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The site is owned and operated by WilsonPartner LTD, which claims to be regulated in the United States (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). In addition, the broker indicates the main office in the offshore zone of the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is worth noting that the website has photos of the project founder Howard Wilson and 6 team members, as well as logos of partners – well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. As for ‌history, the company boasts 5 awards received since 2018, although its domain was registered only in November 2023. Should you trust such a platform? We will conclude its reliability after reviewing the project.

Trading Conditions

WilsonPartner offers clients an authoring platform.. The terminal is available for PCs, as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The company specifies the amount of leverage in the description of each asset class. The broker provides trading with the following investor equity to leverage ratios: Commodities 1:200, Equities 1:20, Cannabis 1:20, ETFs, Indices 1:50, Moscow Exchange 1:20, Cryptocurrency 1:100, Forex 1:200. Methods by which you can deposit/withdraw funds from your account include credit/debit card, Qiwi, Webmoney, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin.

The broker has 5 classic rates and 1 Islamic trading account type in its portfolio. You can choose a set of services for your budget from the following options:

  • Student from €250 – Minimum Trade Size 0.01, Spread 3, Additional: 3 training sessions “How to use trading indicators”, Consultation: twice a week.
  • Standard from €5,000 – Minimum Trade Size 0,1, Spread 2, Additional: 3 trainings “How to use trading indicators”, Consultation: twice a week.
  • Islamic from €10,000 – Trading which does not contradict the Sharia!, No commissions, hidden interest and penalties, Minimum Trade Size 0.5, Spread 3.
  • Investor from €100,000 – Minimum Trade Size 0.5, Spread 1.7, PAMM account, Dealer Mode, Consultation: 4 times a week, – Additional: two-week training “How to use trading indicators”, Dealer Mode.
  • VIP €500,000 – Minimum Trade Size 1, Spread 1.7, PAMM account, Dealer Mode, Consultation: 4 times a week, Personal trading strategies are developed for owners of this type of trading account, PAMM account, Dealer Mode, Investment protection fund.
  • VIP Platinum from €1,000,000 – Minimum Trade Size 5, Spread 1, PAMM account, Dealer Mode, 24/5 support by a personal analyst, Personalized daily market analysis, Leverage for trading on cryptocurrency 1:5.

Each client receives protection in the Investment Protection Fund. Dealer Mode allows the user to open trades online, and PAMM – to duplicate trades of other experienced traders. WilsonPartner bonus program includes No Deposit, Welcome, Insurance, and Standard bonus. The company may change the terms and conditions of the bonus promotion without prior notice to clients.

WilsonPartner has the right to suspend or permanently disable a customer’s ability to use any service. You will not receive an explanation or prior notice of blocking if the company deems it appropriate.

The broker provides signals and analytics, but only to registered users according to their account level. The Academy section has a Glossary and Skype training, a collection of trading training videos, and 3 educational programs.


Would investing in WilsonPartner offer the best returns?

The company likely belongs to such trading platforms, where only its creators earn money and clients lose their deposits. This is indicated by non-transparent trading conditions and CFD trading, which is banned in the USA due to huge risks for traders.

Does WilsonPartner carry out withdrawals?

Our review of the services points to the fact that the broker can manipulate the declared parameters of the terminal and block the client's accounts without warning. Users complain in reviews that they have problems from the moment when they need to withdraw money. If you have managed to invest your funds here, please share your results of cooperation.

May I be scammed on wilsonpartner.com?

We found out that this site is risky for investors. This resource reeks of deception, as the age of the domain is not even half a year, and the broker claims to be working for many years. The publication of awards images is implausible, as the company does not show licenses and certificates of registration.

What's the best way to share my experience with the broker?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: SEC
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 270$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about WilsonPartner

  1. angel
    March 2
    Long withdrawals
    When I made a withdrawal for the first time, it took 7 days to verify the documents, and it happened because the administrators could not explain clearly what documents should be sent to confirm my account, so it took me 2 weeks to withdraw 425 euros from my account.
  2. Zotin
    February 10
    It's a scam company
    I warn you against cooperating with these crooks. I was doing great, earning profits and getting good signals from other traders and analyst help, but luck was with me as long as I kept funding my trading account. However, when I applied for the withdrawal of all my money, the manager started demanding me to pay some fines and found many other different reasons just not to withdraw my funds. I have been trying to get my money back from Wilsonpartner for almost a month now, but it's very problematic. The broker is not regulated, as I have learned now, they are scammers.
  3. Tmist
    January 31
    Bonuses cause problems
    If you agree to take the bonuses, then get ready for withdrawal difficulties. This does not mean, of course, that no one will give you your money, but the procedure will take longer than 3-5 working days. Accrued bonuses and unrealised turnover become the only reason why you will not be allowed to withdraw some of your money, according to the terms and conditions, you will be able to do so only after making trades of 1500 pips on currencies. Otherwise I am absolutely satisfied with everything. You can choose a tariff from 6 account types, wilsonpartner has very useful training tools and videos. Overall, the broker is reliable.
  4. Linkor
    January 29
    My account was blocked, they are fraudsters
    The scammers must be brought to justice!!! I lost over $12,000 due to their false promises and manipulations. This is pure theft! I will seek justice and demand compensation. They can't just take my money and not be punished for it!
  5. r4ng3r
    January 27
    The customer service is disgusting
    I was particularly disappointed with the financial counsellors. The trading conditions at wilsonpartner.com attracted me and I opened an Islamic account with a $15k deposit. I made good money on such a large deposit. The market was showing growth and I successfully closed trades with high profit. I decided not to risk my money and withdraw it at once... but that's where my problems started. For some reason, the broker wrote off almost all of my profit. I sent a request to the support service and the consultants told me that trading rules were violated. Nonsense! That's it! I will not stay here for any reason!
  6. sedo
    January 25
    My money was stolen...
    I've always been dubious of companies like this, but I decided to give this broker a chance. And yet, my worst fears were confirmed. As soon as it came to the withdrawal of funds, Wilson Partner operators started to ignore my requests, and then I could not log in to my profile. All my attempts to contact tech support were unsuccessful. I lost my money and got another confirmation that you should not trust anyone in this world.
  7. Islamel naggar
    January 25
    The company does not have a license
    I invested an additional 13.5K euros when the broker offered me tempting bonuses to top up my balance. However, two weeks after that my account was blocked for no reason and I realized I was a victim of fraud :( I contacted lawyers but it turned out that this company doesn't exist in the legal sense and I can't get anything from the anonymous founders... I should have checked all licenses at once!!!
  8. bottys
    January 16
    Unstable platform
    I found out about this broker from customer reviews on the internet, then I decided to withdraw money from bank deposits and try to multiply my capital on my own, only now I saw that all reviews were surprisingly positive, and they were written in December 2023, but at that time aggressive advertising did its job and I decided to invest the whole amount of €18,000 in this project under the guarantee of working signals and providing trading strategies, but this trading platform turned out to be very unstable, here lags and software crashes happen all the time and no admin is able to fix this situation, I lost most of my deposit due to these software problems in just 2 months ...
  9. Shiguz
    January 16
    Deception with spreads
    The company promises one thing on the wilsonpartner.com website, but on the terminal I saw another one. In short, it is a scam to steal money. I will not recommend this site ever and to anyone. I drained 652 euros in a week, because I fell into the trap, and I would like to warn other traders...
  10. xar
    January 12
    Horrible attitude towards traders
    I tried out my new crypto trading strategy on several pairs, but the broker Wilsonpartner kept introducing additional commissions that were not agreed upon in advance. This caused me to lose most of my profits, leaving me with a loss of about 850 USD. I contacted the managers but received only formal replies. I saw a complete disregard for the interests of customers!
  11. karma
    January 8
    Good conditions and competent team
    This resource has become a great place for my trading of the most famous stocks, I also sometimes successfully trade gold and oil. The service functions at the highest level, each trading section is sufficiently developed and I can use all the functions of the terminal with comfort. I like the excellent analytics, I can always find out the latest news. The courses for inexperienced traders are not bad. I have a sense of respect for the creators of wilsonpartner.com, they keep a high bar of service and constantly manage to update all programs. I trade with this broker with great pleasure and every day I learn more and more professional secrets from the world of trading. I'm also pleased that there is no commission on the deposit/withdrawal of funds, there are low spreads, well readable charts, indicators, and a lot of additional services that make my trading easier. I think that the value of any brokerage company lies not only in the favorable conditions it offers to its clients, but one of its most valuable assets is the competent and friendly staff working at here, which makes the broker's services even better. I was fortunate to work with an analyst like William Sagal👍 If all other specialists will be as effective in helping clients as he is, the company will prosper for a long time to cope with all new challenges.
  12. Valery Boklo
    December 31
    Reliable service
    If you are looking for a new way to invest and make money in forex, check out this site. A small deposit amount is required to start trading, the platform is safe and secure. The broker has a relatively new team, I have been working with WilsonPartner since 2019 and had time to understand all the advantages of the terminal, and in the end, I'm satisfied with the cooperation. Firstly, the managers fulfil all their obligations to the prescribed standards and you can learn a lot of new things from them and learn unique trading strategies. Secondly, this broker has good analytics and more accurate forecasts than other companies. From my experience, I can say that the broker never violates the withdrawal deadlines of my earned money! Reviews about the broker now overflow many forums, and mostly they are all positive. I believe that this one is currently one of the most adequate platforms for trading CFD such as cannabis and digital currency.

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