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Vergomarkets indicates the address of its office in London, United Kingdom. It’s worth noting that the company claims to have been working for many years. However, it does not disclose its history or launch date. As for the domain, it was registered only in November 2023. In addition, the broker does not have a license and there is no information on the site about the place of registration of the brand.

Should you trust your funds to this company? We will check the legal documents and trading conditions, after which we will draw conclusions about the reliability of this site.

Trading Conditions

Vergomarkets offers a WebTrader platform where you can trade from any device. The company promises narrow spreads and lightning-fast execution, but does not specify the technical parameters of the terminal.

Trading plans are presented in 7 traditional versions, besides them, there is an Islamic account. However, you can start with a basic profile outside of these tariffs, with a minimum deposit of $250. The services are structured according to the amount of the minimum deposit, each subsequent level includes a list of functions of the previous one, in the following order:

  • BRONZE from $10,000 – E-book on trading, Market reviews, Social trading, Access to webinars.
  • SILVER from $25,000 – Advanced Assets.
  • GOLD from $50,000 – 1 Risk-free Trading, Personal Assistant.
  • PLATINUM from $100,000 – Personalized Account.
  • DIAMOND from $250,000 – Access to the trading floor.
  • PREMIUM from $500,000 – Trade Specialist.
  • VIP from $1,000,000 – Updates, Exclusive marketplace.

The list of functions of social trading and the Islamic Account are not informative in their description. Vergomarkets is not ready to transmit its trading statistics via the API in order to interest potential customers in opening these profiles.

The broker does not guarantee compliance with the laws concerning Islamic traditions in trading. Therefore, traders from Muslim countries cannot be sure of their correct online retail trading on this terminal.

Vergomarkets presents training materials that improve the trading experience of customers. The site has a page with a demo of the terminal and there is a blog, but it is not yet filled with content.


Would investing in Vergomarkets offer the best returns?

Cooperation with an anonymous broker probably will not bring you profit, but will result in a loss of funds with a leverage much higher than allowed in Europe (up to 1:30).

Does Vergomarkets carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the site shows the unreliability of the company, so you may be refused to withdraw funds for no reason. Users write about this in their reviews. If you have any experience working on this site, then please share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, this site does not look perfect, it looks like a scam, it is unclear who its owner is and who will help you in case of loss of funds. The broker does not have a license, and the “long-term history” of the project does not fit in with a fresh domain and a cheap interface design.

What's the best way to share my experience with Vergomarkets?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

9 reviews about Vergomarkets

  1. Don
    January 11
    Good expiriance
    Sounds like good platform
  2. Gagyz
    December 5
    A mid-level platform
    I liked the conditions, the service, the personal account and I decided to open an account here about a month ago. But in the end, everything turned out to be not very technologically advanced, so although I remained trading on Vergomarkets for now, I do not have a special positive attitude. Yesterday I made my first withdrawal – 400 euros, the money came in a day.
  3. Oklib Oklib
    December 2
    This is a SCAM, 100%
    It is absolutely logical that a broker regulated by the FCA cannot provide leverage of 1:200 in any way!!!!
  4. sos1
    December 1
    This is an outright fraud
    There is a false story on the website about the long-term creation of the company's reputation. Obviously, if the documents on the site are not posted, there is a void on the Internet and zero mentions of this broker, the company has zero reputation and popularity, and the domain was registered on November 13, 2023, then the work period is short. You don't even have to think about registering for There is not a single fact that would confirm the long period of operation of the site, except for unsubstantiated statements by an unknown site owner, but there are many facts that tell us that the broker has been working not so long ago. And why would you cooperate with scammers?!
  5. Mr
    November 29
    Everything is OK with me so far
    I have deposited €250 and have been working on the platform for two weeks now. First, I studied the technical aspects, for example, the execution, how the terminal works, whether there is always normal access to the personal account, and so on. Vergomarkets is going well :) all my testing, trading is mostly profitable, on average about €10-€12 per day. I recently checked the withdrawal of funds, this procedure is simple, the functionality works, everything is OK. So far, I do not have serious statistics so that I can draw any specific conclusions, but in general, I think that everything will continue to be fine in order to withdraw profits from this company :) I haven't talked to managers yet, because I don't like talking to any of the company's employees, especially analysts and managers. I can't say for sure about the relationship of technical support to customers.
  6. plonar
    November 29
    Abnormal conditions
    The minimum deposit of $10,000 is the first incomprehensible and inadequate parameter of the trading conditions. Commissions and spreads are also quite big, and it's not a fact that they are on the terminal, which are indicated on the website. Because the Vergomarkets web platform definitely does not look like an advanced one, although there is a presentation of innovative software on the site. I wanted to find traders who have already traded with this company in order to ask them how the conditions are really here, how the withdrawal of funds works, and whether it works at all, what are the features of the platform and the broker. But you know, I haven't found a single real person who would trade here.
  7. Ur
    November 26
    Why do people open accounts here?!!
    How can a trader think of opening a profile on this unknown brokerage platform?!! Not only are you not recommended to trade with unfamiliar, much less completely unknown brokers, but this type of CFD trading is even prohibited in the United States. Tell me, why would a man put his head in a lion's mouth? Why take such a risk?!! Why open an account with Vergomarkets when you can do it with a broker who has been working for at least 20 years, has all kinds of licenses (and gives hyperlinks to registers of state regulatory authorities, and not just lists the names of financial services), has insurance, offices (real, there are photos and videos, there are registration data, there are data in search engines, not just the indication of addresses taken randomly from the map) and so on. I don't understand why you should take the risk, please explain to me. And there are people who create problems for themselves by choosing the wrong broker to trade with. I don't understand such people. Maybe their money doesn't fit in their pockets, and that's why they want to throw it away?! I don't know, or do such rich people have some idea in their head that they need to constantly do charity work for scammers?!
  8. Vas88
    November 24
    Fake website
    We actually see that the site is run by some super-dubious and incomprehensible company. Why? Firstly, Vergomarkets is a little-known brand and its popularity is not obvious. You need to look at reviews and brand mentions on the Internet – there are so few of them that even the one hundred and first Google page shows some other companies if you are looking for a forex broker. Secondly, this site was created only in the autumn of this year. Then how can a company have many years of experience? This information is false 👎 And, more importantly, the company cannot boast of any legal documents. There are no important financial statements on the site, although this is a mandatory attribute of every legally operating brokerage firm. Why do you think there are no documents? I guess that most likely, the company operates illegally, and is not even legally registered, so there is nowhere to get the documents. That is, I mean that there is no such legal entity as Vergomarkets in nature. There is no such broker, there is only a website Well, then all these provisions and the client agreement automatically become invented fakes. So you should hardly trade here.
  9. trol
    November 23
    My history of cooperation
    I invested $1,200 to earn, however, trading did not start as I planned ... with high spreads, delays and lags at the platform ... as you understand, I did not receive any income ... most often I closed trades with a loss ... there were profitable trades, but their number was quite small and the profit from them was not enough to cover the disadvantages... I emptied my deposit from $ 1,200 to $ 850 and I decided to withdraw money from Vergomarkets in order to save this amount, and not drain all the money to zero ... I put a withdrawal request... and that's it, the end of my story, it's ends at this moment... that is, my money is not being withdrawn ... that's all ... I even tried to contact the broker several times, but to no avail... the contacts are fake ... the money was still hanging in the account ... this is the story of my cooperation with these scammers ... I would like it to be instructive for other people…

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