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This site is owned and operated by Trademay Management Ltd, which is allegedly based in London, but there is no confirmation of registration in the UK. Meanwhile, the services are initially offered only in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as conducting arbitration processes to resolve disputes. As for the history of the project, the broker indicates only the number of users (more than 100 thousand people around the world), and the start date 2023. Besides, the domain was registered only in September 2023.

Can you trust your investments to this company? We will check the broker’s documentation and terminal functionality, after which we will conclude the reliability of the platform.

Trading Conditions

Trademay provides access to over 300 instruments including indices, commodities, forex CFDs, energy, spot metals, and stocks. Customers can utilize more than 300+ cryptocurrencies 24/7. You can start trading at the basic level with a $300 deposit. The broker does not provide information about spreads, trading leverage, commissions, and swaps.

Trademay offers 5 types of accounts, which differ in terms of conditions and minimum deposit size. Each subsequent level of the trading plan includes the whole set of services of the previous one. You can choose from the following options for your budget:

  • BRONZE from $10,000 – Strategies and risk management recommendations.
  • SILVER from $25,000 – Personalized trading alerts.
  • GOLD from $50,000 – Hands-on guided trading sessions, risk-free trades.
  • PREMIUM from $100,000 – Eligibility for MGM Global Managed Account Service.
  • PLATINUM from $250,000 – Higher leverage.

Trademay provides a personal manager service to each client. The credit/debit card withdrawal fee is 5%, and no fees for bank transfers.

The broker encourages newbies with a bonus on the first deposit. However, you will not be able to withdraw the prize money until the trading volume of the bonus reaches 1 lot.

The web resource is available in French, English, and German. Traders can get training services – introduction to the trading platform, and market education classes. Trademay service manager will call you immediately after you register your account and assist you in choosing trading solutions.


Would investing in Trademay offer the best returns?

Cooperation with representatives of this broker will most likely turn out to be a loss of money rather than a profit. This is risky CFD trading with opaque trading conditions on an unknown platform.

Does Trademay carry out withdrawals?

After reviewing the legal documents, we do not doubt that withdrawals can be a problem for clients. Although the project is relatively new, there are already negative reviews about it online. Ex-users complain about difficulties in withdrawing money. You can write your comments about the company's work if you have such experience.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the risk of fraud is indicated by non-transparent terms of cooperation, as well as the lack of license and regulation. Also, there is no data about the founders, managers, or stages of development of the company. The lack of information is a warning sign for you. 

What's the best way to share my experience with Trademay?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 300$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

9 reviews about Trademay

  1. push
    September 17
    I started working with stocks
    I was pleased that even on the simplest account with $300 there is an option to customize strategies, and the choice of tools and opportunities is very wide. By the way, this is the first time I started working with stocks on this site, and this is a new world and new opportunities for me. To be honest, I was disappointed in Forex - this market is not as profitable as it used to be, and the profit on Forex is less than on stocks. I am practicing fundamental and Technical analysis. I use the good old Warren Buffet strategy, and in Trademay you can implement it very easily, there are more than 100 popular stocks on the terminal. I also like the fact that there is no phone spam, no one calls me 10 times a day with super offers and other nonsense. Managers give me a chance to do business in peace, but support is always available if needed. I'm completely satisfied!
  2. fenucini
    September 17
    Completely uncomfortable trading conditions and stupid managers
    I was interested in the broker's features - choice of leverage and availability of a personal manager. These services could significantly facilitate my trading and give me a good profit. In fact, their leverage is set to 1:500 and that's all. There are simply no other values. The manager is a senile old man. I communicated with him in the format of correspondence, so I even thought I was dealing with a robot. There is no way a person could be that incompetent. It's like they took the first homeless vagrant they could find and made him a counselor. My manager did not understand anything about trading at all. I asked the broker to change the consultant and got another one, but there is the same situation there. Managers know how to offer to add more money to the deposit, to lure out extra 100 dollars. The advice of employees is cheesy and formulaic, not suitable for the real stock exchange situation.
  3. Trader 7
    August 14
    Unexpected changes
    I had a transaction opened on BTC/USD, the amount of the transaction is 1,300$, and at this moment I started to get calls from the company's employees and they said that all transactions on this position will be closed now forcibly, as they are changing the service provider for this position and it does not matter to them what the result of the transaction is at the moment - loss or profit. As a result, they returned me only the commission for the transaction, thus I incurred a loss of 1120$. I consider the loss received on this deal to be unlawful, as there were no warnings when opening this deal. As the manager of Trademay explained to me that the company has the right to do so: to automatically close trades without the client's consent in many cases, including mine, explaining that their service provider for the BTC/USD position refused to supply them with services. Therefore, the company is not responsible for your open trades...
  4. Evgueny
    July 25
    Unclear bonus program
    I was given a bonus after depositing with Trademay and then there was intrigue. I could use the bonus when trading, according to the terms, but when withdrawing funds, I could not get the bonus but only could order profit from it. So, I did not get the profit:( I was given the bonus on this site, and then it was written off, and the profit was also written off, according to the results of work with the bonus! When I started to look into it, the consultant told me that I did not count the money correctly. No, guys, I counted it correctly!!! I was short 480 dollars in my account. Thank you so much for these bonuses! Who got my money? It went into the pockets of your managers. I advise you to run away when you see this site - it's a scam :( Such behavior does not happen at honest sites, only at scams.
  5. 2r235antip
    July 23
    How to take my funds from these scammers?
    Trademay employees did not leave me any contact information. As soon as they stole over 13 thousand euros from me, they stopped contacting ...
  6. Alex Vigo
    July 18
    Questionable company
    The appearance of the site is tempting, but its content is not. This is an unreliable company, of course - it does not have a license from the British regulator, and therefore no right to work in the country, the broker is not loyal to work with beginners (a personal manager is provided for deposits from $10k), which is very bad, because today it's a very relevant area of activity. And also Trademay have some obscenely large minimum deposit in the tariffs. On top of that, the User Agreement specifies the address of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which means that the brand is registered in an offshore zone. Based on this, I make a simple conclusion - the company does not inspire any confidence and most likely you will not getthe slightest pleasure working with this broker.
  7. Alem
    May 11
    I got rid of the money
    I contacted the broker through the feedback form that's on the website, and I left my phone number. The manager immediately called and offered to deposit $25,000. He was very convincing, I believed in his promises and funded the account. I made $1,800 in the first 2 days. But then I started to drain my balance constantly, I was losing one thousand dollars after another every day in Trademay. I was left with about $3,000 in my balance, within one month. My manager called me constantly and asked me to add another $8,000 to my deposit. I refused to follow his advice and decided to withdraw the remaining amount, but then I needed to verify my personal data. I sent a scan copy of my ID several times, but the broker kept saying that the photo was of poor quality. It became clear to me who I was messing with. I contacted the regulator in the UK, but was told that Trademay does not have a license. I was quite surprised. The regulator told me: it's your fault. I was left disappointed the fact that I emptied my wallet of money, I feel sorry for the wasted time as well. You should think immediately when you see that the company does not have a brokerage license and your money is transferred to the brokerage account through a third-party site.
  8. breakthrew
    March 21
    I feel comfortable working here
    I believe that the spreads on this platform are high. I trade currency pairs, and the average spread for EUR/USD is 1.1 pips, which is a lot. There is another type of account - with a fixed commission in USD per round, but it's more suitable for traders with large turnovers. Otherwise, I'm satisfied with the company 👍 Trademay's order execution is fast, it's very convenient to work with the terminal. There are many currency pairs, including all highly liquid pairs. In general, it’s very comfortable to work with this broker, but you need to consider the size of the commission before registration.
  9. demonos
    March 14
    This site is a complete lie and a scam to anyone who wants to make money in the financial markets
    I'll tell you about my negative experience with Trademay, and I ask you guys not to make my mistakes! About a month ago I received a call from a company employee and offered a profitable cooperation, according to him. In the end, the manager traded with me, and he deposited the same amount that I deposited the first time, and he persuaded me to deposit €90 thousand. After that, I got a call from the insurance company and said that allegedly they blocked my account in Trademay. I contacted customer support, but in the end, it was useless because the broker's employees were incompetent! They spoke to me with arrogance and I felt as if I owed money to this firm and not them to me! I tried to get through to the regulator to help me with the recovery of funds, but they immediately said that they always warn about the dangers of communicating with offshore fraudsters. Guys, this is just a scam :( and what am I supposed to do now???

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