish you to find yourself in the same situation.
  10. hov
    July 29
    The site pleases me with stable work
    The investment project surprised me first of all by the fact that for more than three months I have been steadily paying income. I invested the Bronze tariff amount from $6,000, I get daily 108$ passive income plus or minus a month ago I doubled all the investments I made here thanks to forex trading. To be honest, I did not think that this HYIP will last so long and will bring me profitability for many months. I hoped for the best, but I was ready for the worst scenario. I was ready that I would earn 50-60% of my deposit and then the project would close. Of course, I deposited money with the understanding that the site organizers could steal all my investments.
  11. Data
    July 24
    Profit is good, withdrawal is stable
    Greetings everyone, I will leave a good review about the company:) I made my first deposit of 500 USD 4 months ago. The managers helped me to increase the amount to 830 USD and offered to increase the deposit up to 6,000 USD so that I could work more successfully on CFD trading, I deposited, earned up to 7,800 USD in a week, then successfully withdrew the profit:). Now I am already trading with the help of Expert Advisor on Silver account and getting excellent profits!

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