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Wealthpros365 claims to be registered in the UK and its head office is in London, but there is no documentary proof of this. Meanwhile, the broker positions itself as a major project with 4 awards for the best trading experience in 2021-2022. However, the firm does not disclose any information about the owners of the platform, the history of the project, or the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was only registered in February 2023. Finally, the company does not have an exact legal address and does not have a license.

Can you trust your funds to this company? Is there a danger of cooperation with the broker? We will analyze the work of this service and its legal documents, after which we will make a conclusion about its reliability and safety.

Trading Conditions

Wealthpros365 offers clients an author’s browser-based terminal and its mobile versions for Android and iOS. The platform supports such instruments as commodities, Forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. You can make transactions using bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, VISA, and cryptocurrency payments.

Spreads on the platform differ depending on the type of account, but the broker does not disclose specific points. Tariff plans are structured by the amount of the minimum deposit, each subsequent level includes a set of services of the previous one. You can choose from the following options:

  • Silver from $5,000 – over 200 tradable assets, leverage 1:100, Market Watch.
  • Gold from $10,000 – leverage 1:200, Responsible manager, Bonus Funds, Webinars monthly, Trading Signals, Financial Planning, Trading Room Analysis, Special Enterprise Promotions, Risk Management Planning.
  • Platinum from $50,000 – Webinars weekly, leverage 1:300.
  • VIP by Invitation Only – Access to lucrative VIP events, leverage 1:400, Private Analyst Sessions, Webinars Full Access.

Wealthpros365 charges fees on withdrawals but does not specify the amount. In addition, the company deducts 10% every month from your account if you have not traded for 3 months.

The liability of Wealthpros365 is limited to the amount of commissions received from the user for the last month. The broker states that it can shut down the site at any time and service can be denied to any client without any liability. 

The broker’s analytics is presented in the form of a ticker with current prices for popular currencies. There are no additional educational services on the site. You can use the online form to contact technical support.


Would investing in Wealthpros365 offer the best returns?

You should be extremely careful when considering cooperation with this company. You are more likely to lose money with high leverage, up to 1:400, which contradicts the norms of European authoritative regulators, allowing leverage of no more than 1:30. In addition, the broker claims about the platform could be shut down at any moment.

Does Wealthpros365 carry out withdrawals?

You are unlikely to be able to do this, as the broker will require you to provide additional information and documents. In addition, the company claims that it does not adhere to any time frame when withdrawing client's funds. Therefore, customer feedback is extremely negative. You can tell us about your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on wealthpros365.com?

Yes, the risk of fraud is high as the site has been around since 2023, and the owners of the company claim to have received the awards in 2021. As you know, the UK strictly regulates financial markets, especially when it comes to Forex and digital assets. However, this anonymous broker does not have the necessary FCA license or authorization to operate financially in this jurisdiction.

What's the best way to share my experience with Wealthpros365?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if wealthpros365.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about Wealthpros365

  1. Costas Papadakis
    February 28
    Error 404
    Η εταιρία είναι απάτη. Όταν θέλεις να πάρεις ένα ποσό σου ζητάνε να προκαταβάλεις τον φόρο 25% ενώ μπορούν να τον αφαιρέσουν από το κέρδος. Σου κλείνουν ξαφνικά την πλατφόρμα και θέλουν να τους δώσεις 1000 ευρώ για να την επαναφέρουν. Κάθε φορά που επικοινωνείς με τον εκπρόσωπο, σου ζητά να καταθέσεις και άλλα χρήματα. Συμπέρασμα: Είναι απάτη και καθαρός εκβιασμός. Μην πλησιάζετε.
  2. grey angel
    November 8
    There is no earnings here
    After my personal trading in Wealthpros365, I can assure you that there are no earnings here. To be more precise, I have earned about 3,000 pounds, but I am not able to withdraw money from here. Why did this happen? Nobody knows that even the tech support is not going to answer my questions. I've already tried every method of contact, everything is pointless. I am now wondering who I should contact, and it is unclear to me as there is no such legal entity on the UK register. I was scammed by the owners of this site, but their names are unknown, so I am showing you a direct example by my actions of how not to do things.
  3. Alana
    September 17
    Rascals do not withdraw money
    It's been a week since I submitted my withdrawal request. I asked for only 500$. Today I got a call from the Wealthpros365 tech support operator and he said that he accidentally deleted my request, he asked me to create another request, and again a new countdown of the days of the week starts. Rascals are messing with me and they are not shy ....
  4. Hy
    September 15
    The company will ruin you in 3 days!!!
    I did not consider the large deposit size to be a disadvantage, I thought that this way wealthpros365.com would get rid of poor, uneducated traders who deposit 10 dollars and then write negative reviews everywhere. In fact, it is a fraudulent firm! I was convinced of this when my account with 6 thousand euros was blocked for unknown reasons!!!
  5. nick
    September 6
    Advantages and disadvantages
    From the primary pros, that were at the beginning, after my registration, I would like to note the availability of margin trading with good leverage, there is analytical information and preliminary forecasts on the asset from well-known international banks and competitors. I can also attribute to the advantages the presence of successful operational technical support, which can respond in any format convenient for you. From the minuses: there is no PAMM trading, account protection is poorly developed, and the broker does not even have face recognition authentication, such companies, in my opinion, should have such means of client protection. I no longer trade with this broker, and the service has changed in recent months for the worse, although before that I worked 3 months at wealthpros365.com comfortably, and the profit was always paid to me, of course, there were delays, but the money eventually came. And now the broker just slipped to a lower level: there are very few lots, commissions have increased, and delays in withdrawal have become a common practice, I give the service 3 points because still, I did not see any critical minuses, in general, the company was initially decent.
  6. krasyaros
    September 4
    I have a negative attitude to the work of the broker
    Wealthpros365 declares‌ withdrawal of money in an average of 3 days. I applied 10 days ago, but the withdrawal of money has not been made!!! MY PETITION remained unanswered!!! The management of the company is inactive!!! You make a conclusion about the work of the broker yourself!!!
  7. Ramzes
    August 27
    I do not recommend it! You will not get your money back!
    At first it seemed to me that this was a good and serious broker. I asked all my questions through the online form, where I indicated my phone number. I quickly received comprehensive answers and no one called me and persuaded me to deposit money. I made a deposit of $12,000, traded successfully for a month. As soon as I decided to withdraw the money, problems started... I wrote letters to the official address [email protected], but no answer! I wrote 6 times within 3 weeks. My money is still in the broker's account and there is no response to my withdrawal request.
  8. oxeeze
    August 18
    I saw a lot of pluses on the site
    There is a large selection of currencies for deposit, there is a good list of trading assets. The platform is stable on PC and smartphone, spreads are low, I can say that beginners can hone their skills here and learn a lot. I am only confused by the large minimum deposit, and orders are executed quickly enough and without slippage. Registration goes without any problems, everything is clear and accessible on the site. So far, Wealthpros365 remains my favorite. I like to earn on this terminal most of all trading crypto, because here is a very fast withdrawal of money: usually, after half an hour I have my earnings in my wallet. There are not many digital assets, but I would call the fees adequate. The broker treats clients well and constantly allows you to use one or another incentive with bonuses. As for the verification at withdrawal, it is complicated and serious. I give it 4 points and recommend the resource to everyone.
  9. Pros
    July 17
    Fraudulent platform
    I judge the service by my experience of interaction. If you want to do charity, then verify on Wealthpros365 and start trading. You can make money on any instrument, of which there are plenty here :) I can say that the charts and forecasts on this platform are honest and if you don't know much about trading, you will get to the plus side pretty quickly (trades are made on weekends and at night). Amounts for withdrawal are collected quite quickly. And now I'll tell you the most interesting thing: as soon as you put any amount for withdrawal, your account is blocked and tech support stops responding. You will not know where to look for help. This company legally does not exist! I do not understand how they work without documents :( and how they provide normal conditions for trading, everything they have functions perfectly, but as soon as you make a request for withdrawal, the friendship of the broker with you ends. I was personally just blocked with a deposit of 17 thousand euros. It turned out to be useless to look for protection. The firm, as it turned out, does not exist and is not regulated by anyone.
  10. tasvz
    July 13
    Terminal is not very functional
    The broker offers only popular currencies for trading, trading conditions are not very favorable for clients. I did not find clear guarantees of deposit security, support service is available mainly only by email, there is no live chat, and this is with such large minimum deposits! The only plus is that Wealthpros offers a maximum leverage of 1:400, so I decided to try to work, but I'm not ready to make a conclusion about the reliability of the site yet.
  11. break4
    June 27
    The lure, bait scammers
    Managers help you ‌drain your deposit in an accelerated manner, I know this 100%, as I lost about 32 thousand pounds here! I can give you screenshots of working with Wealthpros365 if you are interested.
  12. mcsik
    June 19
    I'm just having fun, but I have the means to do so
    This broker drains clients' money in a brazen way. I wrote emails to wealthpros365 but I didn't get any intelligible answers. It's good that for me 5.000$ is not a significant amount and I did not initially count on a big profit. In the end, I just played on forex with a false broker 😀 I had free money to play, i.e. I don't need earnings 😎
  13. IRriver
    June 11
    I closed my account
    I decided to leave this company for the reason that all the employees had only one goal, just so I would deposit more money. When I ask the counselors to help me figure out a problem, they help me a little bit, but then immediately tell me that I need to add a deposit to earn more. And this happens all the time, as soon as I talk to them, they immediately tell me to deposit more money. I'm sick of it. Also, the commissions became terribly high, so I have not tolerated such insolence. I took my money with difficulty, and the broker tortured me for two weeks, even once I was denied a withdrawal, but still returned my savings. I recommend you forget about this broker if you don't want to deal with such an annoying attitude of employees and all the problems with withdrawal.
  14. Helena
    March 3
    You should think a thousand times before contacting this fake company!!!! Please think about it, if you have already decided to deposit money to the account Wealthpros365, NO ONE WILL RETURN YOUR MONEY! You will be deceived and you will suffer and think that life has stopped... Please don't make the same mistakes as me, then I believed in advertising and deposited 6,000 USDT. These scammers stole all my money, they drained it little by little for a month and now they are actively looking for new victims again! Friends, pay attention to my warning!

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