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The site is owned and operated by Cyprus-based WeOnMarket Limited, which has allegedly been operating for 30 years and won 5 awards in 2020, including “Best Trading Platform” from London Summit. In addition, the forex broker claims to have two licenses, but does not publish scans of them. As for the domain, it was only registered in February 2024.

What is known about this intermediary and is it safe to trade on this platform? Let’s find out by reviewing the technical parameters and legal documents of the brokerage company.

Trading Conditions

WeOnMarket gives clients access to over 2,100 assets for trading. You can choose an account from the following offers:

  • Student from €250 – spread 3, trade size from 0.01.
  • Standard from €5,000 – spread 2, trade size from 0.1.
  • Islamic from €10,000 – spread 3, trade size from 0.5.
  • Investor from €100,000 – spread 1.7, deal size 0.5.
  • VIP $500,000 – PAMM account, trade size from 1, spread 1.7.
  • VIP Platinum from $1,000,000 – trade size from 5, leverage 1:5.

The bonus policy of the company provides a welcome bonus (100% on deposit).

WeOnMarket can execute an order on behalf of a client outside the regulated market and MTF.

The broker offers video training on the basics of CFD trading, the website has the latest trading news.


Would investing in WeOnMarket offer the best returns?

CFD trading is associated with increased risk, and in case of cooperation with the anonymous owner of this platform, your probability of earning a profit tends to be zero. You are more likely to lose your own funds than to make a profit on this unstable terminal.

Does WeOnMarket carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the documents showed that the broker declines responsibility for the loss of money by users. Clients complain about this service, which refuses to return their money without any reasons. Share your experience and what qualities you found in the project.

May I be scammed on weonmarket.com?

Yes, we have suspicions of fraud. We found a discrepancy in the information on the site with what is there. For example, representatives of the service often declare their achievements in 2020, even though the domain was created only in February 2024. In addition, the presence of licenses is not documented, and the cheap template interface does not match the image of a solid company.

What's the best way to share my experience with weonmarket.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: FCA
Leverage: 1:5
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 108$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

7 reviews about WeOnMarket

  1. Zain
    April 3
    Tech support didn't help me ‌understand
    I opened an account at weonmarket.com, but before depositing my money, I decided to practice on a demo account. Not a single stop loss worked for me. Since a demo account doesn't require real money, I experimented for a long time. I put super large stop losses at €35 of price movement. What was the result? My order always closed on the market. Tech support wrote about slippage, explaining the situation by saying that my stop losses were too short. Okay, then I decided to test this hypothesis. I opened a short on gold. The opening price was €2,070 and the stop loss was €2,090. Closing price (at market!!!, not at my stop) - €2,075. And the support started to explain to me about slippages again. Traders recommended this broker weonmarket as a very good one. And now I characterize this service as the most unpleasant. Support does not help a beginner, and does not explain anything. I saw the standard phrases that the operators do not understand my questions and that I am wrong.
  2. Yuriku
    April 1
    This is the worst company
    I have never seen a more disgusting broker, this is the most vile intermediary I have ever met :( Managers never initially give a price to open and close an order, but always wait until the price goes against the trader and only then execute the order. I lost my 3,200 dollars on weonmarket.com, first I made 76 dollars trading cryptocurrencies and then I lost it all in 3 days, this terminal was constantly glitching, I couldn't close a trade and then it completely shut down, support operators don't know anything! I found out now what a "great" broker it is!
  3. Michail-FOG
    March 24
    I don't get a deposit withdrawal
    I regretted a thousand times that I got in touch with this company. And all because I opened an account about a month ago, and immediately topped up it with real money. I made a couple of small trades and then made a forced pause for a week. I had no time to trade and decided to withdraw the money back to my own bank card. I confirmed all the details during verification, so I thought there shouldn't have been any problems However, weonmarket doesn't withdraw my money, I've been trying to get it back for three weeks now. Managers started talking about the bonus account and the need to fulfill the conditions on the volume of transactions, although I do not remember that I agreed to use the bonus. And although the deposit amount of 458 euros is not very significant for me, I am not ready to give it to someone. I advise you to think 10 times before trading with this broker.
  4. Oven
    March 18
    My cooperation did not work out
    I deposited a small amount of money, €120, but the requotes and slippages made me sick! the broker does not withdraw the remaining money, €73 - operators come up with ridiculous excuses and take all my funds.
  5. president
    March 10
    I didn't need to trust this broker
    Weonmarket confirmed my worst fears, it is a scam. My account was blocked and I lost 3,460 USD. This news was a real blow to my emotional state. I feel a deep emptiness and disappointment. How could the admins do this to me?! I did everything honestly from my side!
  6. staw
    March 10
    Service works well
    Convenient platform for forex trading, the conditions are suitable for me, plus I'm more or less doing well :) I have earned more than 1,700 dollars on metals since the beginning of February, my first request in WeOnMarket was processed in 3 hours, and two more days I waited for the money to come to my card. The terminal works well at night. I have not tried intraday trading, so I can't say anything about it, but pending orders work clearly. My communication with support operators was pleasant and businesslike. I think that everyone will like this service, my overall impression is very good and I think I will continue to work with this broker.
  7. suomer
    February 23
    Do not believe in the honesty of this broker
    I read reviews online and mostly they were all positive at that time, so I decided to choose this company. Yes, the conditions of the demo account are perfect - the platform works without slips, without fudging the chart and without server crashes. However, when I deposited $400, then began incredible failures and constant technical problems, there were regular server restarts and slippages, which began to "tear down" all the profits. Technical support answers not very intelligently to my requests, writing off everything on the error of the software, but I do not understand why WeOnMarket is so indifferent to its customers!!!

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