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Clearcrest Inc UAB operates this website with its registered office in Vilnius, Lithuania. However, the local registry does not specify what brand name Clearcest operates under or whether it is directly related to VoltCoins.

The domain was established in 2020, but according to the web archive, the website was not operational in 2022. At the same time, its owners have not revealed a launch date. Most likely, they could not start working before 2023. The website lists only Lithuania as the arbitration jurisdiction for disputes. In some countries, this exchange is not available. For example, US entities are not allowed to use any VoltCoins services.

Investment Conditions

The website is not a trading platform. Voltcoins performs transactions on a spot basis and charges a service fee. The customer can exchange fiat money for BTC, USDT, and other types of cryptocurrencies. In order to work on the website, you need to go through a KYC procedure. The minimum checklist includes:

  • Transactions up to $1,080 – ID scan
  • From $1,080 to $34,500 – recent utility bill
  • For transactions over $34,500 – online identity verification
  • Above $75,000 – proof of source and video call

You can transfer funds from your external account. This includes payment service accounts, financial institution deposit accounts, or digital asset accounts. Settlement of orders on a spot basis takes place within five days from the date you sent the order for the transaction.

Voltcoins is not liable for any loss or damage, including loss of funds or profits. The website owner may temporarily or permanently suspend your account.

The platform provides opportunities for customers to earn money by advertising Voltcoins services. Specific payout amounts are not indicated in the referral program section. Voltcoins support team is only available to help you on weekdays, opening hours GMT: 06:00-20:00/EST: 01:00-15:00.


Would investing in VoltCoins offer the best returns?

There is a lot of fraud in the field of cryptocurrency earning. It's an unreliable platform that will "help" you lose money rather than make money.

Does VoltCoins carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawals on this site are not obvious. Be careful when choosing a company to deal with crypto-assets. Read reviews of VoltCoins, where users complain about poor service.

May I be scammed on voltcoins.com?

There is a risk of fraud for customers due to the lack of a license and the service owner's ability to block accounts at any time. You will not be able to appeal against the company's misconduct due to the lack of a regulator.

What's the best way to share my experience with VoltCoins?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if VoltCoins is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2020
Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies

15 reviews about VoltCoins

  1. ForestBrother
    July 8
    Inadequate exchanger
    I saw this site with a simple and clear design and thought it was a normal exchanger. It is common in use, but minus that it is slow, but because of the adequate commission, one can close his eyes to it. In fact, it turned out that scammers are working, and my money transferred through this exchanger stayed on it. Now I don't know how to get a refund from them, I don't get any response. Don't think of contacting this company, I will never use their site again.
  2. twinM
    July 5
    Alas, I invested money in this scam!
    This service is a complete scam!!! Don't trust it for anything, and better yet, don't go to this pseudo-crypto exchange at all!!! Scammers will take your money and you won't even be able to go to court!!!
  3. knobo
    June 27
    Service is a dangerous scam
    The cryptocurrency exchanger poses a threat to users. It uses exchange rate manipulation and withdrawal complications to trick and rob its customers. I tried to exchange $100 for bitcoins here, but I have been waiting 5 days for crypto. I strongly recommend to avoid cooperation with VoltCoins and be extremely careful with new cryptocurrency exchangers.
  4. Champion
    June 27
    Too a few types of cryptocurrencies
    The VoltCoins service is fast, but not the most functional. The company works well in terms of transaction execution, but there are too few digital coins in the account. Would like to see a quick improvement on this!
  5. TheGhost
    June 26
    Do you have anything with a refund?
    Friends, I fell for VoltCoins tricks only because this company took advantage of my inexperience. Counted on the support to help me complete my transactions. The consultants did actively give me advice, but none of them told me that all the blame for the loss of funds would fall on me. The company would disappear as soon as they started receiving claims. I have seen this before.
  6. Delafer
    June 24
    Scammers and thieves!!!!!
    Such freaks belong in hell!!!! I got scammed out of VoltCoins for $3,400. Initially funded my account, and everything was fine, exchanged little by little for a couple of weeks for crypto. Last time I ordered $100 for withdrawal in bitcoins and waited 3 days for my request to be approved. After approval, my account was blocked. I wrote to support, and said there were temporary difficulties and after unlocking everything will work fine. Got a notification in the mail that the account was unblocked, I went in and there were 10 dollars on the balance!!!!! I started to write to support again - where did the money go? The consultant replied that the money had been sent from the account to the specified details of the cryptocurrency wallet. But I still haven't received anything! And I did not withdraw all the deposit balance! To which I was told to deal with my crypto wallet. Bastards, I have nothing more to say!!!!
  7. foxteg
    June 24
    Confirmed on my own experience. No money for two months. I exchanged crypto for dollars. Answered in support - wait, check the origin of cryptocurrency.
  8. Will Smith
    June 17
    These scammers set traps for newbies
    I will not shout that I am an experienced trader, but I can distinguish a trustworthy broker from a fake one. And I declare with 100% confidence that VoltCoins is the most commonplace money collector where you will be cheated! These scammers are counting on newbies. Check documents and read reviews!!!!!
  9. Andre
    June 13
    It's not worth investing a cent here!
    When you work on the platform, you have no guarantee that you will get your money back! The scammers only create the illusion of transactions, when in fact all the cryptocurrency goes straight into their pockets. I realized this only when I encountered problems when exchanging USDT into dollars. I was informed that my crypto was "dirty" so the transactions were blocked. Allegedly, if I complain to VoltCoins, I will be prosecuted for dirty money laundering. I am outraged at such insolence. My tokens were acquired legally and I have all the proof.
  10. Splash
    June 6
    Slow working scammers
    Customer service is very slow when there is an appeal. On VoltCoins, they usually protect themselves like all scammers do.
  11. Zick
    May 31
    My short experience
    I have been a VoltCoins customer since early 2023. They have made a good impression on me so far.
  12. Mash82
    May 30
    Unstable operation
    The application was processed slowly, there was a delay in getting money to the site's wallet. This is the fault of the service, there was a failure on the VoltCoins website.
  13. Ksen
    May 28
    People, don't get involved
    VoltCoins accepts the money but won't give it back. The promised refund deadline (5 days) is not met. After submitting a withdrawal order, your account is immediately blocked for six months, coming up with excuses about the European bank being blocked. My correspondence with support gives me nothing, they come up with ridiculous standard excuses, and my questions are not answered. Information on what grounds my deposit was blocked, laws, regulations, what kind of bank performs transactions, addresses for filing an appeal/complaint to higher authorities, etc. - all these questions are silenced by support. They suggest that I should make an official written request to the company's legal address. They will allegedly answer me, although I understand that in fact - this is just a standard runaround and delaying time to attract/retain customers. Summing up: I had no problems with any of such services but this one ignored me. VoltCoins site is 100% SCAM. You won't see your money and don't believe all the positive reviews. I think the good reviews are written by employees of the company. All negative reviews are real, don't you dare transfer your cryptocurrencies here, you will regret it 100%.
  14. Chaser V
    May 22
    My opinion
    I have to say that Voltcoins is a good site where it is really easy to register and you can verify the account to transfer a small amount. Everything works without glitches or bugs, which is definitely important. However, one thing that didn't satisfy me was ‌customer service, which is closed on weekends. I don't want to get nervous if a transaction is delayed and no one can explain the failure to me.
  15. GhostXX
    May 18
    The service is not very good
    The exchanger seemed very convenient and profitable, I decided to work with it. I tried to register, but the letter never arrived in my email. I decided that I would try to exchange the coins without registering, but the coins did not come out for as long as possible. Wrote to VoltCoins support, who did not answer me for 2 hours. In the end, I got all the money, of course, but I was very unhappy! And the commission was high :((

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