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The site is managed by TrustsCapital Ltd., which has its main office in the British Virgin Islands and a branch in London. It is worth noting that in the “Our History” section, the company does not disclose any facts, including the date of the project’s foundation. As for the domain, it was registered only in September 2023. In addition, this firm does not have a license.

Can you trust your funds to this intermediary? We will check the functions of the trading terminal and the legal aspects, after which we will make our own conclusion about the safety of the trading platform.

Trading Conditions

TrustsCapital supports MT4 WebTrader trading terminal with desktop and mobile versions. You can trade asset packages, including cryptocurrency.

TrustsCapital has developed 5 tariffs for entry-level traders and 2 tariffs for professionals. You can choose from the following offers:

  • Basic from $5,000 – Contract size 1 lot = 10, leverage 0, Access to 300 assets.
  • Bronze from $25,000 – Contract size 1 lot = 100, leverage 10, Access to 800 assets.
  • Silver from $50,000 – Contract size 1 lot = 1000, leverage 50, Access to 1000 assets.
  • Gold from $75,000 – Contract size 1 lot = 10000, leverage 100, Access to 1300 assets.
  • Platinum from $100,000 – Contract size 1 lot = 100000, leverage 200, Access to 1500 assets.
  • VIP from $250,000 – Contract size 1 lot = 10000, leverage 200, Access to 1500 assets, 50% off swaps.
  • Savings account from $500,000 – Contract size 1 lot = 10000, leverage 200, Access to 1500 assets, No swap account.

TrustsCapital attracts new clients with bonuses. The site owners claim that spreads are narrow on all accounts, the minimum order size is 0.01 lot, there are no penalties for inactivity, and orders are executed without delays.

TrustsCapital warns clients that specific CFD terms and conditions are regulated by UK legislation. However, the company does not show the FCA license of the UK regulator or certificates of incorporation of a legal entity. 

Client data is protected in TrustsCapital by special encryption, the broker has a system for tracking suspicious activity. The “Market Overview” section of the website presents analytics in the form of tickers, tables, and charts from the TradingView platform.


Would investing in TrustsCapital offer the best returns?

The company provides limited information about trading conditions, so your cooperation may result in a loss of funds. The situation is aggravated by huge leverage in risky CFD trading and the unstable platform.

Does TrustsCapital carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the Platform's Terms of Use and client feedback indicates possible problems and withdrawal denials. If you have experience with this broker, you can share it in the reviews. 

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud here is quite high, as the broker operates without a license and the website has a cheap design. The fresh domain indicates a short period of the project's existence in the financial sphere, and this raises our doubts about the stability and reliability of the company. 

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

11 reviews about TrustsCapital

  1. inga
    January 27
    Questionable conditions
    I would try to work with if the minimum deposit was not so big, but I feel sorry to give 5,000$ at the moment.
  2. Lux
    January 27
    I liked the platform
    The trading program is one of the best and the maximum convenience I felt when using MetaTrader 4 with WebTrader. This factor was decisive for me when I started working here because you will rarely find such a terminal online. The versions, both mobile and desktop, are equally functional, with a user-friendly and clear interface. I easily understood all the charts, it was immediately clear to me where the different options are located on, which allowed me to react as quickly as possible to changes in the financial market. There are a lot of assets on the platform, tech support is also good, conditions are loyal, and spreads are low, that's why I'm satisfied with the broker. This company is reliable, I don't have any problems with trading, all of the above is true. My brokerage account balance is over 30k euros, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. If the broker was cheating, I would have lost this money a long time ago, but no, this has not happened for many months, the site is stable. I calmly withdraw profits and part of my deposit money whenever there is such a need. Withdrawal was delayed once only and took almost a week, and all other payments came exactly according to the regulations. I want to prove by my experience that you do not need to doubt TrustsCapital, I recommend this intermediary to everyone.
  3. Observer
    January 25
    I checked, it's a scam!
    Do you believe that trustscapital has registration in London? And has an office in the UK? No, they don't. Fraudsters can write whatever they want, except the truth is that there is no trustscapital listed in the UK registers. I checked the registers of the FCA, the financial regulatory body in this country, however, there was no information about this scam there either.
  4. SMTUA
    January 24
    Unworthy intermediary
    I just can't find a name for the activities of this brokerage company, there are brazen cheaters :( I lost here 75K, and I'm very offended for this invested money, as I spent a lot of effort and time to earn them. I was attracted by loyal conditions with bonuses and surprisingly stable trading on, but the terminal used here's strange, which I haven't met before, but I got used to it quickly enough. I have been working here for four months and didn't even realize that in the end I would suffer with the withdrawal of money from here. Everything went well, I withdrew small amounts sometimes, and when I left a request to withdraw my entire deposit, the broker approved my request. I waited a day, two, three, a week, but no receipt came to my cryptocurrency wallet. Of course, I started to be indignant, because the money was written off, and where it went - I don't understand, although I am 100% sure that I specified the wallet number correctly and I had no doubts in this matter. But the administrators didn't give me any information, they didn't answer any of my messages. That's how cool this firm trustscapital works, so my advice to you: don't cooperate with this broker.
  5. royardele
    January 22
    I profitably invest in trading with this company
    I'm very happy that Trustscapital provides not only the ability to access traditional financial markets, but also the ability to trade digital assets. I invested 10,000 dollars here and I'm delighted with the choice of the company, in the beginning I communicated with the managers - they are very competent guys, I feel that they understand the crypto market, they can always give good trading advice. I tested the withdrawal of money from the account and made sure that the funds came on time, there are no hidden commissions or fees, no problems with providing documents either. I'm completely satisfied with the broker, now in addition to trading I am a little bit involved in staking cryptocurrency, but it does not bring any noticeable profit, I treat this kind of income more as entertainment.
  6. Bastions
    January 14
    Scammers do not give my money
    Withdrawal does not work here and about 3,000 euros hang on my brokerage account, because I could not earn anything on trustscapital, but only lost half of my deposit here. I transferred 6,000 here and almost half of them were successfully drained in 2 weeks, thanks to the supposedly better platform of this scam, I only now understand why it happened at all. The crooks don't want to withdraw my money for reasons I don't understand. I am very offended that I so stupidly got hooked and gave my money to brazen scammers, I will never do such a stupid thing again.
  7. mefffff
    December 29
    I can't withdraw my money
    I thought that I found a good trading platform where I would earn money on trading. But this company turned out to be another scam platform. You can register here quite easily. I did not have a long wait for checking my documents, the security service of the broker did not make any additional requirements for me. I started trading the same day I registered an account and transferred the minimum amount of $5,000 to deposit with trustscapital. I liked the access to the cryptocurrency market, which is important for any trader nowadays. Trading went quite well for me in the first week - I increased my initial investment by almost 10%. But as soon as I applied for withdrawal, the administrators blocked my account without explanation :( And after that I could neither call the broker nor get an answer from it by e-mail. These are real scammers who steal money from honest people!
  8. hardcore
    November 13
    No documents
    Do you know that every broker is obliged to provide financial statements and legal documents? Well, trustscapital has nothing!!!
  9. maximys
    November 5
    Why do you invest in this scam?!
    The organizers of in general are as secretive as possible, they don't have any license, the site was created recently, and how traders manage to come to work on this scam?! I don't understand how you can believe in such a blatant deception?! Besides, the conditions here are not the best, and the minimum threshold for entry is inadequate for an unknown broker, and why does everyone come here?! I don't understand!!!
  10. vip
    October 25
    I have some doubts about the safety of the resource
    I have been working with this intermediary not so long ago, maybe my experience is not complete enough due to the small amount of time, but I checked all the basic functionality here. I was able to register, go through the verification procedure, replenish the balance, make trading operations, withdraw some funds from the account. I had no problems with any of the stages, everything went quickly and without any problems :) Of course, I read reviews about this broker and was a little surprised that some traders describe cases of direct fraud on the part of Trustscapital, but I did not have such situations. Although I started to worry more about security now :( I hope that cooperation with this broker will go on normally in the future.
  11. Nick
    October 14
    It's a swindler, not a broker
    I lost $14,000 in two weeks due to unstable platform and I still have $4,500 left in my trustscapital account, but I can't access it. I have scans of all reports!!! Unscrupulous company cheats any traders and just steals deposits!!!

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