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Verbex Group does not indicate the address of its office and the place of registration of the brand. In addition, the broker operates without a license, and the website does not contain data on the owners of the company. As for the facts about the brokerage platform, the website has only information about 750 thousand registered clients, but there are no plans regarding the development of the project and no date of its launch. Meanwhile, the domain was registered only in January 2024.

How reliable is this trading service? We will review the site of this intermediary for you, where we will fully analyze the trading conditions and features of cooperation with the brokerage company.

Trading Conditions

Verbex Group attributes its popularity with hundreds of thousands of traders to the fact that it has invested heavily in liquidity and advanced trading platform technology. The broker guarantees clients safety and maximum profits thanks to its “strong capital position, automated risk control, conservative balance sheet” and low transaction costs. You can trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, energy, and futures.

Verbex Group’s Risk-Free Trading “RFT” offer applies to deposits from 2,000 to 10,000 USD. The minimum trade volume is 0.01 lots. The company has developed 4 trading plans, which are as follows:

  • STANDARD from $250 – quantitative orders 500, leverage 1:200, extended charts, all markets, personal manager.
  • PRO from $25,000 – quantitative orders 1500, leverage 1:300, swap discount 25%, customized trading plan, IPO participation, 10% bonus.
  • VIP from $50,000 – quantitative orders 2500, leverage 1:400, swap discount 50%, free VIP, bonus 15%.
  • SAVINGS from $100,000 – quantitative orders 500, leverage 1:400, swap discount 75%, hedging, bonus 25%.

The intermediary does not disclose any information on spreads, commissions, and other fees for its services. Withdrawal of bonus funds is possible after the trader has completed a trading volume of 1/4 of the Bonus amount with a pip value of at least $4, within 60 calendar days (44 market days) from the date of deposit.

Verbex Group offers its clients its own e-wallet for storing and exchanging cryptocurrency funds. Meanwhile, the broker does not mention payment methods in the Deposit and Withdrawal sections. However, the company’s Terms and Conditions guarantee the processing of a user’s withdrawal request within 30 days from the date of account opening, via credit card, and in a minimum amount of $50. There are VISA and MasterCard logos in the footer of the home page.

Clients cannot abuse and arbitrage on the platform. The broker has the right to block the client’s account without any warning and legal liability for the company’s actions. 

Additional services are provided by Verbex Group in the form of Exchange Ticker for Analysts. In addition, the site has pages Technical Analysis, Market Quotes, Crypto Market, Trading Hours, and Economic Calendar. The company invites partners for joint brokerage and showcases on the site information about its Nasdaq Listing, Equity/Excess Regulatory Capital of $1.5 million/1 million dollars and 500 thousand daily revenue trades, respectively. Tech support is available via online chat and feedback form.


Would investing in Verbex Group offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this anonymous broker is extremely risky and is more likely to damage you rather than make you money. This is dangerous CFD trading on an unstable terminal using a dangerous amount of leverage and an unknown cryptocurrency wallet.

Does Verbex Group carry out withdrawals?

We analyzed the project in detail and did not find any guarantees of the company in withdrawals. Judging by the negative reviews, traders start having problems when they make attempts to withdraw their deposits and profit. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, we have found a large number of indications of fraud. The company operates without a license, the site owners do not provide information about the country of registration, there is a very fresh domain and the number of customers is obviously overstated. In addition, the User Agreement is drawn up unilaterally in favor of the broker.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about Verbex Group

  1. heart
    March 16
    There's manipulation on this platform
    The broker does not provide many opportunities for clients to work with crypto. However, even the existing service leads to serious losses. I've asked support many times, where do they get the rates of cryptocurrency pairs from! But no one gave me an intelligible answer. But any trader, even not very experienced, can see that the cryptocurrency rates of this platform are different from the rest. I don't advise you to agree to cooperate with Verbex Group. You can expect frequent manipulations of quotes, artificial technical failures to prevent you from closing losing trades, blocking accounts for spurious reasons, knocking down stop losses, and unprofitable consulting to drain your deposits.
  2. dietwice
    March 14
    I can not withdraw funds
    The broker ignores my requests to withdraw all my funds for 7,360 euros! I can not withdraw money from my account for more than a month! I passed verification again, two-factor protection is enabled, but in my account I have a restriction on any transactions! Tech support first asked to pass verification, I did it. Then the administration was silent for a long time, and support did not respond to my requests. Then after three weeks came the answer that the account will be unblocked within three days. But the problem has not been solved until now! I read in traders' reviews that verbex group closed hundreds of accounts in this way, because of the alleged ddos attack, which they probably invented in order not to give money to clients...
  3. Alexander
    March 12
    I work without any complaints about the company
    I like to trade on the terminal of this broker because firstly, I have no complaints about execution, and secondly here is an easy deposit/withdrawal :) Technical support operators are always friendly and responsive.
  4. NixDunk
    March 9
    I was convinced of the broker's fraud on my own experience. Managers first let me earn 25% profit and withdraw it, and then persuaded me to deposit a decent amount of money, and then helped me to successfully drain this money. Verbex group managers work flawlessly, I must give them credit. They know how to convince naive clients like me. They not only persuaded me to deposit but also persuaded me to give them my account to manage...In the end, I lost all my money! I read reviews from other traders about problems with this broker, but their warnings were ignored and many of the customers, including me, continued to trade here, relying on the company's reputation. When I lost almost $17,000 I realized that I should have been more careful and listened to the experienced guys, they managed to save their capital and I was left without money ☹️
  5. Yo
    March 2
    A scarce supply of crypto
    This platform is fine for bitcoin trading. However, as for the rest of the cryptocurrency markets, there are a lot of problems. Even ether is traded with difficulty on this terminal,I can't say anything specific about other coins at all. Besides, I would not call the fees in ideal, there are brokers with more pleasant prices.
  6. Doberman
    March 1
    I didn't find any interesting offers here
    This company has nothing new that could interest me, but I stayed to work on this platform because the broker does not delay payments of funds. This factor may be unnoticeable for someone, but for me it is important.
  7. AlexDC
    February 21
    Verification is impossible
    If consultants tell you that there is no verification on, don't believe it. Yes, you can transfer money here without verification. You might even be able to conduct some transactions. But then there will be problems when you try to withdraw your money from the account. Nobody will let you do it without verification. Moreover, the broker may reject your verification. So it happened to me :( Now I am trying to solve the issue, but time is passing, and I can't withdraw money, although I have only 67 dollars left on my account.
  8. PaulD
    February 20
    Cheaters own the site!
    Managers promise clients the best trading conditions, which in fact turn out to be a lie, an empty screen for a scam broker! I tried trading with VerbexGroup, but the terminal was so crude that I lost money every time I opened because of lags, and delays in order execution could reach such huge figures that instead of profit I had losses. I left all my minimum deposit of $250 here, if I find out that this broker stole all traders' money and disappeared from their sight, I will not be surprised by such an outcome and I will not feel any regret about it.
  9. almaka
    February 9
    I quickly became disillusioned with this service. The broker caused me extreme dissatisfaction from the very beginning of the cooperation, especially in the context of the withdrawal of funds. A withdrawal request could hang on the site for several days, and the support service was often unavailable. Although the possibility of chat with online support is provided on the resource, it does not always work reliably, and dialogs could sometimes get lost, forcing me to start all over again. Verbex Group are not answering my calls and emails today! I can't believe now that I entrusted $25,000 to these scammers! They wouldn't let me withdraw my money, these are the real scammers!!! The broker first canceled profits on all my trades and then froze my account! I will write about it everywhere until they give me back the stolen money! My nerves are on edge right now. The scammers promised me easy earnings and security, and in the end I was left with a broken heart and no money. What should I do?!!! Where do I turn?!!! This is a cry for help! This is the cruelest scam I have ever encountered! From my experience, I highly recommend not using this service.
  10. s7r4nger
    February 1
    The project is a scam!
    I have no way to withdraw money. I'm verified on the platform for the third time, but now the broker gave me passwords that don't fit my account. I can't change the password that the broker provided. I registered with VERBEX GROUP in the usual way before, without any proof of documents. Now the company is asking for details of my source of income, and this is surprising to me, it's the first time I'm asked for such information online. My account has been blocked until clarification and I'm very worried as I have about 70,000 dollars worth of crypto funds left on it. Tech support is not responding to my inquiries. I think that I believed in vain the tempting promises of the analyst of this company that everything would be ok, and I fell on the hook of crooks. I invested such a large sum because I expected to diversify my portfolio. The broker gave me first to earn and withdraw about 12 thousand, but now my account is not available, and my money is gone!!! I intend to go to the end in defense of my rights to expose the machinations of this scam!

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