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Wiolin claims to be managed by Finplus Capital Ltd. with its registered office in the Comoros Islands. In addition, the company informs about its representative office in Australia. It is worth noting that the owners of the site indicate the number of the brokerage license, but they prefer not to disclose the history of the project and the date of its launch. As for the domain, it was registered in April 2020 and updated in August 2023.

Is the company a bona fide partner or should you not trust it with your money? We will answer the questions after reviewing this service.

Trading Conditions

Wiolin offers clients its intelligent platform with more than 500 tradable assets. You will find different types of charts and timeframes, ultra-fast execution, and a variety of market orders on the terminal. However, you are unlikely to see any advantages in this Forex and CFD trading resource.

Wiolin provides clients with a choice of 6 account types, which differ in the minimum deposit amount and almost no differences in the set of services. The tariffs are ranked in the following order:

  • Starter, from $1,000 – 0.01 Min. Lot Size, Islamic Account.
  • Classic from $2,500 – Account Manager.
  • Intermediate from $5,000 – Economic News.
  • Advanced from $10,000 – Technical Analysis.
  • Ultimate from $50,000 – 24/7 specialized support.
  • VIP from $100,000 – Fixed Price.

Wiolin employees were unable to formulate specific details that should be included in the trading plans. According to the Terms of Use, the broker promises to accept deposits via wire transfers, VISA/MasterCard, and cryptocurrency.

Wiolin does not specify in its Terms and Conditions the procedure for resolving a dispute with a client with a regulator or courts of any jurisdiction. Meanwhile, the 

Complaint & Dispute Policy stipulates the user’s financial liability for damage to the company’s reputation, with fines for violations ranging from $1,000.00 to $500,000.

Analytics is presented on the website in the form of a ticker with the current price of BTC/USD and some others. Wiolin publishes news from the world of finance, release dates or events in the economic calendar, and expiration dates of futures contracts traded by clients. Dedicated tech support is available to you in the form of online chat.


Would investing in Wiolin offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that you will make money with this company that has not provided transparent information about trading conditions. In addition, the vast majority of traders lose all their capital when trading CFDs, even with honest brokers.

Does Wiolin carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the company's documents and feedback from real clients indicates problems with withdrawals. Please leave a comment if you have experience trading on this platform.

May I be scammed on wiolin.com?

There is a risk of fraud on this site, as evidenced by the lack of certificates and scans of documents about the company's registration and licenses. Moreover, the broker hides information about the history of the project and its owners. Very cheap website design and simultaneously high minimum deposit size are also signs of possible scams.

What's the best way to share my experience with wiolin.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: other
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 1000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about Wiolin

  1. sharen
    February 13
    Another scam project!!!
    I experienced the activity of this company, which is registered in Comoros. Offshore dumps only steal money and nothing more. I learned from my own experience that if a company is offshore and has a license, it does not mean that the broker is doing the right, honest activity. No! Wiolin won't let me withdraw my money 3,658 euros! Tech support can't solve my problem!
  2. gulivator
    January 21
    I don't have a clear opinion
    I can't say specifically positive or negative about this service. I have been trading on wiolin for a short time and I observe: what are the pros and cons of this broker. I will highlight the advantages that it is safe to invest here: - there's a license, there are a lot of instruments. Disadvantages: managers call often, and they want me to replenish my account even more, also here it is worth attributing the poor work of technical support, which seems to be unable to cope with the flow of requests from clients.
  3. mmgsan
    January 17
    It's impossible to trade here
    I can't say anything good about this company. The conditions aren't the most favorable in the market, but despite the opacity of the tariffs, I still opened an account in wiolin with the hope of good work of the trading platform. But... I was not happy with the quality of trading. I didn't stay here for a long time, in two weeks I drained my deposit of $1,200 and said goodbye to this service.
  4. Ihab Badran
    January 15
    The company is reluctant to withdraw funds
    I solved the problem with the long withdrawal of funds - every time I send a withdrawal request, I attach a photo of myself taken against the background of a calendar. This technique reduces ‌withdrawal time from one week to 24 hours 😀
  5. Marko
    January 2
    The service works honestly
    I'm satisfied with the company in all respects, the staff is positive. I have been trading for a very long time on wiolin.com, and almost always with a profit. The broker is reliable, I gladly recommend this site to friends and acquaintances!
  6. Soloman
    December 30
    The broker is getting worse and worse every day
    The broker works sloppily, I noticed problems that are becoming more and more apparent every day. First of all, the technical support service began to answer very long, it's almost impossible to get through to it now. If you have a problem, you have to wait sometimes several hours for a response from the support team. Secondly, order execution is getting worse and worse :( There are a lot of requotes, spreads also increase frequently, and slippages have become constant. Stop-loss is knocked down in almost every deal, and at the worst price, not at the price at which the order was placed. Thirdly, delays began with the withdrawal of funds. Managers ask me to leave the deposit, they promise a big profit if I don't withdraw, and they say that some cool news is coming out soon, on which 100% you can make a cool profit. I have listed the main drawbacks, the whole service deteriorates over time in this company :( You will have to decide, of course, whether to trade here or not. But I left wiolin because the broker is slowly slipping into the scam and I felt that my money is in danger.
  7. pidgu
    December 25
    I did not open an account
    Very few cryptocurrencies to trade, one can say that there are no new tokens at all. It's inconvenient. I like to trade crypto but with this broker crypto trading is impossible.
  8. xsoo
    December 12
    I'm not satisfied with the terminal performance
    I registered an account on this site back in the fall, and then I realized that trading here is not real, as transactions are not withdrawn to interbank liquidity, STP, ECN, and NDD technologies are absent. That is, your money is circulating within this company. And this leads to a conflict of interests because if you win, you take money away from the company. Accordingly, the broker's earnings are your loss. That's why I kept losing my deposit and I have less than 0.33 BTC left from 1.2 bitcoins, which is almost 14k dollars, and I can't even withdraw them for two months. So I started to look into the regulation and realized that the brokerage firm has no license, that's why it becomes quite logical that the company works as if it is profitable only for its owners, and the clients will always lose. I found information that wiolin is involved in quote manipulation, managers run lags, there are requotes, and there are large slippages that supposedly "accidentally" hit your stop loss. They knowingly teach you not how to earn, but how to drain your money. Everything related to this broker - everything has a negative connotation. An unscrupulous broker seeks to transfer the largest amount of money from our pockets to its own, that's all. That's why managers are constantly working with you in the direction of increasing your deposit. It turns out that 95% of all brokerage companies work this way now. I was a newbie when I got involved with this company, that's why I was so surprised and disappointed in its performance.
  9. Nico
    November 28
    Manipulators and deceivers
    The broker is not officially registered, and the company has no license. All activities of this pseudo project are illegal, I checked it before investing money in a new account. The owners of the site claim that they have registered the brand in Comoros and that wiolin operates under license HY00623403. I know what licenses are issued by the financial regulator MISA in Mwali. However, their registry does not show this firm or this license number. I will note that brokerage license numbers usually start with the letter "T", they have a different format and have a different number of digits. Now let's look at a domain that was registered 4 years ago in 2020. The web archive shows that this domain was put up for sale. Activity did not start on wiolin.com until August 2023. I don't see anything wrong with the fact that this project has been operating for a while, but if a non-existent license number and address of an unregistered broker are listed, there are clear signs of a scam.
  10. bulat
    November 25
    Stable income
    Tech support is prompt, there are no hidden withdrawal fees, but the website wiolin.com is certainly not informative. You need to register and talk on the phone with a personal analyst to find out all the trading conditions. Why all this??! The administration could have posted information about spreads and trading accounts on the site in free access. Another disadvantage is the minimum deposit of 1,000 dollars. All other functions of the terminal suit me, I earn 700 euros a week on average and I think that in general, it is profitable to cooperate with this company.
  11. Zoksana
    October 18
    There's fraud
    Hi everyone, I want to share how I lost 6k dollars in trading in three weeks. You can tell me that I am a fool myself, but I tell you that it's all about this terrible terminal, which slows down for 5 seconds at the moment when you trade in turbo mode ☹️ Because of this, you can not fix the necessary profit and it becomes impossible for you to earn normally. I concluded - it is a scam, with which you won't be able to negotiate 🙁 you will always be at a loss! I do not recommend it to anyone for cooperation.
  12. 2012
    October 15
    I recommend the intermediary as a reliable partner
    This is not a bad company that provides quite acceptable trading conditions, tight spreads, fast order processing. The functionality of the terminal corresponds to what is stated on the site and it is very pleasant. I had an experience of cooperation with unscrupulous companies, so I know how not so reliable the service can be. Withdrawal of funds on Wiolin also works stably. I have been trading on this platform for almost six months, however, I have not noticed any big problems. Slippages are very rare here in a volatile market when important news is released. But slippages were small, and for all the time I have observed them 3 times. I recommend the broker for trading to all of you.
  13. Nonex
    October 15
    I withdrew all my money
    I saw big problems with execution and work of technical support, and decided to leave this broker.
  14. Lasad
    October 10
    A typical scheme of stealing money...
    This terminal works on the B-book system... Wiolin is an ordinary forex dump, which is engaged in the deliberate draining of its clients' money... trades are not withdrawn anywhere... everything rotates inside the platform... it's profitable for the broker that traders lose money... this is the income of scammers, not earnings from spreads... that is why scammers are hunting for clients with large sums... and on this site, you can't register without prior communication with the manager...

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