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The sole owner of the Vertexfy website is Pergame Solution LLC. The company is registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines and is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of this republic. However, the broker does not disclose any information about the date of its establishment, although the Rules and Regulations specify an update date of 1 September 2021. As for the domain, it was registered only in December 2022 in Malaysia. In addition, the project lacks a license. Finally, the site’s interface is bilingual: basic English by default, and Spanish is supported.

How safe is trading on this platform? Can this company be trusted? Let’s analyze the terminal capabilities and legal documentation, and then make a conclusion about the broker’s reliability.

Trading Conditions

Vertexfy offers customers a terminal that can be downloaded to their phone or PC desktop. Clients can use assets such as stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies in trading. You can invest through the Vertexfy Investor PAMM account that the broker offers to diversify your portfolio.

According to CRS, you should provide the company with personal information, address, jurisdiction of residence, TIN (Taxpayer Identifier), and any additional documents requested by the site administration. When registering, you must note your consent to periodic taxpayer information to your country of residence.

The base currency of the platform is the Euro and the British pound. There are 3 account options available to traders:

  1. STANDARD – spread is floating, leverage up to 1:30, commission up to 3%, minimum lot size 0.1.
  2. PREMIUM – spread is floating, leverage can be increased up to 1:100, no commission, minimum lot size 0.01.
  3. VIP – spread 1.4, leverage up to 1:100, no commission, minimum lot size 0.01.

The company charges the client a monthly commission of 5 euros if the account has been inactive for 6 months. Every Vertexfy client can utilize the service of a dedicated account manager on a 24/5 basis. “Business hours” means from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT+2) on a working day (Monday to Friday). The Trader Support Hotline is available to registered traders.

The company can refuse to provide services to the user at any time, and it is not obliged to inform the client about the reasons.

On the site page “Forex Glossary” you will find small articles that explain trading terms. The broker offers clients training on the platform, which is presented in the “Trading School” section. Vertexfy’s professional trading education consists of trading news, videos, and recommendations, which will probably be available to you after registering an account.


Would investing in Vertexfy offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this company is more likely to make you lose money rather than gain it. This is risky CFD trading with unfavorable trading conditions on an unstable terminal.

Does Vertexfy carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw your deposit. Clients point out in comments that the platform is built on the algorithm of appropriation of your money by the broker. Write your review if you have experience with this company.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high as the broker has no license and a very bad website with no useful information. Educational data on the platform is known even to a person far from trading.

What's the best way to share my experience with Vertexfy?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Vertexfy is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Vertexfy

  1. Jozef Oravec
    November 16
    Podvodnici ked im pošlete peniaze tak už ich nedostanete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fraudsters, if you send them money, you won't get it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Gwyddion
    September 9
    I earn on the site constantly
    My only regret is that I did not find this site earlier, and in vain, because I could have already earned much more than the $6,000 profit that I have earned in the last 4 months. I urge you not to repeat my mistakes, and start trading here today :) so that you can make great progress in terms of personal finance. Trading with Vertexfy will give you a great opportunity to earn on the world's financial markets, from currency markets (classic Forex) to cryptocurrency markets, that is completely innovative. I will not tell you about the earnings, because the sums there are with several zeros. You do not need to envy my capital:) Try to repeat my result yourself, and if you have everything in order with your mind, you will surpass me in trading.
  3. gorjelkey
    September 8
    My negative experience
    Trading on the Vertexfy platform was uncomfortable due to unpleasant price spikes. Managers did not provide proper assistance and only brushed it off, explaining it was due to market peculiarities. It seems to me that the company interferes with trading on its platform, but it is impossible to prove it. I was drained of my entire deposit of $12,000. Now I recommend everyone to avoid working with this broker.
  4. scott2007
    September 2
    The broker is an experienced scammer
    I am refused by administrators to withdraw my earnings, motivated by their internal rules. I do not advise you to get in touch with these scammers
  5. forex123
    August 21
    The efficiency of the trades is zero
    I am talking about CFD trades now. The manager told me fascinating stories that the yield from one such deal could reach 5-8%. But only for some reason I have all of them unprofitable, as I did not try to fix profits in time, but it does not work, my money is constantly drained.
  6. barbel
    August 20
    And again I got to the scammers
    How many times I have already promised myself that I would not cooperate with such dubious companies, but the naive desire to believe in luck and easy earnings still carried me into new adventurous projects, and I lost my savings just because I wanted to earn as much money as possible. In fact, it turned out that this was just a self-promotion of vertexfy, in which the broker lies about a convenient platform, no hidden commissions, and other attractive conditions. These empty promises turned out to be just an advertisement on the website. But in reality, the broker drained my entire deposit to zero! All 2,300 dollars that I had deposited to trade on the Forex market. Then the manager persuaded me to invest another $300 to get back the lost money. But no thanks, I already realized who was in front of me - they are scammers :(
  7. Grimm
    August 17
    My withdrawal request has not been processed for over a month
    Almost 5 weeks have passed since I applied for a withdrawal of $4,800 and still, I can not get my money from my Vertexfy account!!!! Many times I wrote to tech support, and administrators each time promised to sort it out. And for the last 5 days, I just don't get any answers to my enquiries in my personal cabinet. I don't even want to talk about e-mail, the broker never responds there. So I am already sure that this is a fake site!
  8. dm191295
    July 28
    Disgusting terminal
    Connections with servers are lost every day. It is usual MT4, but unusually slow. The order can hang when opening, and when it appears in the history, the price will be far from what was set at the beginning. Also, slippages in the Vertexfy terminal are a common practice. I do not advise you to contact this company.
  9. gaisticos
    June 30
    Offshore again, and this is the wrong business
    And it can't be otherwise, because in this way you won't be able to get back your honestly earned money, which will be drained by the broker's administration at the first convenient opportunity...
  10. Victory
    June 13
    I can't call the company fake
    I have withdrawn money three times for $120 - $220. The last time my deposit was withdrawn with a delay of three days. I had to fight with the support team for a while. But in the end the money was withdrawn, so I am satisfied. I can't say anything bad or good about the trading conditions, the conditions here are usual.
  11. SkullEX
    May 22
    Another fake company
    I first learnt about the broker 2 months ago, I was just told about it by some traders I know, who invested money in this blatant scam. Even then I understood perfectly well that their trading would not end well, because in front of me was an ordinary offshore company, which is now more than enough in the network. But they thought that the platform was excellent and lost a total of about 30,000 thousand dollars there. This broker will not return the funds, because it covers itself with a disclaimer of responsibility for the possible loss of users' funds!!!!
  12. wherekkk
    May 2
    SCAM!!! SCAM!!!
    Recently I realised that I got in touch with outright liars. After all, my application for withdrawal of funds to my Mastercard card, which I specially ordered to work with the broker, was banally hung up in processing. Technical support explains the problems with the server load. Yes, of course, I "believe" you, it's only been 3 months.....
  13. shadvolf
    April 21
    The platform is unstable
    I often experience problems with uninterrupted operation, which leads to significant inconvenience. In my case, there have been a few times where my trades didn't even open and then they showed up with losing results. I contacted vertexfy support to cancel these trades but was told that the problem is my connection to an unstable internet connection and there is no reason to cancel the trades...But this is not true, I have a good ISP.
  14. Diazzo
    April 14
    One of the worst brokers in terms of the provided platforms
    This site seems to offer rating platforms. For example, what could be wrong with the MT4 platform? But here the technical support is almost non-existent. The platform has failures, and nobody deals with solving the problems. Techservice only writes back with the phrase "we took note", but does nothing. I do not recommend Vertexfy for forex trading.
  15. threefour
    April 13
    The support is very good and there are other pluses
    Yes, the support specialists help me all the time, first they told me how to register correctly, fill out the form, and then confirm the registration procedure. After that, I received clear instruction on trading itself. The information about leverage was especially valuable for me, because it turned out that even without a lot of money you can earn impressive sums if you properly manage the broker's credit money. As a result, I have reached a stable income of $1300 per month, and I continue to earn money, despite the slight instability of the platform.
  16. Yun34
    April 3
    I categorically do not recommend cooperation
    Withdrawals take a very long time. There are constantly some failures in the payment system. To be honest, I am already tired of administrators with their apologies. A withdrawal request can hang for a month, and no one processes it. Then, when you start pelting vertexfy with letters, calls, and negativity on different resources, only then the broker starts to react.

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