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Xtrader365 does not provide any information about the owner of the site, it only shows the address of the office in Limassol, Cyprus. In addition, the broker does not disclose any information about the history of the project or the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered only in August 2023. Finally, the company does not provide services to citizens and residents of the US and several other countries.

How safe is this platform? Is it profitable to trade various assets here? We will analyze the capabilities of the terminal, legal aspects of the service, and make a conclusion about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Xtrader365 offers a PC platform, mobile app, trade automation, and trades from anywhere. Trading assets – equities, forex, futures, NFT, crypto, commodities. The terminal has anti-slippage protection, features advanced charting, and four pending orders (Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Stop and Buy Stop – exactly like that). The broker’s offer includes the possibility of partial closing events and lot sizes of 0.01.

You can choose a trading plan from the following options:

  • Silver, from $500 to $5,000 – dairy market analytics, exclusive updates, dairy recommendations.
  • Gold, from $5,000 to $7,000 – VIP support is additionally provided.
  • Platinum, $7,000 to $10,000 – plus hedging of trades.
  • VIP Club, over $10,000 – personal manager services are provided.

You can use EUR, USD, BTC, or GBP as an account currency. E-wallets, including cryptocurrency wallets, or bank cards are used for transactions.

You will not own the underlying assets when participating in CFDs on digital currencies. CFDs allow you to buy financial products that only replicate the performance of a crypto.

The administration of Xtrader365 promises trading education for newbies. The site lists account icons for three social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but they are not active. In addition, there is no actual phone number for contacting technical support, which the broker promises to provide to users around the clock.


Would investing in Xtrader365 offer the best returns?

For you, cooperation with this broker is more likely to result in the loss of funds rather than their acquisition. This is risky CFD trading with unclear trading conditions and an unstable platform.

Does Xtrader365 carry out withdrawals?

We see that you will be able to withdraw your funds only by luck. Because negative opinions about the broker are much more common among customers in reviews than positive ones. You can also share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on xtrader365.com?

There is a high risk of fraudulent companies that have no history or license. This site has a fresh domain, inactive social media links, a fake phone number, and a very poor design.

What's the best way to share my experience with Xtrader365?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Xtrader365 is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Xtrader365

  1. Carene
    February 26
    Xtrader365 is a scam
    I invested $21,000 in Xtrader365 with a broker & after 2 weeks I decided to withdraw the total amount of $39,000+, they asked me to pay 11% fees in order to make the withdrawal. I told my broker to deduct the fees from my withdrawal as I suspected something fishy . They refused my withdrawal unless I pay the fees of $4000+.
    The broker since then disappeared & I lost all my money.
    Please don’t trust Xtrader365 as they are definitely scammers!
  2. Ray
    February 23
    Please can someone help me to retrieve my funds from xtrader365 please
  3. Liliana Gladuli
    January 16
    Mi sono fatta raggirare dalle belle parole del venditore, mi ha chiesto 250 € (garantiti di restituzione) e fatto vedere dei grafici dove avrei guadagnato ma dove non potevo capire nulla, dicendo che dovevo versarne altri 1.000 con molte garanzie per vedere maggiori risultati, per fortuna non mi sono fatta fregare. Non mi hanno mandato nessun contratto con le garanzie scritte e quando ho chiesto il rimborso (garantito) dei miei 250 € non mi ha mai risposto nessuno alle mail!
    è passato un mese e Non mi hanno mai restituito niente!
    state attenti.
    sul sito https://www.xtrader365.com/ con un form per i contatti al quale non risponde nessuno, i telefoni tutti stranieri a cui non risponde nessuno. i dati societari non li trovi da nessuna parte, invece per legge dovrebbero essere sempre indicati, solo il nome del sito che non vale nulla. A chi si può fare causa se ti rubano i soldi?
    Mi dispiace per la povera gente che gli affida i soldi del lavoro di una vita, sono proprio brutta gente!
  4. Thomas
    December 18
    I made a deposit of $250 weeks went by my account grew to $351, now i wanted to withdraw $100 to check if the broker is legit and to check how long it takes for payout..
    Its been more than 3weeks now they say in order for me to withdraw i need to deposit more money for taxes and so on...i even created a BTC account to get a ewallet address to make it easier when they pay me out!!
    How can i get my money from them are there any other ways / platforms to escalate my query?
  5. 1234567
    September 20
    I am satisfied with this service in almost everything
    Relatively recently I discovered such a financial instrument as contracts for price difference:) I decided to focus on them, so I had to say goodbye to my previous broker, which had almost no CFDs. On the advice of a friend, I opened an account with Xtrader365. For some reason, I decided not to work in the classics (MT4, MT5), but to try the broker's own author's terminal. Surprisingly, I liked everything on this platform, except that there are no passive income options at all. There are still some negative nuances, but these are trifles. The main thing is that there are a lot of assets here and the broker does not charge any commissions except for the spread:) By the way, the spread is average, not so high as some traders write in reviews. I will also note the technical support. The consultants always answer promptly, explain everything to me in detail, and this is an important indicator of customer focus:)
  6. POLKI
    September 19
    Trading on the platform is a challenge
    I tested the terminal for two weeks. It requires extensive experience and skills to achieve stable profits here. The broker has set a high minimum deposit of $ 500 (this is already a bad start for the new platform, since most other similar resources offer a minimum deposit of $ 1-10). This can make you a losing trader in the long run, and the broker will take advantage of this, knowing that you could end up losing in the long run. Therefore, I do not recommend beginners to choose xtrader365.com for trading as it is unlikely that they will be able to stay on the plus side for a long time.
  7. Vik
    September 16
    Long withdrawal, useless technical support
    I registered recently, deposited 2,300$, and started trading, everything seemed to go well, until it came to the withdrawal of funds. The first time I withdrew a little more than a week, the second time the withdrawal to the card was with a commission of 25%, I withdrew in bitcoins, that also took more than a week, and then everything froze.
    I decided to go to another broker, with which I working in parallel, the withdrawal is fast, and everything is clear. I left an application for all the money for withdrawal and everything stopped at xtrader365.com. The broker could not say anything, I had to write an official appeal, consultants requested my data on all transactions (deposits/withdrawals), postponed the terms of consideration, and in the end, after more than 3 weeks, the broker wrote off from my account more than 1,000$, referring to the clause in the contract, where the service has the right to write off from the client a percentage of profitable transactions. Moreover, the company made the calculation according to an absolutely robber formula. As a result, I was not only unable to withdraw the remaining 1,000$, but my balance is now -1,200$. Never get in touch with this service, you will not be able to earn here, and if you try to leave the broker and return your deposit, you will be left in a minus.
  8. htrc
    September 5
    I am terribly frustrated...
    The trading conditions presented on Xtrader365 have nothing to do with reality! I registered here 3 weeks ago on the Gold account. So it turned out that spreads and commissions were 30 percent higher than specified. This is pure fraud!
  9. Const
    September 4
    Scammers, this is definitely proven by my experience!
    Blatant scammers! I'll tell you briefly about myself: I deposited about $8,000, and I managed to withdraw only $2,700, while I earned $30!!! It took me three weeks to withdraw!!! In the end it turned out that the withdrawal fee is 5%, but the difference of $5,300 is not 5%!!!
    I came to xtrader365.com on the advice of a trader on social network!!!! I even think it's the same company! Those who safely drained my deposit, they are good, they know how to cheat, and the most brilliant STRATEGY to make money will not help you!!! The terminal at the first request for withdrawal abruptly broke down, I had to wait, but after unsuccessful attempts to withdraw funds, I had to give up the idea of returning stolen by these scammers!
  10. dalompasd
    August 29
    I get calls all the time from these scammers
    I am well acquainted with this type of scam, I have already encountered it and know how to calculate their nefarious intentions. I don't know where they got my phone number, maybe they hacked into some database. But I know for sure that X trader 365 is not a real broker. If you are attracted to this scam, do not believe it in any way!
  11. dimdom
    August 29
    I did not like the terminal
    The broker offers a lot of assets for trading, but traders should realize that all these are contracts for price difference. I have been trading here for about a week. I can say that I only wasted my time. Poor trading did not bring me profit, only losses of 320 dollars...
  12. lu
    August 27
    No protection of funds from unauthorized withdrawal
    This broker has fast enough execution of orders, but there is a disadvantage that the funds on the account are not protected by a confirmation password. If an outsider gains access to the account, there is a risk of losing money.
  13. andron
    August 21
    Another fake brokerage scam
    They don't give me to withdraw any profit, unless they withdraw small amounts at first:( to earn my trust.
  14. tatana
    August 16
    This is a very questionable company
    The broker is absolutely unknown to anyone, that's why it makes me suspicious. I deposited a small amount of money in my trading account, only 600 euros, and realized that Xtrader365 requires very high commissions and very often sets high spreads. In addition, there is a feeling that here do not withdraw trades to the interbank.
  15. exp2p
    August 13
    No communication with the operator
    I found in the advertising of this broker called Xtrader365, I thought that the company seems good, I made a deposit of 550$, opened a deal, and little by little began to earn, but this idyll lasted only 2 days, well, and then the broker brazenly began to drain my deposit with the help of its spread, here is my example, think for yourself, but I would not advise you to contact this company, there is no communication with technical support, don't even think that they will respond to your complaint, I also want to add that it turns out that this offshore broker does not even have a license, I can't file a complaint anywhere, so think for yourself how reliable this company is:(
  16. Andry
    August 11
    There are minuses and small advantages
    I will start with the negative characteristics: there is no MT5, a small number of crypto instruments, and spreads are high. On the plus side, I will note the fast execution of orders, which is what you need for successful scalping. There are no slippages, as such, on xtrader365. The main thing in trading is not to slip into excitement and not to reach a minus. Well, it comes with experience. As a comment, I would like to see the terminal to ‌expand the line of crypto. And about NFT, it is such an unobvious asset that those users who trade it can scare away all clients with their reviews.

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