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Vourteige claims that the site belongs to Quintero LLC, registered at an address in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Meanwhile, the broker lists office addresses in the UK, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Regarding regulation, the company shows an EUAC certificate issued in 2018. However, its domain was only created in September 2023.

Should you trust funds to this asset trading intermediary? We will check the legal and technical aspects of the platform and understand the legitimacy of this broker’s financial activities.

Trading Conditions

Vourteige offers its own terminal, which can be downloaded to the client’s device. The platform gives access to Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD trading. The company promises to store traders’ funds in secure bank accounts but does not specify in which financial institutions. In addition, the “Account Types” section is missing.

Vourteige gives clients the following options:

  • Make a limited number of risk-free trades on a new account.
  • Use an account type that is interest-free and is in line with the Islamic religion.
  • Receive bonuses for deposits and transactions by the terms of the loyalty program.
  • Participate in webinars on trading strategies and market trends conducted by experts on a weekly or monthly basis.

Vourteige supports payment methods such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and Neteller or Skrill e-wallets. The broker also mentions the PayPal payment service, but clients cannot actually use this option as PayPal does not work with forex brokers or casinos.

Vourteige states that it is not responsible for any customer risks associated with the use of its platform. When you register for an account, you agree that you will not make any claims against the company for the loss of your funds.

Vourteige provides users with video tutorials and e-books for free. However, you need to deposit at least $250 into your account to access the educational materials. The interface supports 4 languages – French, German, Dutch, and English (default). Tech support is available 24/7 via online chat.


Would investing in Vourteige offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this broker can lead you to big financial losses rather than to earning profits. The negative consequences are caused by the lack of transparency in trading conditions and the risk of trading CFDs with unknown leverage.

Does Vourteige carry out withdrawals?

Our review showed that this company has no obligations to its clients, moreover, it has the right to deny you withdrawals at its own discretion. Experienced traders and beginners warn about the risks of damage in negative reviews. Please tell us about your experience with this broker.

May I be scammed on vourteige.com?

Yes, the risk of scamming is high on this site. The broker's offshore affiliation and unverifiable physical addresses in 3 countries are signs of a very low level of oversight and protection of your funds. The company has a cheap website filled with meaningless content, and there is no evidence of customer funds being held in segregated accounts.

What's the best way to share my experience with vourteige.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Vourteige

  1. Ilaja
    March 16
    I'm disappointed
    I really regretted that I invested money here, and I also advised a colleague from the office to trade on vourteige,he is now scolding me because he lost more than 7,000 dollars. I didn't realise it would turn out so badly...
  2. Gerry
    March 12
    I trust this project
    I will invest here again, although I am not going to idealise this broker. It has both pros and cons. The trading terminal is the coolest difference that this company has. It's really comfortable and intuitive yet functional. It is great! I figured out trading on Vourteige without any problems, even considering I have little experience. I didn't have to contact the support team for help even once. The company pays the funds in full and does not mess around like some others, and this is also the most important thing for me. This alone makes me trust vourteige.com. So far I have earned almost $6,000 on this platform in six months. I think I can earn even more as my trading turnover increases.
  3. Ann Lu
    February 20
    I do not want to take risks
    The broker's terms and conditions are very attractive (personal support, risk-free first trades, high leverage). However, I don't see any documents on the vourteige.com website confirming the legality of the promotion of the service. In this regard, I am wary of trusting a large amount of money. I am trying to trade on this platform with the minimum amount on the balance, but I am not going to invest a lot of money yet - I keep only 312 euros on the balance, which is almost the minimum deposit.
  4. Paul Vorner
    February 11
    Good services
    I started to close trades and get profit, although in a small amount, but it was still nicer than losses, and I started to earn in a fairly short time. I liked the seminar with this broker, I discovered a lot of new things with its help, the experts explained a lot of different details, nuances, and subtleties in the work of a trader👍 I am satisfied with the work of the broker, I recommend it to everyone.
  5. enotic
    February 4
    Broker is a scam
    I have no way to withdraw my money. The platform security service verified my documents, but now my password, which I entered initially, is not suitable for logging into my profile. I cannot change my password. Support is not responding to my requests. I think I fell for the generous promises that everything will be super.
  6. wii
    February 3
    The company lies that it is a financial broker, but in fact - it is a complete scam with which you will only lose money. The terminal is fake, managers do not put trades on the market and there are no prospects for earning at vourteige.com!!! Even if you manage to trade with profit at first, you can not count on payouts. Scammers come up with a thousand reasons just not to give the money. In my case, they picked on the documents and did not let me pass verification. I sent them scans several times, which were constantly not accepted. In the end, I gave these crooks $845. In a word, they are thieves!
  7. Vincent
    February 2
    I have a problem
    Broker debited $412 from my account yesterday, I don’t understand what this has to do with a link to some kind of commission that no one warned me about. I have written to support but so far I have not received an explanation. I don't understand what started happening! I have been trading on vourteige for only 3 months, at the beginning everything worked perfectly, I was making profit and depositing, but now when my account is already more than 4,000 dollars I started to have problems, the terminal started to freeze and the broker does not want to process withdrawal requests.
  8. Dwayn
    January 19
    The rules are impossible
    At first I also naively thought that this company can be trusted. To be honest, I succumbed to flattering customer reviews about bonuses, so I invested $3,500 at once, I was not too careful and that was my mistake. The point is that you will not be able to withdraw your earnings from here until you double your deposit. That's the kind of stupid rules vourteige has. And you will not be able to do this unless you have invested 20 thousand dollars, because otherwise the commission for transactions will not allow you to get into a plus.
  9. Rassel
    January 8
    The quality of service is at a high level
    The platform works stably, without failures. I contacted tech support only when registering an account - the consultant told me the algorithm and helped me to fill in all the fields of the form. Very friendly people work at Vourteige, thank them for providing the necessary help. I have been trading on the site for only the second week and I am very satisfied with the whole service. Profits are increasing a little bit every day. I have not tried to withdraw money yet, but I'm confident in the good result.
  10. Di
    January 3
    Don't trust virtual "friends"
    These scammers found me through FB social network, where a girl corresponded with me for 2 months, imitating love, and then offered me to start a conversation with her dubious "brother" and his "boss". I lost 3,600 euros because of these creeps, I ended up blocking all the contacts of these scammers after a short communication so they don't fray my nerves and demand more money from me :( By the way, they introduced themselves as vourteige partners from Switzerland!
  11. moja
    December 17
    Stay away from these scammers!
    This scam only pretends to be an experienced broker with regulation in the European Commission and a long history of success, but in reality the scammers have been around for a while, they operate illegally and steal clients' money. Firstly, vourteige deduct amounts from the account as if they are charging an account maintenance fee, which no one was warned about at the entrance. Secondly, there's a manipulated terminal. Finally, I learned about using B-book technology. When I got into this scam, I had little experience and ended up losing $15.3k. The scammers persuaded me to deposit a large amount of money, after which they set me up to lose all the money.
  12. Mikael
    December 14
    I'm gonna punish these crooks!
    The founders of this company not only have no legal basis to operate, but also have no conscience! Vourteige stole my entire deposit, every last cent, and now refuses to compensate me for the $13,564 in damages. I won't let this crime go unpunished, I'll contact the appropriate authorities to punish the scammers.
  13. Kevin
    December 6
    Yes it's a total scam, the broker had a good start and then started deducting from my account, I was paying for one service then another. I ended up depositing £750 and withdrawing nothing. Don't believe these scumbags!
  14. Dan Carnou
    December 2
    This is not the best broker in my trading experience
    I am experimenting with different crypto trading services. Recently I noticed on VOURTEIGE that the managers have the nerve to renegotiate trades and cancel orders they don't like, and this is while scalping is allowed!!! On the terminal, there are quite strong slippages, which reduce my deposit, and the result is that even if you have made money, expect that on the next trade you will be helped to drain all the money.
  15. Antony Kw
    November 27
    Managers lie convincingly
    The crooks fooled me at vourteige!! I don't have enough words to describe my outrage!!! They are a bunch of heartless criminals who take people's money and embezzle other people's capital. In vain I believed them :( The swindlers lied to me so convincingly that I did not even realize that it was a scam. I trusted them and lost $2,600. First, the scammers showed me successful trading to invest more money, and then they technically drained my deposit. The terminal at vourteige.com is controlled entirely by scammers and they determine the result of trades at their own discretion.
  16. Bons Cats
    November 14
    I don't get paid
    This is a collection of scammers, not a brokerage organization! The profits I made have not been paid out to me and the deposit I made with Vourteige has not been returned either. Managers reassured me with promises, I trusted them, and then suddenly they blocked the account! And I had over 8,000 euros in there and more than two-thirds of it was my investment!!! I was really counting on this money, so I was very nervous. The technical support was constantly in touch with me until I tried to withdraw the money, but after I applied for withdrawal - all communication was cut off...I can not get through, no phone number does not answer and my emails also remain unanswered...
  17. Isaac
    November 12
    There are lies in the positive reviews
    I saw that there is nothing good about the broker, the tech support is bad, the platform is bad, there is no withdrawal of money for 9 days and the support team told me that there are no exact terms: " wait"...

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