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The site is operated by Venus4T, which claims to be registered in Switzerland and headquartered in Geneva. However, there is no documentary confirmation of this. In accordance with the information that is indicated in the footer of the site, the date of creation of the project – 2023, and the last update of the Terms of Use of the platform – May 30, 2023. As for the domain, it was registered only in August 2023. Meanwhile, the broker does not show its license and states in the Client Agreement that all complaints will be considered in the court of Geneva, Switzerland.

Should you trust your funds to this company? Is it safe to trade here? We will check the reliability of the site and draw conclusions about its legitimacy.

Trading Conditions

Venus4T offers four asset classes: equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and Forex. You can work via MT5, MT4, mobile trading, and Web Trader. The company promises to provide clients with trading without intermediaries, commissions, and requotes, with narrow and even zero spreads. The NY4 server cluster ensures lightning-fast execution of trades.

The tariff plans are structured by minimum deposit size and feature set. You can use the following account options:

  1. Starter from $250 – 1:10 leverage, Access to 5 financial markets, Zero withdrawal fees, Expert chart analysis, Free 7-day account trial
  2. Bronze from $10,000 – 1:10 leverage, Guaranteed access to 3 financial markets, 1 withdrawal per month free of charge, Introductory one-on-one session
  3. Silver from $25,000 – Leverage 1:20/1:50, Guaranteed access to 5 financial markets, 1 withdrawal per week free of charge, Participation in a professionally managed account, Weekly meeting with an expert, Introductory one-on-one session.
  4. Gold from $50,000 – 1:50 leverage and access to VIP Signals, Guaranteed access to 5 financial markets, 1 withdrawal per week free of charge, 24/7 access to WhatsApp group, Participation in a professionally managed account, Weekly meeting with an expert, Introductory one-on-one session.
  5. Platinum from $100,000 – 1:25 leverage on a managed account, No swaps, 1 monthly trade with full protection, 50% trade insurance by default, Zero withdrawal fees, WhatsApp group access,
  6. Black – By invitation only, terms of participation are discussed personally

Private Market Analyst is available to all clients from the second account level (from $10,000). At Venus4T you will find various deposit and withdrawal methods, including electronic payment systems, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and popular cryptocurrency transfer methods.

Venus4T has the right to change any stated parameters, including commissions, spread size, leverage, and others at any time at its own discretion, depending on the market situation. The broker will not inform the client about the changes in advance. You should independently check all FX and CFD characteristics before placing any order.

Venus4T provides traders with an economic calendar, tutorials, news articles, webinars, and other resources prepared by a team of financial experts. Help is provided by 24/7 multilingual support, the site has a phone number, live chat, and email for communication.


Would investing in Venus4T offer the best returns?

You are more likely to lose funds on this platform than to make a profit. It is dangerous to cooperate with a broker that changes the declared characteristics in risky CFD trading at its own discretion, at any time and without warning users.

Does Venus4T carry out withdrawals?

You will have a hard time getting your money back, as the company requires the trader to sign terms and conditions that release the broker from any liability for losing money. Customer reviews testify about unfair actions of the resource administration and impossibility to withdraw funds. If you have experience working on this site, then share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The broker indicates the date of updating the Rules of the platform - May 30, 2023, while the domain of the site was created only in August 2023. This discrepancy, as well as the lack of a license and regulation of the financial company, indicates the risk that the site may be operated by fraudsters. 

What's the best way to share my experience with Venus4T?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

20 reviews about Venus4T

  1. David Kereliuk
    March 25
    Venus4t SCAM
    This company is a total scam . They will not honor or follow through with requests for reimbursement and will make up phoney trades that they say you have authorised
    Total SCAM ...
  2. MR Mark
    February 23
    Very happy with the profits
    The first moment I thought it will take a lot of time to make money. After couple of weeks I received very good returns. The website is very good,the support is fantastic. My account manager Adam Novak isvery nice guy. I manage to withdraw 51 300 Canadian dollars without any issues. I recommend this platform!
  3. James Thomas
    February 16
    Total Scam!
    Adam Novak and the VenusT platform are a total scam. Run away fast if this guy or anyone else calls you. Classic start small, be your buddy, call you every day then try and get you to add more funds so we can ‘get rich together’. Platform looks great. Looks like you have making money but of course the second you try and withdraw they ghost you. No response. Chat is useless as no one monitors it. Don’t fall for it. Luckily I didn’t invest much for this valuable lesson. Never use a proprietary trading platform! Do I have it give it a one star? It’s a total scam!
  4. Hae Lim Lee
    February 13
    I could not withdraw money . It's been three weeks since I requested. No body contacted me yet. Be careful and never deal with Venus 4T.
  5. Kenneth A Keane
    February 1
    A bad idea
    I be believe that Venus4T is a total scam. They put on a very good act but actually don’t deliver. Like so many others I lost the money that I had sent. At this point it has been over five months since I asked to have my account closed and my money returned. Luckily the amount was small but just the same, I recommend not using Venus4T !!! Save your money, a small return is better than no return.
  6. Elizabeth Catterall
    January 17
    No service
    I have been trying to get in touch with my broker for 3 weeks now and he won’t respond back. I need to make a small withdrawal and since he sold all my good stocks and bought crappy ones, my account is all over the place! Do not let them put all your eggs in one basket too quickly! Pace yourself!
  7. Lorne Cogswell
    December 22
    Like many of the previous comments, I have taken a hit using Venus4T. I deposited money in what initially was to be cryptocurrency, telling me I'd make 1% to 2% per month. Very quickly, this escalated to demands to deposit significantly more so the agent could start trading in commodities on my behalf. He told me he could grow this deposit (US$10,000) into US$47,000 in 6 months. When started throwing these kinds of returns my skeptical "red light" began to shine and I asked for my money back. He became very upset and stated he was wasting his time dealing with me. He showed me how to start the withdrawal process and told me someone would call me to finish it. Nothing has happened since. The withdrawal request is still showing as pending. This was 3 weeks ago. Today (Dec 22) I received a call from another broker putting pressure to stay with them. He said he could get me 7% to 15% per month return. He too got upset when I refused. He told me to wait for a denial or confirmation email regarding the withdrawal, then hung up. I can't even give a one-star rating, my experience was so bad. Never again! Oops! It won't let post without a review, so I'll grudgingly give them one. I wish I could attach a middle finger to it.
  8. MCH
    December 7
    This site is an elaborate scam. I’ve given them 5k and now that I’m trying to withdraw, it’s impossible. I’ve been yelled at by Alex Freeman… Adam Novak, Alex and Jess Williams have now blocked my number. Please save yourself the stress and don’t do business with them. I’m notifying everyone I can and won’t stop until I get answers. Reach out to me if you have suffered a similar scenario with them, I’m speaking with someone who has a great lead at redemption.
  9. SOL YPO
    November 11
    You can trade here if you have extra money
    To be honest, I was initially bribed by the fact that Venus4T is quite a technically equipped Forex broker, so I started to cooperate with this company. In fact, I got a complete loss of my money and a rich life experience...
  10. 101010
    November 10
    The analytics are good, but the withdrawal is terrible
    I cooperate with this company not ‌very long, and it is not my main broker. The trading conditions here are not too good, but I like the analytics, it is this advantage that keeps me with Venus4T. The information is updated on time, and it's really relevant, I have a lot to learn here and there are nuances I can pay attention to when planning trades. Of course, any analytics should be interpreted. But for traders who understand this topic, there are invaluable materials on this platform. And specifically regarding cooperation with Venus4T: I am disappointed with the speed of money withdrawal. Such terms do not exist in today's world - 5-7 days!!! Usually, brokers withdraw funds for a maximum of half a day, and I can plan something, but here I even delayed the standard long withdrawal for five:( The company needs to fix this shortcoming.
  11. Mr
    November 7
    I don't recommend opening a trading account
    I believe this fake company will close down soon. I started trading here two months ago, and I made some profit in the first week and then decided to withdraw that amount. Several weeks have passed and I still don't have the money on my card, my withdrawal request keeps getting rejected for unknown reasons. I was lucky that the amount was insignificant, I had a minimum deposit.
  12. Godzi
    October 20
    I don't understand why I believed in the reliability of Venus4T ltd and why I went to cooperate with these deceivers and invested in an account with a false broker. The managers took advantage of my inexperience to deprive me of funds. I started on this platform with 5,000 pounds but I lost almost 3 times more here. I kept trying to make a profit and my account was just blocked...
  13. werasus
    October 12
    The platform is technically sound
    This is a decent broker, but it is still unsuitable for all traders. There are a lot of pluses here, for example, great analytics, availability of the trial version of the account for 7 days, a large number of tariffs, and low input threshold. By the way, the platform for work is also very convenient. But firstly, Venus4T has a long verification process. Secondly, the support service is slow. From the minuses: there is no individual training for beginners, bonuses, interesting promotions, or referral programs. Withdrawal of money is sometimes delayed for a long time.
  14. Osado
    September 13
    It's a fraudster's company, I trusted funds to these cheaters in vain
    In fact, this company has existed for three months, and its owners have already shown their first clients that they know how to give empty promises :( I have already managed to drain my entire deposit of 6.5 thousand euros because of the recommendations of fake analysts. The company is not financially responsible for anything :(
  15. pbn60
    September 13
    I trade using my phone, and almost everything is fine
    A conscientious broker who earns on spreads, not on draining clients' deposits, payments are made without delays. Once I encountered a problem connecting to the server. I suffered for a long time, and then they explained to me in support that I have an outdated version of MT4 and there is information on I was only ‌on the site when I registered. The broker could have notified clients in another way, for example by email. I will consider it an unfortunate misunderstanding, otherwise, everything is OK.
  16. 77bo
    September 4
    I am confused by the lack of a license
    Recently Venus4T has come to my attention more and more often, so I got interested in its offers and familiarized myself with the terms of cooperation. Of course, the broker has a rather attractive terminal, I am especially pleased with the prospects of learning and growing my experience with the constant support of managers, but I am confused by the lack of licenses of this broker. For some reason, the regulator did not want to approve the activity of the financial company. What do you think - is there a real reason for this or the situation happened because of a global flaw that the organizers will eliminate in the future?
  17. Power_of_beer
    August 26
    I am disappointed with this site
    When I invested $8,000 here, I was hoping for the honesty of I didn't realize that the broker could be so dishonest and just block my profile with all my investments! These are swindlers who thought that my capital was more necessary to them and they had the right to rob. I intend to contact the police...
  18. Casper
    August 19
    I can not withdraw money
    I opened an account and transferred 1700 euros to deposit. The transactions were easy, I traded different instruments, and there were no requotes. Everything was great on Venus4T and I was able to increase my profit to 2400 euros after a month. I am an experienced trader, so I decided to make a withdrawal, but my request was not processed by the broker for a long time. I started to write to technical support, I called on the phone. Operators ignored my appeals through all channels of communication, there is no answer until now!!! It's been two weeks and I can't even withdraw 200 euros. I guess I won't even get my deposit back anymore. This is a very "good" company that gives you easy to earn, but this broker is revealed from the bad side when you try to withdraw your money. I do not recommend this service.
  19. Zanne
    August 16
    Do not deposit money into your account without verifying your identity
    I am very glad that I started verifying my account right away, otherwise, I would have had big problems with withdrawal later. I realized that Venus4T takes a very long time to verify your personal information and gives you a rejection without reason. I submitted my documents, as well as my wife's documents for verification, but both times I was denied, the reason was that the corners on our documents were some strange and trimmed! The administration of the platform is not interested in what is written in the documents and that our personal data is clearly visible, they are only interested in the corners on the documents. Dear traders, I advise you to verify your account first, and only then you can deposit your funds, so you will immediately stop cooperating with some scammers. Of course, this does not always help, there are such swindlers who require verification as many times as you withdraw money. But still, I did the right thing - if I had deposited $250 started trading, and then I decided to withdraw funds, I would definitely not pass verification here! I do not recommend this broker!
  20. Wita
    August 15
    Venus4T has organized a great advertising campaign on the Internet, there are a ton of articles about what a beautiful and user-friendly website the company has. I LOST 2 THOUSAND dollars in a month, the broker just drained it!!!

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