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Vortexyl claims that the company is registered in the UK and lists a London office address on its website, but there is no confirmation of this. Besides, the broker says that the team has been working on building and maintaining its reputation for many years. However, it does not disclose the history of the project’s development and the exact start date. As for the domain, it was registered only in November 2023. It’s worth noting that the project has no license.

Does this company really provide top-notch security? We will conduct our own research of the platform and find out whether the online broker is one of the most reliable in the Forex market, as it claims in its presentation.

Trading Conditions

Vortexyl offers clients a trading terminal that is available in a web version, also for smartphones. However, you will not be able to create an account without a referral code. Registered traders have access to forex, indices (Europe and US), metals, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. All instruments will be available to you only in the form of CFDs. The minimum deposit amount in Vortexyl is 250 dollars, it is enough to activate a basic trading account.

The company has developed 7 trading plans. Clients have access to more additional services, the higher the account level. You can choose a suitable tariff from the options:

  • BRONZE from €10,000.
  • SILVER from €25,000.
  • GOLD from €50,000.
  • PLATINUM from €100,000.
  • DIAMOND from €250,000.
  • PREMIUM from €500,000.
  • VIP from €1,000,000.

Islamic account is also available on this platform. Vortexyl offers traders bonus promotions, but the broker does not disclose the rules for working out. You can choose Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card, bank transfer, or Neteller and Skrill wallets to deposit and withdraw funds. Vortexyl does not disclose the terms of receipt of transfers, the size of fees, or the size of minimum transaction amounts.

Vortexyl offers E-book trading on every account type, but does not specify ECN. Moreover, the lack of information about spreads and transaction fees is probably reflected in the fees. You should keep in mind that spreads can vary widely as they are calculated in real time.

Vortexyl invites traders to find out more information about the fees with a phone call to the consultants. The company announces its online trading concepts and guides on the “Blog” page, but there aren’t actually any articles there. The interface supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The site has a form for feedback requests.


Would investing in Vortexyl offer the best returns?

This platform is not reliable for making money. You are more likely to lose capital with 1:200 leverage. As a reminder, European regulators prohibit forex brokers from using such risky CFD instruments, limiting the size to 1:30.

Does Vortexyl carry out withdrawals?

As our analysis shows, the administration can prohibit you from using the site, in accordance with the established rules. In practice, clients often face access blocking and cannot get money from the company, which they write about in comments. We suggest you also share your experience in a review.

May I be scammed on vortexyl.com?

We can't claim guaranteed fraud, but this web resource doesn't provide information about the company's licenses and certificates. Its domain appeared only recently. Conflict of interest and fraud are possible because the business model described on the website is 100% B-book, and the broker guarantees to provide E-book trading services.

What's the best way to share my experience with Vortexyl?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about Vortexyl

  1. Remka -
    December 26
    Do not believe the promises
    I'm extremely indignant with the broker's actions. Managers promised me high profits and fast payouts, but instead they blocked my account as soon as I transferred 30 thousand euros. I lost all my money and now I don't know where to turn for help. Vortexyl are engaged in fraud under the guise of a financial platform! Don't trust them with your money, otherwise the scammers will cheat you like they did me! Everything the managers promise is a complete lie, it's a lie to lure money from you, this is unacceptable in an honest world!
  2. Demiurg
    December 25
    The platform reeks of danger very badly
    I don't know how you can trust a broker that has no information for the average user. How are you going to register without a promo code? Where do you invest, who is the owner of the resource, will you be able to withdraw your money!!!? I study this site and think, who invests here at all?! Are there really such brave people? I try to find their office, but it is not there, the registration of such a company I also do not see, there are zero brand results in search queries so far.
  3. Anna Avdee
    December 8
    I tried to work with this company and regretted it very much. The owner of vortexyl.com blocked my account right after I deposited £12,000. Now the scammers are demanding money for unlocking.
  4. NickRock
    December 7
    Obviously the company is illegal
    I got a call from the manager after I filled out a form with a question and gave my phone number. I asked him to provide me with the documents that the company is legal, but he started to say that I was asking unnecessary questions, that it was obvious and I should make a deposit as soon as possible, while there is an opportunity to make a big profit. I did not listen to him and blocked his phone number. I can demand fulfillment of obligations only from a legitimate company, and with such scammers as vortexyl I can only lose money.
  5. Zias
    November 29
    Cooperating with a broker is 100% risky
    Hi everyone!!! I know this broker who constantly changes names and domains. You can not even try to withdraw even 1 cent from this platform, Vortexyl will not consider your withdrawal requests, you will only waste time. The platform is a fraudulent project, on which you can only go bankrupt, that is, it is impossible to earn here EVER. There are few reviews at the moment, as the project has only recently been relaunched with a new name. But there are already a few users who, unfortunately, managed to invest money here. Of course, unfortunately, they will not be able to return them. And even lawyers are not able to help them get their money back from pseudo-brokers. In fact, this is not a brokerage company at all, but an ordinary and cheap scam. Its goal is to attract as many people with money as possible. After the user agrees to open an account, managers will impose on him to replenish the balance to get bonuses, and in case of refusal of promotions - the deposit will be stolen by other means - for example, through artificial widening of spreads. Of course, you do not have to cooperate with it. After all, you will never start trading if you deposit a large amount into your account. As soon as you want to withdraw your money from here, you will immediately face instant blocking of your account, and a small deposit of 250 dollars you will simply lose in a few days, and all the actions of managers will be without justified reasons. Therefore, you should always beware of such projects in the network.
  6. vikto
    November 29
    I'm very satisfied with the quality of service
    Good service and maintenance, the broker fulfills its obligations 100%! The terminal has a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal systems, the platform is stable, works without lags. Vortexyl offers a deposit that is not the smallest, but I feel comfortable with it. I believe that this is one of the most reputable companies on Forex. I had a delay in payment only once, I wanted to withdraw to my e-wallet. This problem was quickly resolved👍 The delay was not the fault of the broker, but of the payment service. The support team contacted me promptly and I was offered ‌another way of withdrawing. In general, this platform is a good choice for your trading and safe earnings
  7. Alexr163
    November 19
    This resource looks like a scam
    The representatives of the company call me every day and tell me how I can make a lot of money with them. I think that such aggressive marketing looks like a scam and I also found that there are almost no good reviews... I'll probably refuse to open an account there, even if Vortexyl aren't scammers, I'm afraid to take the risk.
  8. Rayjee
    November 18
    This is a common fraud
    I, like many customers of vortexyl.com, also fell for the trick of the broker with a base deposit of 250 dollars. I don't know how I believed in this scam, apparently the managers are good psychologists. This amount is for registration only, because you won't get your money back until you deposit more and even more. Your base deposit will be blocked or drained and that's it, there are no other options. Don't believe or listen to these scammers, this is a common fraud and you will never get your money back.
  9. CrizzisX
    November 18
    The platform may be fraudulent
    If you delve into the product of this broker, the terminal won't surprise you, of course, if you are a professional, but this company can deceive beginners very easily and simply. I believe that the owner of the site won't give you the opportunity to earn, and the loss of your funds is guaranteed. You will have problems with the return, because the organizers of the b-book scheme work exclusively inside the program, without going to the exchanges. Rather, they are scammers who operate under the guise of an advanced e-book system. I don't recommend investing in vortexyl. I tested the platform by spending 250 euros, but for me this amount is insignificant. So I learned for a small fee that the broker drains money instantly, and doesn't confirm withdrawals and ignores appeals. Inexperienced traders may believe in better conditions and lose more significant capitals here. In fact, the scammer uses a simple scheme when traders compete with each other. Everyone knows that if a broker works without a license, it's useless to return money or challenge its actions in any country.
  10. Mad Max
    November 14
    Good terminal
    I immediately funded my account with 10,000 euros and I can't say anything negative. The platform has a huge amount of assets (although I prefer currency pairs more), there's a reliable software that has never let me down and the support is quite friendly, I have nothing to complain about :) so I invite you to join :)

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