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According to ‌rave reviews, Wealth Invest 24 provides services on financial markets and invites traders to join their community. However, on the official website of this company, there are no copies of the license, legal entity registration documents, address, and management names. As for the project’s startup history, you can only see information about four 2021/2022 awards from unknown experts, among which there is the “Most Innovative Broker” award. Meanwhile, the domain was only created in November 2023. How reliable is this platform? We will look closely at all the data to check if this broker is legitimate.

Trading Conditions

Wealth Invest 24 offers clients to register a personal account, make a deposit, and access the trading platform. The working terminal is presented as a web platform with basic trading functions. You can trade Forex, commodities, stocks and easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The software allows you to customize recurring purchases. You will get a free consultation from leading experts on the site, who will help you define your goals and find the most suitable option to make money from trades in different asset classes.

The available features depend on which service package the client chooses. Currently, the platform offers 4 tariffs with the following services:

  • Silver up to €5,000 – Market Watch, Over 200 traded assets.
  • GOLD up to €10,000 – Bonus Funds, Leverage 1:300, Dedicated Senior Account Manager, Trading Signals.
  • PLATINUM up to €50,000 – Risk Management Planning, Trading Room Analysis, Leverage 1:300, Financial Planning, Special Venture Promotions.
  • VIP by invitation only – Webinars, Access to lucrative VIP events, Private Analyst Sessions, Leverage 1:400.

Wealth Invest 24 promises to process the client’s withdrawal request within 3 to 5 business days. Funds will be transferred to your account up to 5 business days or more, however, the company states that it does not adhere to any time frame in this process. When withdrawing funds, the broker charges fees for processing the application and for the withdrawal procedure.

Wealth Invest 24 warns clients that additional fees and amount limits may apply when using fiat currency for transactions. In addition, 10% will be deducted each month from your account if you have not traded for three months.

Wealth Invest 24 showcases 5 testimonials from the same client on the homepage. Analytics is presented as a ticker with quotes of currency pairs. Tech support is available via a feedback form, in which you should provide your phone number and email.


Would investing in Wealth Invest 24 offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to achieve positive results by trading on an unknown platform with an anonymous broker. You risk losing all your funds in CFD trading with leverage, the size of which is limited to 1:30 in Europe and banned in the USA.

Does Wealth Invest 24 carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis showed that this company does not adhere to the principle of transparency and does not guarantee the return of clients' funds. According to ‌reviews, accounts are often blocked after the user applies for withdrawals. Share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on wealthinvest24.com?

Yes, this project doesn't look like a safe service. We didn't see the names of the founders, licenses, or legal addresses. In addition, the company's term of operation, which is hinted at by the dates of awarding dubious prizes, does not match the fresh domain of the site. All these red flags show us clear signs of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with wealthinvest24.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Wealth Invest 24

  1. trot
    April 5
    I don't recommend investing here
    This is a "customer-oriented" company, but only until you deposit a large amount of money. WealthInvest24 accepts money even in crypto in order to reach potential customers as much as possible. My friend fell for this cheap scam and is now trying to get his funds back through professional lawyers.
  2. olen
    April 4
    I have not been disappointed yet
    This broker has its pros/cons. I work with this company and at the same time with another one, I have to do so because Wealth Invest 24 has no conditions for active trading with a small amount. This point is the only one that I can attribute to disadvantages, that's the entry threshold. You must shell out at least 5,000 euros to open a full-fledged trading account. The support service here's adequate, the operators helped me to understand all the nuances. As for the high entry barrier, the broker compensates for the inconvenience by allowing you not to pay a commission for managing funds until the balance accumulates 5,000 euros. Also, good training methods are provided on this platform, which is definitely appreciated by beginners.
  3. Lanect
    April 4
    My account was blocked
    I could never have imagined that I would lose all my savings by trusting the obvious scammers! After my manager persuaded me to deposit up to 52K euros, the company has stopped contacting me and won't give me my money back!
  4. mew
    March 23
    I would rather burn this money I invested in this scam!!!
    I had the indiscretion to leave my phone number on this site. In the beginning, the managers convinced me that I could make up to 25% profit per month. That sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it? Well, of course, it was a fairy tale! I believed it, and in the end - I lost my capital. Now I realize that this 25% is pure fantasy nonsense, and in fact, it is a path to bankruptcy. I cannot tell you the exact amount that was stolen from me by the representatives of this company, but I will tell you that I lost several Ethers after I started day trading. I traded in pairs with USDT and BTC, at first I even made a profit of £4,350 because I bought Ether at 2900 and sold at 3100. But that's not the point, it was the disappearance of the money in my account after I applied for a withdrawal! My appeals to technical support do not give anything, the operators are silent! I had to make an unambiguous conclusion that my money was simply stolen by these scammers.
  5. Ron M
    March 23
    I don't see any prospects for this company
    I like the fact that this platform offers a basic plan and you won't need to invest large sums at the start. The only thing that confuses me is this company's lack of a legal basis for brokerage. No one knows how long this project will last.
  6. Le0
    March 17
    Disgusting trading system
    Not only is it impossible to open trades here with a deposit of less than €5k, but there are such terrible conditions, according to which the company can close the transaction at any time at its discretion. And what kind of trades are usually closed in Wealth invest 24? Of course, in cases when they are in red :( almost 15 trades were closed and I lost my deposit of more than €12,000!!!
  7. Nick
    March 13
    My plans did not come true
    I had high hopes for earnings with this broker and invested all my savings in crypto trading, and when I started to withdraw my 0.53 btc, they did not come to my wallet and I was left with nothing :(
  8. Andora
    March 11
    The experts work amazing
    I learned a lot about cryptocurrency trading, the analysts are aware of all the intricacies of trading digital assets much more than I could have imagined. I can compare their advice to ‌advice on a simple way to mine pure gold. Have you contacted tech support? If yes, you will agree with me that the consultants here are remarkably responsive and they have top-notch knowledge! It makes me feel good to know that I can always get expert help when I need it. I can trust the expertise of this team without much difficulty. I recommend Wealth Invest 24, you will definitely enjoy trading here! Trust me, this is the best broker!
  9. shahar
    February 28
    You will never get your money back
    I withdrew funds twice from the account in wealth invest 24 - the first time profit, the second time - the balance of the deposit and with huge losses. I don't recommend this service to anyone.
  10. 7New
    February 22
    Unfavorable conditions on the basic account
    I have already opened an account and I want to share my first impressions of working with this broker. The initial deposit starts from 1 dollar in WEALTH INVEST 24, but trading conditions on the basic tariff did not seem to me particularly favorable. The broker is more focused on large investors and offers favorable solutions for them, as well as access to profitable events and special venture promotions. However, to work on such accounts you need to deposit 5,000 USD. I haven't decided yet whether it's worth staying here, after all, I expected different conditions.
  11. ksncafx
    February 21
    You can earn on this platform
    Despite the rather high minimum deposit, I still registered an account with Wealth Invest 24. I didn't skimp and invested $5,000. I think this is more appropriate than starting trading with $10. When you invest a serious amount of money, you treat trading differently - you work according to the rules, observe all broker's conditions, treat trading as a business, not as a game. Starting with $5,000 allows traders to make money for a living. Although, it may not be enough for all your needs, but you can earn extra money, and if you reinvest your profits, that is, do not withdraw for some time, you can quickly increase the account to such a size that the interest is enough to live on. I have already reached $12,000 and I will continue to increase my deposit. I withdrew money several times, to the electronic wallet Skrill, it is a convenient way to use. In short, there are no problems with the withdrawal. The company pays honestly, you can immediately see that it is aimed at long-term cooperation with customers. I plan to invest here and further, as my trust in the project is justified. I recommend that you also try this way of earning money through investments, it is much more profitable for you than investing in bank deposits at low interest rates. Take advantage of such a favorable offer.
  12. Barrt
    February 9
    This is a usual cheap scam and stealing money!
    I traded on Wealth invest 24 without any problems and my balance was more than 8 thousand pounds. However, I lost my funds a week ago and it's still not clear to me what even happened, because at first my orders in XLM/USDT, XMR/USDT pairs as well as several others didn't work. After that my account was blocked by the administration, allegedly for some violations. But I did not violate anything, I did not install malware, I did not even "scalping". The scammers blocked my access to funds and that's all...
  13. firedemon
    February 9
    I don't want to take any risks
    It was hard for me not to notice all the loud advertising and promises that generously gave publications on the Internet about this company. But I decided not to go by these promises and to think before starting cooperation with this broker. What will happen if, for example, my money is stolen? I found and read reviews on third-party sites. What do wealthinvest24.com clients write, what do you think? Most of them were very dissatisfied and their comments are so negative that I didn't even want to risk investing even €10 in this platform. I think I'm not the only one who realized that there is dishonest service here.
  14. Paul
    February 5
    There are scammers here
    I have been trading on this site for about 3 months and that was enough time for me to realize who I am dealing with. I got a negative impression of this company so far. At first I was able to withdraw money without any problems, but one day this function was disabled :( The precursors of the problem were visible to me a month in advance, when the broker started to very delay withdrawal of funds and charge unreasonable commissions, but for some reason, I didn't catch up then. I still have 6,324 euros left in my account. The support does not respond to my claims, I do not know where to address...
  15. rcarmencit
    January 26
    I do not advise you to trust this broker
    Withdrawal works for a while on wealthinvest24.com and then your profile is closed and you lose access to your money... These crooks stole $28,560 from me this way. I can't find them and it's impossible to retrieve my funds here!!!

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