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TradeOX is owned and managed by Terminal Limited, the location and registration address of which the broker does not specify. Also, the firm does not disclose any information about its history and the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered only in May 2023 in the UK. In addition, the Bonus Policy states that the service is regulated under the laws of the Republic of Estonia. However, the project does not have a license. Finally, it is impossible to open an account on the English-language platform for traders from the USA, Cuba, and any other countries, access to which the broker closes at its own discretion.

How reliable is this service? Is it possible to trust funds for this company? We will find out how profitable and safe it is to trade here by analyzing all available information about the broker.

Trading Conditions

TradeOX offers more than 200 instruments for trading, among them there are crypto, currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks. You can earn due to competitive commissions and spreads, low margins, and bonuses. Deposit and withdrawal are possible via BTC, bank accounts, and credit cards. The withdrawal amount is at least $250 in bitcoin equivalent.

The broker offers 6 types of trading accounts, which are sorted by leverage and number of options. Depending on the minimum deposit, you can choose from the following plan options:

  • Bronze, from $2,500 – leverage up to 1:100, spreads from 0.12 pips, access to AI for a trial period, 1 signal to activate, 1 training trade with support.
  • Silver, from $10,000 – leverage up to 1:150, spreads from 0.08 pips, access to AI for a limited period, 3 activation signals, 3 learning trades with support, MT5 desktop terminal.
  • Gold, from $25,000 – leverage up to 1:200, spreads from 0.01 pips, full access to AI, 5 activation signals, 8 learning trades with support, optional mobile app.
  • Platinum, $100,000 – leverage up to 1:300, spreads from 0.01 pip, full access to AI, 7 activation signals, 10 relationship training sessions, SMS notification.
  • Premium from $250,000 – leverage up to 1:400, spreads from 0.01 pip, full access to AI, 8 activation signals, 12 training sessions, direct WhatsApp support.
  • Diamond, from $500,000 – leverage up to 1:500, spreads from 0.001 pips, full access to AI, 8-12 signals per activation, 15 instructional trades, VIP services for one month.

Access to platforms is limited on account levels 1 and 2. You can use the WebTrader/MT5/mobile app in full from level 3 on the Gold account. TradeOX personal manager will help every trader. You can earn 10% of your friend’s deposit amount through the referral program.

The company does not guarantee that the software, services, or website are up-to-date and reliable, protected from hacking and viruses. The customer uses the service at their sole risk.

Unregistered clients can take advantage of the TradeOX analytics presented via a ticker. You will get to the TradingView platform if you click on the icon located on the right side of the ticker.


Would investing in TradeOX offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to get a favorable result from your investment in this company. Your cooperation may result in losing money in risky CFD trading on an unstable platform rather than making a profit.

Does TradeOX carry out withdrawals?

The broker has far from an impeccable reputation, judging by the reviews on the net. Therefore, be careful. It is more likely that you will not be able to withdraw your funds from the account. We offer you to share your personal experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

A maximum non-transparent project with a cheap site that has no license is not able to provide users with elementary protection. As we can see, the risk of fraud here is very high.

What's the best way to share my experience with TradeOX?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if TradeOX is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about TradeOX

  1. pavela
    September 7
    I opened an account here in vain
    Trading on the terminals of pseudo-brokers is always a loss of money. No matter how super trader you are, the company simply will not let you withdraw your funds. That's how I lost my deposit on TradeOX. I didn't check the legality of the company and it turned out to be fake. Alas, nobody will give me back my 3600 dollars now. So I gained experience, unfortunately, quite expensive for me, but what can you do. Now I am writing negative and exposing reviews to keep other people safe, to warn them that they also do not face problems with withdrawing money like me.
  2. Peter O'Brain
    September 3
    I do not understand why I need these risks?
    What trading or even opening a brokerage account can we talk about?!?! If I trade, I should only trade with firms that are fully regulated.
  3. mikhailk
    August 23
    This is an uncovered trap!
    Scammers masquerading as brokers. However, in reality, the maximum they can be called is a pseudo broker. Because there is no real trading on Tradeox. You do not get real access to the world markets. You can only look at the pictures drawn by their AI.
  4. Privat
    July 27
    The terminal never slows down!
    I work with this broker truly with pleasure. Of all the companies that provide access to the forex market, it was at that I have received the most comfortable working conditions:) This mainly concerns the trading terminal used here. Outwardly it looks quite standard, but it never slows down, there are no incomprehensible slippages, and the quotes are exactly in line with the market. Few people pay attention to this, but when a trader has a terminal that simply works well and correctly, he will always be able to make a normal profit in any conditions and at any events on the markets. I make a stable profit plus or minus $270 per week:)
  5. julliett
    June 29
    The site is already obvious that this is a scam
    Scammers recently do not even bother to make a beautiful wrapper for their scam. And this is exactly the case. The age of the domain is minimal, and if you check the value of this site through a special service, there will be 5 cents. Fraudsters even decided not to spend the minimum budget on a decent website to be similar to real forex brokers with a worldwide reputation. Naturally, all these simple and obvious facts lie on the surface, but judging by the reviews, they have already deceived many people. Therefore, I would advise all those who are looking for a real forex broker, not a fake one, to pay attention to simple factors: the design of the site, and its operating time. I advise you never to give your money to scammers, who even instead of a good site make a fake like schoolchildren. Nothing useful from this cooperation you will not get.
  6. Tara D
    June 25
    The platform is managed - I can see everything at a glance
    The broker offers to work with the market and charts through its platform with AI, this explains a lot. And it is not even the fact that professional traders consider this terminal to be absolutely unprofitable, but what opportunities it opens to the owners of the broker. The point is that the Tradeox administration has a certain control panel. Through this panel, they can give any instrument any price at a given time. For example, EUR/USD is trading around 1.07-1.09, you have shorted this pair and set a stop loss at 1.4. It is super unlikely that EUR/USD will go to 1.4, so your stop loss will definitely not be taken out anytime soon. But fraudsters can draw a quote at 1.41 for example any minute through their panel. Then you will see a shadow of exactly 1.41 in the terminal, which will knock out your stop-loss and you will get a loss. There will not be such a fake rate on normal sources of quotes, only in the Tradeox terminal. And how can you trade if the broker can easily draw any chart that will knock out the trader's stop-loss or activate a margin call?! It is simply profitable for the broker to drain people's money in this way, since the company is fake... This is its "earnings".
  7. scorp
    June 18
    The broker is worthy of the audience's respect, but there are also minuses
    The company continues to improve trading conditions. I started with a minimum deposit, and I was afraid to lose those 250 dollars. But I calmed down when the first payment of profit came. The undeniable plus is that TradeOX is solvent. But don't expect to receive care and attention here - the support is constantly unavailable. By the way, I will tell you right away that they have no licenses, so you can not wait for the protection of the regulator.
  8. Mikael Kors
    June 12
    Trusting these scammers was my big mistake
    I invested all my capital, more than $12,000, in this project:( I didn't know that TradeOX would block me as soon as they get the money:( And now what to do?:(
  9. ERMAS
    June 10
    This broker is a fake
    I lost here more than 800 euros. And I do not advise anyone to get involved with it. You will not only be deceived but will pull out every last cent. And there is no way to make money here. All your money will go into the pockets of these swindlers, who are set up only for one thing - to drain people's money from their accounts and then block them.
  10. Palitra
    June 8
    I can throw proof that TradeOX is a scam because my withdrawal does not work at all. I submitted a request for a withdrawal of 2,000 dollars (in bitcoins) a month ago, but nothing happens, the money does not come to my cryptocurrency wallet, and I have made 100 requests to support. I think that there is no point in even worrying about it and we should forget about this as a scam like a nightmare and accept the "valuable experience" bought for $2,000, because a trader should always double-check where you are investing and what company you are working with. All in all, TradeOX is a scam and no one should go to this terminal.

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