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The website is owned and operated by Vortex-PRO Limited, which claims to have three offices in the UK, Ireland, and UAE. Meanwhile, the company provides scant information about itself, the website only mentions “annual events and conferences held around the world”. It is worth noting that the broker does not disclose its achievements, the availability of a license, and the date of commencement of activity. As for the domain, it was registered only in November 2023.

Is the platform worthy of traders’ trust? We will analyze the legitimacy of the broker’s activities and the quality of services provided, after which we will make our conclusion about the safety of the intermediary.

Trading Conditions

Vortex-PRO emphasizes the adoption of advanced technology to users. The proprietary WebTrader offers features such as trading automation, immediate execution and application. The developers have provided anti-slippage protection, 4 types of pending orders (Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Stop and Buy Stop) and an arsenal of trading instruments, including NFT, crypto, and futures.

You can choose a suitable option from 8 trading plans. The tariffs differ in the size of the deposit and the set of services:

  • Standard from £250 to £2,499 – Trial version for 7 days, Leverage 1:50.
  • Student from £2,500 to £9,999 – Expert chart analysis, Leverage 1:100, Deposit Bonus up to 20%.
  • Bronze from £10,000 to £24,999 – 1 month trial version, Leverage 1:200, Deposit Bonus up to 30%.
  • Silver from £25,000 to £49,999 – Analyst meetings every 2 weeks, Leverage 1:400, Deposit Bonus up to 50%.
  • Gold from £50,000 to £99,999 – Two live trading sessions, Leverage 1:400, Deposit Bonus up to 50%.
  • Platinum from £100,000 to £249,999 – Three live trading sessions, Leverage 1:500, Deposit Bonus up to 75%.
  • VIP from £250,000 to £999,999 – Five live trading sessions, Leverage 1:400, Deposit Bonus up to 100%, Monthly Lottery.
  • Diamond from £1,000,000 – Free Apple Macbook, Leverage 1:1,000, Tickets to sporting events.

Vortex-PRO sets lot sizes to 0.01 and allows partial closing of events. Deposit/withdrawal of funds to the account is made via bank cards and electronic payment systems.

Vortex-PRO charges commissions, local taxes, and additional fees that may apply to each transaction. However, the broker does not disclose their amounts.

Vortex-PRO does not work with investors who are US residents. The social media X (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn symbols on the website are not active. You can consult with tech support specialists via the feedback form.


Would investing in Vortex-PRO offer the best returns?

Dealing with this unregulated brokerage organization is more likely to result in losses for you than in gaining profits. CFD trading with unreasonably high leverage multiplies the risk of losing your funds.

Does Vortex-PRO carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of customer reviews and documents has shown that the company may create obstacles for your withdrawals. Administrators may demand additional documents and checks, delay the process, or refuse to fulfill requests. Share your experience if you have already traded on this resource.

May I be scammed on vortex-pro.com?

The brokerage firm did not present on its website a registration certificate, a copy of the license and did not tell anything about its history. A fresh project domain is a sign that you should not perceive the company as time-tested and trustworthy. Accordingly, you will be taking a big risk if you deposit money here.

What's the best way to share my experience with vortex-pro.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 317$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

11 reviews about Vortex-PRO

  1. rsor
    February 4
    Company of liars
    I had very high hopes for vortex-pro, but they were not destined to come true. The employees of the company told me at the beginning of our cooperation that they always listen to the client's opinion and try to take into account his wishes. This is a complete lie. The platform is completely unstable, I found out about it when I transferred 4,570$ to the account (it was all my savings). I wrote to the manager about the problems I was concerned about in the hope that the company would be honest. In response I received - "we will take it into account". More than 2 months have passed since that moment, all balance was drained, I have zero on my deposit and my account is blocked. If you want to trade on vortex-pro, you should know that your money will be slowly drained by the broker. When managers get tired of working with you, your account will be easily blocked without explanation.
  2. Real
    February 4
    Cool financial resource!!!
    I'm 20 years old, I am studying at the university. I think you all realize that students always have this feeling that there are holes in their pockets and that they are constantly short of money! Everyone goes to work in restaurants, delivery services, construction, etc, but I'm not really into working physically. I feel like it's better to rely on my brain. Vortex-pro has helped me a lot in my endeavors to earn money. Thanks to this company I was able to reach a steady income of about 600 euros a week and now I have enough not only to live well, but I can invite my girlfriend to the cinema and not ask my parents for money! I am very grateful to the team of this broker!
  3. dA1s
    January 24
    SCAM 100%
    Fraudsters refuse to pay out my money. Managers have a new excuse every day not to withdraw my funds. The most common excuses I've heard 100 times: I need to verify again, pay a commission, calculate taxes, or the financial department of the company is overloaded. Even if I fulfill all their stupid requirements, it won't bring my application processing any closer, vortex-pro employees will come up with something else. I lost 1354 dollars on the platform of this scam. The result of my trading was positive, but the crooks did not let me withdraw my profit and my deposit.
  4. kaparat
    January 8
    I invested all my last savings in this scam, which I planned to multiply and use to buy new equipment for my pastry shop. However, due to the fraudulent actions of vortex-pro, my main business will remain without progress. The administration of the site blatantly lies when they write to me: "you lost money because of your incorrect trades, get help in strategy development from experts". Yes, it sounds good that I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to trade and still have to transfer money to their account! No thanks, I've already lost over 12K dollars here and I'm not going to trust these thieves again! My advice to everyone: never accept the terms and conditions of these crooks!!!
  5. qwertyalfa
    December 14
    I have found a stable income!
    We are a young couple, and we don't have a stable income. We get temporary jobs, we worked in different spheres - waiters in cafes, street animators, and bloggers on social networks... However, all these earnings were small, which were not enough for our modest life demands. And we thought, why not try something completely new! We found vortex-pro.com on the recommendation of a good trader. At first we invested the minimum amount, £250, and within a month we have already doubled our deposit with profit. So far we have a low level, but we like everything. We advise everyone to try it!!!
  6. Webt
    December 13
    Scammers only imitate the trading process
    I have long been looking for additional income, since I was sorely lacking money for living. I saw the site vortex-pro.com, and I liked the conditions on this platform. In fact, it turned out that scammers manipulate ‌terminal settings during trading sessions and bring clients into losses.
  7. Asteri
    December 7
    Terrible service!!!
    I saw this platform by chance on the Internet, I looked at the beautiful picture, read the generous promises and got carried away by the idea of easy money. I worked with vortex-pro for less than a month and realized that it is not profitable at all :( I had questions about the honest work of this platform, but the manager ignored my appeals for a long time, and when he answered, he did not explain anything of substance, and sent me a standard excuse. I then requested to withdraw all the funds from the deposit, I have 785 dollars left from 2 thousand, but the payment of money I also can not wait. Tech support replied to me that "the money has already been transferred", although it hasn't arrived to my bank account. I still hope a little that this is a misunderstanding and the broker will fix it, but it's already hard for me to believe in such an optimistic end of my story, besides the company doesn't contact me anymore....
  8. Eduard
    December 7
    The broker does not withdraw my money
    I have been waiting for more than a week for my application to be processed! I wrote to vortex-pro support, but now there is no contact with them, I regret that I contacted this fake platform and entrusted my money to crooks, I deposited 16,000 euros and now I can't withdraw anything!!
  9. ole ov
    December 6
    The platform is manageable
    I have about 10 losing positions for every profitable trade. The company manipulates quotes in manual mode. If I knew this in advance, I would not have contacted the scammers from vortex-pro, it would have been a waste of time, effort, and money. In two months I lost about 800 euros...
  10. Raul
    November 27
    I got into a bad story
    A friend of mine was into investing and trading and he suggested I try it. He and I invested £2,500 each in Vortex-PRO, my friend had already taught me a bit about financial markets, so I had some experience. This site was recommended to him on an online forum, so we invested here together! We were cheated for a large amount of money... I am in upset feelings, no one has ever fooled me like that ☹️ Don't repeat our mistakes, check the legal documents of the company and trading conditions before investing in an unknown project.
  11. 5
    November 17
    My individual experience
    Active trading has always been a priority for me, so I have no complaints about the terms of the broker. On Vortex-pro there are many assets from different groups, there are simple tools for analysis, there are no restrictions on trading strategies and styles. I did not like: not all commission sizes are known in advance, long withdrawal of money, the broker works only with contracts for price difference.

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