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The site is operated by WeFinancial, which does not disclose any legal information or address. However, the Anti-Money Laundering Policy section states that billing and clearing are governed by the laws of the Grenadines and St. Vincent. Meanwhile, the Bonus Policy states that all disputes are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. In addition, the broker informs that it cannot work with residents of the USA and some other countries. Finally, we did not find any data about the platform’s creation date. As for the domain, it has been operating since 2017.

Trading Conditions

Brokerage service is available to clients on desktop computers and in mobile applications for smartphones. Trading is possible on WeFinancial’s own platform. To get started, you need to register and confirm your identity, including the KYC process via video or audio conference.

The broker offers 6 types of accounts differing in leverage size, withdrawal procedure, number of accesses to arbitrage, webinars, and other parameters. Trading accounts sorted by minimum deposit:

  1. Trail – $250
  2. Secondary Income – $10,000
  3. Managed Portfolio – $50,000
  4. Retirement – $100,000
  5. Heritage – $250,000
  6. VIP – $500,000

Clients can use credit cards, e-wallets (EFT, APM), and bank transfers for payments. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

WeFinancial warns in the client agreement that it is not responsible for any losses and damages to users. And the client also agrees that if they have not conducted any transaction for 30 consecutive days, then their account will be automatically charged a $99 fee for each such period.

The site has an electronic library of 12 books, which provide information on Forex and CFD trading as well as describe strategies. In addition, there is a Glossary section with explanations of trading terms. There is also a News page, but it is not filled with content.


Would investing in WeFinancial offer the best returns?

Cooperation with the broker is likely to result in a loss of funds rather than a gain. This is risky CFD trading on an unknown platform, at least as evidenced by their contradictory information about the jurisdiction to which the client can apply for the protection of their rights.

Does WeFinancial carry out withdrawals?

We have analyzed the information on the website and reviews about the broker, which show the lack of guarantees about withdrawals. You can share your own trading experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on wefinancial.io?

The risk of fraud on this site is quite high. The financial company does not have a license, the site is very poorly filled with information, and clients are even warned about the risks of wrongful deposit withdrawal. In addition, the company has no mechanism to protect traders’ interests.

What's the best way to share my experience with WeFinancial?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if WeFinancial is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about WeFinancial

  1. Tyler
    November 16
    Beware Investors
    I too, fell victim to their deceptive tactics due to my lack of experience in dealing with scammers. Prior to this, I had always traded on platforms that delivered on their promises. However, WeFinancial took a different route. They not only failed to honor their commitments but also went so far as to block my account, holding $80,000 hostage.

    I feel compelled to warn others against placing their trust in WeFinancial. While their services may appear too good to be true, the reality is that they are. I am currently in the process of attempting to recover my funds through ******, a firm dedicated to helping victims of scams like this.

    Ultimately, the choice of whether to engage with this broker is yours. However, based on my challenging experience, I would strongly advise against opening an account with WeFinancial. Learn from my ordeal, exercise caution, and conduct thorough research when it comes to managing your finances.
  2. Steve
    October 24
    They stole everything I had. DO NOT INVEST WITH THIS PUTRID COMPANY.
    Had a considerable amount invested and they lost the lot on a 'bad trade'. A trade that should have made profit by the way, but treated me like I didn't know what I was talking about and cleaned out my account. Then had the nerve to claim they could recover my funds if I deposited more funds. Ruthless fraudsters nothing more. DO NOT GIVE THEM A CENT PLEASE
  3. nickot
    July 21
    You will deposit money into their platform and say goodbye to them forever. Withdrawing from the deposit will be impossible, services will not work.
  4. Margenta
    July 17
    The broker provides fake information about itself
    Usually, before starting a cooperation with a broker, I always read reviews about it. But in the case of this project, I did not find any real customer reviews at all. This is already a serious sign for a company that supposedly works on the market very successfully. Well, I decided to check the information about We Financial on my own. And pretty quickly confirmed my guesses. Literally, everything that this company writes about itself on its website is fake. I did not find any confirming information about the license and regulations. And the experience of the exchange on the site is not specified. The conclusion is simple - it is just another forex-scam, which simply deceives traders and steals their money.
  5. frol
    July 12
    Decent and reliable platform
    I am satisfied with all trading conditions, spreads are among the lowest, and I have not noticed any problems with the withdrawal of honestly earned profit. There are minor drawbacks, but everyone has them.
  6. sassss
    July 10
    Here they are trying to swindle money from you :(
  7. Joseph
    July 9
    Common scammers
    Another platform, which not only covers itself with serious checks of its clients but also cheats traders extremely cynically. To make you understand, I am a client of wefinancial. And I know how everything is organized there from the inside. Moreover, the site itself periodically adds problems for clients. These brazen swindlers have nothing in common with normal brokers. Well, think about it - where are they registered? Do they have offices in Grenadines, in the Republic of Estonia, or in St. Vincent? Really? And no one has checked this? And this is despite the fact that they have no regulator, no license. What kind of fools are these things designed for? I believed in their promises because I had no experience with scammers. I have always traded on platforms that fulfill their promises. Yes, that's what a lot of traders do these days. Anyway, I fell for the tricks and wefinancial turned out to be organized by common scammers and blocked my account with $3000. In general, look for yourself - I warned, they have no license or regulator, and they offer very dubious services, hiding behind beautiful words. Whether it is worth investing money in this company or not - it is up to you to decide. And I do not advise anyone to open an account with this broker.
  8. Davis
    July 3
    I can't withdraw my money
    I don't know why I even registered on this trading platform. After all, everything would have become immediately obvious if I had paid more attention to the details. Now I can confidently say that this company is a fraudulent one. It is impossible to withdraw money from here. A month ago I created a request for withdrawal of funds, and I have not received anything. And no one from the representatives of the exchange is in touch with me. That's how it is. They advertise themselves well, but in the end, the client trader gets absolutely nothing. And there are probably a lot of victims like me in We Financial. That's why I'm writing this review now so that other people know that this broker steals people's money. Basically, all WeFinancial does is blatantly and brazenly embezzle deposits.
  9. MarioW
    July 1
    Always you will get support!
    I have been using the services of this broker for a long time and I can confidently say that their customer support is top notch. I always get quick and useful answers to my questions ;) This is very important for me - to feel that there is help around while trading!!!!
  10. Stablerich
    June 27
    Low quality of service wefinancial.io
    This broker offers some unknown platform of low technical quality for trading. Do not believe in empty promises! You will simply be cheated and your money will be stolen!
  11. Gamm
    June 20
    Earned money will not be returned
    Money is not returned, they say something incomprehensible... it is not profitable for them to withdraw money... sorry....
  12. Aoden
    June 20
    The company is excellent
    If I doubted the honesty of the company, I would not cooperate with it. I never invest money without checking the reliability of the broker and I always try to work only with trusted platforms. With WeFinancial I found a good broker who is ready to solve with me all questions and any problems that may arise during trading. They have more than adequate protection against negative balance, plus a lot of assets to trade. WeFinancial has everything you need if you want to increase your deposit as soon as possible and reach a decent level of income. I will also say that the speed of withdrawing money to a bank account is amazing, not like some other brokers. So the conditions are great.
  13. mila
    June 17
    Think very well before you register on wefinancial.io
    The thing is that Forex has no verifiable quotes or volumes. The trades are designed for luck. It's a pity that I realized it too late. Do not get in touch with this forex exchange. There are normal brokers, whose profit is less, but it remains in your assets all the time.
  14. Edith Wright
    June 17
    I am afraid of losing money
    I am hesitant to open an account with this company yet. Although I have spent a lot of time studying Forex, as well as other assets, from stocks to crypto. But unfortunately, I have already lost money once, when I invested in a company with digital assets, which turned out to be fraudulent. So now I can not decide to start trading on WeFinancial, because my fear remains. Although the firm offers attractive conditions. But I still can not make a decision that will help me to further advance in the financial market and earn good profits.
  15. zarm
    June 16
    Managers are capable of deceiving any client
    When registering on the site, I specified my phone number, but I did not make a deposit. After that, managers called me a lot and persuaded me to replenish my account. And finally, they managed to persuade me. They are excellent psychologists, they know how to convince their clients. They lured me in with all sorts of additional gifts in the form of bonuses and good trading conditions. But the problem was that as soon as I funded my account here, it was instantly blocked. And there was no longer such a great desire of managers to talk to me - they simply stopped even answering letters. Even now I realize that I was very easily caught by the usual swindlers. But at the moment of calls from wefinancial managers, I could not understand their deceitfulness. I hope people who read my review will be more careful and never trust their money to wefinancial.
  16. manager
    June 13
    This is a very sophisticated scam
    I traded with an analyst, and he simply bankrupted me in a few days, and after another loss, he asked me to add money to my account again. When I had nothing to add, the analyst said that no one can guarantee profit on the currency market and disappeared. There was a terribly negative residue from this scam and I can leave only negative feedback about it. Be careful, and better yet, do not go to these forex exchanges!

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