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Virtual Wealth Exchange trademark is managed by Lead Capital Global Ltd. and Virtual Exchange Company Ltd. which are registered in Mauritius and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. In addition, the company lists 5 office addresses in different countries, including Japan and the UK. However, there is no confirmation of registration and licensing of the financial organization on the website, and there is no description of the history of its development. As for the domain, it was registered in June 2023.

Is this resource reliable? Our review of the broker will help you understand whether you should trust its offers.

Trading Conditions

Virtual Wealth Exchange invites clients to trade in financial markets. The company promises to provide access to margin trading in crypto, stocks, and other instruments. You will get instant order execution and a special feature of the platform is the ability to trade NFT indices. You can start working on the site for $250, but in this case, the functionality of the platform will be severely limited. For full-fledged trading with the opening of all functions, you will have to register one of the accounts.

The broker has developed 7 tariffs, which differ in the entry threshold and set of options. Each subsequent level of the trading plan includes the whole set of services of the previous one. You can choose for yourself any of the following options:

  • BRONZE from $10,000 – Social Trading, Webinar Access.
  • SILVER from $25,000 – Advanced Demand Video.
  • GOLD from $50,000 – Personal Assistant, 1 Risk-Free Trade.
  • PLATINUM from $100,000 – Access to trading room, Individual account, 15% maximum required exposure on elite trades.
  • DIAMOND from $250,000 – 12% maximum required exposure on elite trades.
  • PREMIUM from $500,000 – 10% maximum required exposure on elite trades.
  • VIP from $1,000,000 – 5% maximum required exposure on elite trades, Trade Specialist, Exclusive Marketplace Updates.

Virtual Wealth Exchange explains to clients the differences between demo and live trading. However, we did not find a demo account on the website. The minimum withdrawal amount for crypto wallets, bank cards, and electronic payment systems is 1 USD, and for bank transfers – 300 USD.

The registration form contains a promo code. You may receive it after you provide your contacts through the feedback form.

Additional services are presented in the form of a ticker with currency quotes from TradingView and a block of customer reviews. Virtual Wealth Exchange demonstrates positive comments about itself with a link to the Trustpilot platform.


Would investing in Virtual Wealth Exchange offer the best returns?

Rather, you have more chances to join the traders who lost all their money here than to make a profit. The broker does not disclose the details of the cooperation. The list of services and offers includes CFD trading, banned in the USA and Japan, with a huge leverage of 1:1000, which is limited in Europe to 1:30.

Does Virtual Wealth Exchange carry out withdrawals?

We have researched the financial company's offerings and found no guarantees or conditions regarding user withdrawals. Many customers complain about the denial of profit withdrawals in their online reviews, including on Trustpilot. Please leave your comment if you have traded on this platform.

May I be scammed on

There are signs of fraud on the site, such as the lack of transparency and legal data of the company, allowing to determine its legal right to financial activity. The owners of the resource indicate only the names of regulators without license numbers, there are no files and screenshots of brand registration certificates, and there are no office numbers in the specified addresses.

What's the best way to share my experience with

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How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: other
Leverage: 1:1000
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about Virtual Wealth Exchange

  1. artie
    February 26
    I do not recommend you to contact this intermediary
    I traded for three months on, and everything was fine. However, the situation has deteriorated significantly recently. Trading has become extremely inefficient. The platform periodically shuts down for a long time and then turns back on with a big gap. In such situations, stop loss and take profit do not work. In addition, requotes appeared on the platform. The company started to use requotes practically in every deal, which was not characteristic before. I believe that the broker is becoming a fraud.
  2. fog
    February 18
    Scammers and swindlers
    I deposited 25,000 euros here in vain, they are scammers who cannot be trusted. The managers of the false broker took all the money and do not contact me :(
  3. oritop
    February 15
    A gang of criminals
    Getting acquainted with this platform was one of the most shameful experiences for me. I don't understand how I could believe the scammers, but it has happened. I have given over €300 to ‌scammers. I will describe briefly the characteristics of Virtual Wealth Exchange: broken terminal, frozen quotes, inadequate technical support... This is a "wonderful set" and the broker is a gang of irresponsible crooks, who only care about their own income, and they do not react to traders' losses. I strongly do not recommend you to work here!
  4. bvw
    February 6
    I don't get any replies to my inquiries
    I lost a lot of money here thanks to the dexterity of managers. They faked a technical glitch and all my €13k disappeared from my account. The analyst called me every day and now he won't pick up the phone. What should I do now?
  5. Flagmen
    February 3
    I left and have no regrets
    On the one hand, this brokerage organization gives earnings and provides favorable conditions of cooperation. However, on the other hand, it is not always so good and brings losses. For example, when trading US stocks, you have to pay additional commissions for currency conversion. I believe that this is disadvantageous for a trader. I used the services of this broker for some time, but then I decided to give up cooperation and look for an alternative. I do not regret the decision, as I got much more opportunities to earn money on an alternative platform.
  6. Nico
    January 24
    Fraudsters are running the site
    Legal documents must be included in full on the broker's website. Virtual Wealth Exchange was too lazy to post even a fake license. It should be clear to you at once who they really are.
  7. Ben
    January 20
    Bad trend
    I wanted to close the deal at the announced price, but it turned out to be impossible and that's why I got losses. As a result, my entire deposit of 6,700$ was lost in a matter of minutes. This case was different from the problems I had faced before. I had losses, but profitable trades were not canceled and the price did not change. I am looking into this situation and trying to find a solution now.
  8. Andre Ermen
    January 10
    It's dangerous to trade with this company
    I'm not going to cooperate with anymore, which helped me lose my first deposit of $250 in three days. There's manipulation here and the managers are only eager to take all the client's money 🙁 It's a scam!
  9. 73ok
    January 10
    I favor this platform
    I find this broker reliable and stable. I have no technical questions for this company, in half a year of work I did not notice technical failures and bugs on the terminal. I consider this financial agent for long-term investing - Virtual Wealth Exchange has very favorable conditions if you trade in ETFs (this includes about 70 shares of various companies). I have earned almost 28,000 dollars on this platform, I have no problems with withdrawal.
  10. Tremen
    January 9
    Blatant SCAM
    I have experienced the professionalism of scammers who gain the trust of a potential victim. I started trading with 250 dollars, but the managers of Virtual Wealth Exchange persuaded me to deposit another 15k and then they continued to extort more money from me. I am new to crypto and so I didn't immediately realize that the broker manipulates its listing and the rate of cryptocurrencies that the scammers add to the listing. First, the scammers allow you to buy crypto, which is growing in value, at a minimum rate, and then, when this digital currency begins to fall, they do not allow you to sell it, announcing that trading is frozen. Further managers unfreeze the trade either at the moment when this crypto has fallen to the bottom of the market, or do not unfreeze it at all. In short, the owners of the site are engaged in fraud :( When I had only 1.5 thousand, and the managers realized that I no longer intend to deposit, my money began to slowly drain for some penalties, the origin of which no one could not explain to me. During the whole time I left all my capital here, and I did not get any profit. There is no way to call this platform except robbery...
  11. pio bonaleto
    December 30
    My money was stolen
    I'm new to trading crypto assets, so it was hard for me to realize that this broker is a scammer. Initially, the manager told me everything in detail, and explained the essence of earning on NFT indices until I deposited 12,500$. Then I drained everything in less than a week and the personal manager disappeared.
  12. MyBestPro
    December 19
    I have a neutral attitude towards the broker
    I registered on this platform about a month ago, and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. The procedure is simple and took literally a few minutes. I had no doubts about the reliability of the company, as my friend has been working with it since 2023, but still, I decided to carefully study all the conditions so that I would not have any conflicts with the company. The broker took care that traders were comfortable to work. Although to be honest, I initially doubted whether it was worth to get in touch with this financial organization. I worked on another trading platform, but at the same time, I was looking for a replacement, as there were negative aspects in that cooperation. With Virtual Wealth Exchange I have no problems either in the trading process or in terms of payment discipline. However, in general, the company is not perfect, but I am ready to recommend it to other traders.
  13. stifler
    December 17
    Another scam that aims to deceive traders
    I knew that there are always risks, but this forex broker went over the edge. VWE banned me from my account and blocked the balance of my trading investment which was about 14,000 US dollars. The analyst help was erratic and his strategies were ineffective. I did not expect the administrators of the platform to stoop so low by stealing money from their client. They did it in a disgusting and unprofessional manner. I will be more careful next time when choosing a broker.
  14. Azmodan
    December 17
    I did not linger here
    The company takes huge commissions for any transactions. My patience was enough literally for a day and I gave up such lousy services.

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