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TradeCryptoMasters does not disclose any legal information about the company. To contact the broker, telephone numbers in Australia and the UK, as well as the address of the office in London, are provided for clients. However, there needs to be an official supporting documentation on the website. In addition, the date of its creation in 2022 is given. As for the domain, it was only registered in Malaysia in June 2023. Finally, the broker does not work with clients from 8 banned countries in Asia and Africa, such as Somalia and Iran.

How legitimate is this broker? Does it make sense to trade on this platform or do you risk losing money? To find out, we will check the site’s functionality and share our opinion with you.

Trading Conditions

TradeCryptoMasters does not have a standard procedure for account registration. You should fill in your details – phone number, e-mail, then choose your country of location in a particular form of the “Contact Us” section of the website and order a callback from an operator. The broker offers traders 6 asset classes, including CFD trading. You can choose an account from four types, which are sorted by margin credit (25-100%). Their name, minimum deposit, and functionality:

  1. BASIC $250 – provides a personal manager, up-to-date market information, loyalty points, and a weekly report on the status of your portfolio
  2. GOLD $25,000 – 25% exchange discount, meetings with an analyst and accountant, and a year-end summary with a tax professional
  3. PLATINUM $100,000 – 50% exchange discount, daily market signals, invitations to webinars, and VIP events.
  4. VIP $500,000 – 100% exchange discount, super tight spreads, higher profit payouts, optional daily personalized trading webinar with a leading analyst.

TradeCryptoMasters claims its employees have unique knowledge and extensive experience in the financial markets. You can get cutting-edge trading technology and exceptional support on the company’s proprietary platform.

The site does not reveal the mechanisms of successful earning of a trader on an unknown platform. You will not find any technical and legal information here, except for advertising texts about the broker’s desire to help clients achieve their financial goals.

TradeCryptoMasters does not provide clients with an opportunity to test its platform on a demo account. There are no news sections on the website. However, you can analyze market trends and patterns by the market rate signals of currency pairs and assets, which are displayed on the electronic scoreboard of the site’s main page in real time.


Would investing in TradeCryptoMasters offer the best returns?

It is most likely that you will not make a profit. There is risky CFD trading, unclear trading conditions, and no security guarantees for the client. You will not be able to protect your capital from loss on an unknown and unstable platform.

Does TradeCryptoMasters carry out withdrawals?

If you decide to cooperate with the platform, you could lose money. Traders on independent resources on the network warn about this. You can leave your opinion in the comments below.

May I be scammed on

You may have problems with trading conditions, unreasonable debits, and withdrawals from this broker. And you will not be able to get legal protection anywhere, as the company does not have a license for financial activity. In addition, the company has a cheap website and a fresh domain, that's why the risk of fraud is high.

What's the best way to share my experience with TradeCryptoMasters?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if TradeCryptoMasters is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about TradeCryptoMasters

  1. Robert Maher
    February 14
    Scammed my Money 💰
    Micheal Olson broker, my Crypto Wallet was Stolen by global =wallet. net Mark Lavine broker. These Companies no longer exist.
  2. Lui
    December 20
    Scam 100%
    "BEWARE" Do not deal with this company, all fake phone numbers and emails. Easy enough to deposit but impossible to withdraw your money. Keep away, and for those that have put 5 star reviews, shame on you, they all fake reviews.
  3. Bill
    November 14
    Trade crypto masters
    Not happy unless you invest all your superannuation. Didnt want to use them any more so now they just call me all day but don't talk. Very childish and unprofessional scammers. Stay clear
  4. Robert Doherty
    September 21
    Fingers burnt $30000 in the ****
  5. Pauljohn
    August 1
    Many disadvantages
    The site doesn't have very fast customer support, I often can't get in touch with a manager either by phone or email. Withdrawals do take a long time and I don't understand the need for constant identity verification.
  6. van
    July 31
    The broker actively advertises its pros, but you shouldn't believe it
    So many adverts from managers came to my email and social networks that I decided to give it a try. The site looks very successful, and you can sort of get through on the phone. Apparently, this put my guard down! For the first deposit in TradeCryptoMasters, I made a minimum of $250, and under the supervision of my mentor, I got a 12% profit for the day. I was a little embarrassed that it was so much at once, but why not? I saw my money working and the income being credited to my account. Every day, it was good, sometimes more, sometimes less! There was not even any doubt that forex is very profitable. The first time I withdrew $35. The withdrawal went well, I received the money on my card. After another 2 weeks, I wanted to withdraw more. However, the system began to give an error. It is not possible to withdraw more than $100. I failed to withdraw, and I still try every day. The most interesting thing is that TradeCryptoMasters does not allow me to withdraw my profit, but managers talk to me as usual and reassure me that it's just some temporary malfunction, and I keep trading, and the profit still continues to be added to my account. How all this will end, I guess.....
    1. Anna
      November 18
      TradeCryptoMasters is a Scam! Scam! Scam!
      It’s a fraudulent. This company scams people. They called me and I invested US$250 to this company. I started trading with them and seems be doing well. After gained some profits, I asked for a withdrawal. The designated manager, Amy Hoffmann, said she would help me with the withdrawal process, but she never called me back. I tried to contact them over several months, give them calls, text them on WhatsApp and sent emails, but there was no response.They disappeared. So I requested a chargeback with my credit card issuer and then I got the initial deposit back.

      I also reported them to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.
      Prevent yourself from becoming a victim!!!
  7. mustankalex
    July 30
    Non-compliance with trading conditions
    I tried trading on CFDs and constantly increased my deposit size! But I do not recommend anyone to work with TradeCryptoMasters at all. They do not respect their own trading conditions, I had big problems with communication, and after 2-3 weeks I could not withdraw money until I threatened the manager to go to the police. Literally, he persuaded me not to hurry to withdraw my deposit and called me back many times. Only when I started recording our conversations and demanded that the manager introduced himself and gave his personal data - only then I managed to withdraw some of the invested money! I am not even talking about profit. Moreover, I was transferred to the bank only a part of it, with the promise that the balance would be transferred within a week. A catastrophe in general! Do not believe their advertising offers, they are scammers.....
  8. Gerda
    July 30
    I like trading on this platform
    I want to note, first of all, the quality of the execution of trades. Everything here works quickly, without delays, without hang-ups.
  9. 242114598
    July 30
    This is a very good broker
    I first tried trading five years ago, after two years of trading stocks I wanted to change assets and try trading cryptocurrency. I have been searching for the best platform for a long time. In my search for the best crypto broker, I wandered into a forex forum, where one experienced trader recommended Tradecryptomasters. Although many people complained about losing money on crypto exchanges, I was ready for losses, as I never traded with the last capital I had. Managers at Tradecryptomasters really did not always advise profitable trades and were annoying with deposit replenishment, but I still decided to give this broker a chance. And I didn't regret it, because their platform is an incredible find! The terminal is really worthy of praise, their signals and charts are super accurate, for the last three years I have not seen anything like this!!!!
  10. alen
    July 29
    I can complain about the broker
    I am not satisfied with the fact that the deposit withdrawal here is so long, there is only one platform. Managers say that Tradecryptomasters is well suited for cryptocurrency trading, but there is no crypto wallet option. Therefore, I believe that this is not the best platform for trading. Just because this broker is not a scammer, it still doesn't mean its website is the best.
  11. Poll
    July 29
    It is 100% fraud
    The broker cheated me! It stole my money! At first, I deposited the first installment of $250 and I liked working here. After a week I already decided to withdraw money little by little. Then really I was able to withdraw the profit! I believed like a fool that TradeCryptoMasters would continue to work steadily. Apparently, this is what minimum accounts are designed for. Then I added another $500. Trade was going great, but after a month, when I wanted to withdraw the money, it suddenly disappeared from the account. And I put them on the withdrawal, at first there were some problems with the withdrawal, then the money kind of went away. However, I never received them! It was a month and a half ago. Contacted my bank - no credit to my account. Realised it was such a cunning scheme. So just sharing my experience and suggesting you don't mess with these scammers.
  12. Dr
    July 29
    I don't have any enthusiastic feelings
    This is an average broker that offers quite interesting conditions and features. However, in addition to the long withdrawal I want to point out the incorrect features of managers who like to promise big profits. For a knowledgeable and understanding trader, such behavior looks ridiculous, but a beginner can really get caught up in it. There are no questions about the work of the broker itself, quotes are good, there are no lags, the terminal works without hangs and errors, a lot of tools.
  13. el-califo
    July 29
    I recommend the site for trading for beginners
    I have been trading forex for a little over a year and on this platform for a little over a month. So far everything is satisfactory. No special advantages and innovations, to be honest, I have not noticed. The main thing is that the support team works steadily and does not leave me when there are problems, I had to contact them a couple of times. For beginners, it's a good choice.
  14. Jumpers
    July 28
    My experience may help you
    Managers bore me with constant calls and offer me participation in training, although I repeatedly told them that I have a lot of experience in trading. On the website, it is noticeable that the design is very cheap and the platform constantly crashes. As for the interface, it constantly hangs, and it is impossible to open an order normally. I did not get any satisfaction from such co-operation.
  15. aljusha
    July 26
    Constant problems with the withdrawal of funds
    The broker takes a long time to fulfil an application, if I don't write to the support service, the company's employees may forget about my withdrawal request. I noticed too late that there are practically no positive reviews of traders about "TradeCryptoMasters".

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