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Ultimate Traders is a company that offers up to 90% returns on currency pairs and CFD trades. The broker is officially registered in the United Kingdom, and we know the address of its office. However, the project only appeared in 2023. Additionally, the company does not mention whether it holds a license. Do you think it is actually possible to make such high profits here?

Trading Conditions

You can work with Ultimate Traders using either the classic or fast method. Users are offered to purchase challenges, for which they need to deposit any comfortable amount, starting from $10,000. It is mentioned that the broker offers trading in currency pairs and CFDs, but specific instruments are unknown to us. The minimum trading period is 3 days, and the leverage is 1:100. There are also established maximum daily loss and refundable fees.

For additional earnings, the company offers to use the affiliate program. There are three tiers in total:

  • Premier: up to 50 referrals, 10% commission.
  • Elite: up to 150 invited guests, 15% bonus.
  • Ultimate: over 150 friends in the structure, 20% profit.

After purchasing the challenge, verification is required. Users can contact technical support via email or chat on the website.


Would investing in Ultimate Traders offer the best returns?

The chance to earn is quite low, as the company exhibits signs of a financial pyramid.

Does Ultimate Traders carry out withdrawals?

There is different feedback, but many people have had issues with the withdrawal of funds. Please write in the reviews if you were able to receive the money.

May I be scammed on ultimatetraders.com?

Yes, the chance of deception is high, as the Ultimate Traders’ website is very new and can disappear at any moment.

What's the best way to share my experience with Ultimate Traders?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if ultimatetraders.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Assets: Forex, CFD

20 reviews (+2 fake) about Ultimate Traders

  1. Eduardo Vicente
    March 9
    it was an interesting experience
    that was... an interesting experience for mine, actually.
    i have never worked with prop trading firms and this one was my first. i'd say, I like the simplicity of conveyed informaqtion on the sitre, even if you are noob in such peculiar sphere of trading, then it's not a big deal, as besides general info there is faq section.
    i chose the basic acc size where you need to pay just 99 euros. successfully ran through this assessment, the depo drawdown was about 7% which is ok.
    leverage is kinda low, I wish it would be a bit bigger.
  2. Gabriel Poma
    February 16
    They are a pioneering prop trading firm indeed. After all, its significant capital and a high profit share to skilled traders. Very good.
    Its challenges however, Classic and Speedy, could be constituents of a more streamlined and simplified process.
    Though, with a focus on transparency, flexibility, and trader support, it's a swell platform for those aiming to elevate their trading journey.
  3. Javier Cruz
    January 13
    work as trader
    Imagine that you work with the prop trading firm and use large deposits for your strategy.
    That is what I feel working with Ultimate traders.
    I even have a contract in Deel.
    But it’s not exactly what happens. I don't work in the company, I just use their money to make money for myself.
  4. Pueblo Lovera
    January 9
    My review
    These guys have worked well on the development of the website. When I first entered it, I proceeded to the frequently asked questions section right away.
    Fortunately, all information about services, certain details are thoroughly described there, so it wasn't a big deal for me to allocate some time and to read through the whole information.
    Now I have already passed the challenge and got down to earning good money. Patience, skills and knowledge are something that valued here.
    Fake comment
  5. Jeremy Buthelezi
    January 6
    Good platform
    Ultimate traders for me is the good platform to try something new. I don't allege that it's a whole new experience, because it's basically trading. But the fact that you can operate way more bigger volume that you could've afforded yourself on your own makes this prop trading firm a solid opportunity to reach success.
    The leverage size is favorable, payouts are generous enough.
    As for challenges, then they are usually passed quickly, but it depends on your skills, you know. I had no difficulties, maybe some less skillful traders would have them.
    Fake comment
  6. Eduardo A
    December 2
    Follow the rules
    To be honest, I've never liked following rules.
    I am confident that my trading strategy is profitable and doesn't need external control.
    But in order to become a client of this company I had to change my trading strategy to meet company's requirements.
    Yes, it has become safer, but its profitability has decreased.
    Good thing is that it is compensated by income I get. Otherwise I would have already left this place.
  7. Hugo Campos
    November 25
    Good profit
    On the one hand, I'm not used to external control. But on the other hand, this control disciplines me. I think I am even more attentive than before.
    In any case, I get a lot of benefits from my interaction with this company. Among other things, I make a great profit.
  8. niko
    October 30
    Nothing new, just the same old scam schemes
    When my friend called me and started talking about Ultimate Traders, for some reason I immediately felt like she was in trouble and needed help. And it turned out I was right. She trusted these scammers and invested a significant amount of money, hoping to make a profit. But they don't want to let her withdraw the money, saying that she needs to invite more people. Luckily, I understood this scheme and was able to explain to her that she shouldn't invite anyone, as she wouldn't get her money back anyway. This pyramid scheme will cease to exist as soon as new people stop registering because they simply won't have any more money to take.
  9. 711
    October 20
    Why is the deposit so huge?
    I don't understand why Ultimate Traders doesn't allow investing less than $10,000. Who are they to ask me to invest such a large sum? They are just some no-names, even without a license, who appeared out of nowhere and can just as easily disappear into thin air... You have no guarantees that you won't lose your money in the process…
  10. asterix
    October 7
    I trust this company
    Today, many scammers hide their registration information. Fortunately, Ultimate Traders doesn't do that, all the data is available to the public. And in open sources, you can verify that the broker is indeed registered in the UK. The trading conditions there are also favorable, so I recommend it.
  11. andyf
    September 16
    Yeah, trading here is tough, you know
    I immediately knew something was off with Ultimate when they promised traders a profit of up to 90 percent! It's just not possible to have such predictable results in trading on the stock exchange, asset prices change very quickly!!! I just knew that a big part of the earnings comes from the referral structure! I found out about it from reviews, and then confirmed it through my friend's experience…
  12. dicty
    September 13
    There is no license and there will not be one
    Have you noticed that Ultimate Traders hasn't mentioned anything about regulation? The reason, as it seems to me, is obvious: this "broker" doesn't have any documents. And it can't. No one will issue a license to a company that offers clients to participate in such an obvious referral structure. And with a leverage of 1:100, it's all about enormous risks.
  13. casasgeek
    September 5
    Brazen scammers
    People, don't invest here, it's a SCAM! You will regret it later... There's no such thing as easy money, remember that…
  14. veha.n
    August 26
    Another scam targeting beginners
    Ultimate is created for inexperienced traders! Those who have no idea about the market. They lure them in with these so-called "challenges" and promise certain levels of profitability, which is something you should never do in trading. And in the end, even if you manage to complete this so-called "challenge", you won't be able to withdraw anything unless you invite a certain number of friends here. But inviting people here is not the best idea at all, as it will ruin your relationships with all your friends. It's just a typical financial pyramid scheme... And we all know that it can collapse at any moment…
  15. aegai
    July 17
    I can't browse their website
    Recently, someone told me about these Ultimate traders, so I decided to just check out their website. But it's not comfortable for me, this chatbox keeps interfering with viewing the pages. Overall, they have a very aggressive self-promotion, so something tells me it's better not to get involved here.
  16. Emil XC
    July 14
    Unfortunately, you won't be able to make money here
    Ultimate will find ways to not pay traders, I can assure you of that. They may tell you that you can earn a lot there in three days, but let me repeat, they will find reasons to deceive you. They may ask you to invite a certain number of people, force you to pay a commission, or come up with something else. And you won't be able to do anything about it because they are an unlicensed broker. So, you won't even be able to turn to the regulator. No one will help you.
  17. yarnex
    June 27
    Very comfortable
    The trading conditions at Ultimate Traders are really appealing to me. I decided to check if they were as good as they claimed and traded with them. I really liked that they have the familiar MetaTrader 4 platform, which I have used before. Overall, I can say that the broker met my expectations.
  18. nat
    June 17
    And what am I supposed to believe?
    Wait a minute. Ultimate traders contradict themselves. First, they say that your losses will never exceed 12% under any circumstances. But then at the bottom of the page, they talk about the high risks of losses when trading CFDs. You guys need to make up your mind because, with all this lying, you're really confusing everyone. What if I invest money, hoping not to lose anything, and then you tell me, "Sorry, you won't get your money back and it's your own fault"?
  19. nbvghjk
    June 8
    They're not worth your attention
    I received a message from these so-called Ultimate Traders on Telegram. I immediately thought it was some kind of ponzi scheme, I read the comments here, and I confirmed that I was right.
  20. OSedo
    June 1
    I found out that they were scammers…
    I also had a very negative experience with ultimate traders. They convinced me to make an initial deposit and talked about guaranteed earnings and a partnership program. However, trading with them turned out to be a big mistake. I was successful at first, but they constantly asked me to invest more money and invite more friends. I refused to invite anyone until I could withdraw my money.

    And guess what? Ultimate traders didn't let me withdraw my money. At first, they just blamed it on a technical glitch, and then they stopped responding altogether. The main problem was that we only communicated through email. I don't even know their phone number, they simply don't provide it anywhere. In the end, I lost a significant amount of money here, and it could have been even more.
  21. Drft
    May 26
    I work well in an excellent team
    Ultimate Traders is a guarantee of high earnings, and I realized it as soon as I was invited here. There is high profitability here, and they are always ready to help. I would really like more people to engage in trading because it's a fast way to earn money in a short time.
  22. motofan1965
    May 23
    Their behavior is no different from other scammers...
    In short, I was interested in ultimate traders only until I deposited the money. They were very detailed in explaining how great it is to trade with them. However, once they received the money, they stopped responding to my messages, even though I still had questions for them. Draw your own conclusions. Personally, I highly doubt that it is a sign of a good and honest company.

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