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ZocDocStocks claims that the brand is registered in Monaco and is headquartered there. However, the company also reports that its business is conducted under the laws of the jurisdiction of Belize. In addition, the brokerage firm does not disclose the project’s history, the date of its foundation, and the presence of a license. As for the domain, it was registered in September 2023.

Can you entrust capital to this financial intermediary? We will analyze its documents and understand the legitimacy of this service.

Trading Conditions

ZocDocStocks provides a web-based platform for trading from any device. After registering an account, you will access cryptocurrencies, commodity markets, stock indices, and forex markets.

ZocDocStocks has developed three types of accounts, where the number of options increases as the minimum deposit increases. You can choose a suitable tariff from the following options:

  • Beginner from $500 – standard financial plan, instant execution, leverage up to 1:50.
  • Experienced from $25,000 – deposit insurance, cryptocurrency, and metals trading, customized financial plan.
  • Professional from $50,000 – deposit protection, premium financial plan.

The broker claims increased profits and economic growth for each of its clients.

ZocDocStocks promises fast processing of withdrawal requests. However, in the client agreement, the company states that the withdrawal of profits will be available not earlier than 30 days after making a deposit. 

Opening and maintaining an account with the broker is accompanied by personalized 24/7 support for traders.


Would investing in ZocDocStocks offer the best returns?

The risk of losing money on CFD trading is much higher than the possibility of earning profits. Therefore, you should be very cautious about cooperation with this broker, which provides a service with unclear conditions.

Does ZocDocStocks carry out withdrawals?

The company does not specify commissions in the trading conditions, and the timeframe for processing withdrawal requests is at least 15-30 days after the last deposit. Accordingly, your money may not be withdrawn for an unlimited period. Traders indicate in reviews that they lose hope of getting their funds. You can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on zocdocstocks.com?

The official website of the company is presented as a cheap one-page resource, there is no demo version, and finally, fees and licenses are not specified. In addition, customers have to make a high minimum deposit to start trading. All these facts, as well as a fresh domain, tell us about the high probability of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with ZocDocStocks?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about ZocDocStocks

  1. halit
    September 21
    Total disappointment!
    I lost all my money, 674€ after several transactions were closed at extremely low prices without my consent.
  2. k5ira
    September 16
    I cannot withdraw funds
    I spent a lot of time and energy contacting zocdoc stocks to get my money back in the amount of 2,320 dollars. The broker does not answer calls and ignores my emails.
  3. bur
    August 21
    I calculated everything carefully
    I always thought that a broker specializing in everything at once couldn't be a decent option. Still, highly specialized experts are a more favorable option. As a person who prefers to invest in cryptocurrency, I was wary of ZocDocStocks' offer. Scammers here and there are just waiting to steal money from ordinary people, but I was not a fool. Having experience, I quickly requested and checked the legal documentation to make sure that the company was legitimate enough to consider working with it. So, after making sure the offer was adequate, I started working with $1,300, which, to my surprise, gave good results. The transaction commissions were extremely low, and further trading showed that the broker cares about its reputation and clients.
  4. Favorite
    August 5
    Constant deception
    There is constant deception on the site and non-existent shadows are used. I wish I could write very rude words, or I'd have spoken out :( On January 3, 2024, I opened a deal in USD/JPY short at the price of 130.681, then my deal closed automatically at a loss of 131.234, and according to the charts of other brokers, the price did not rise above 130.8633 :( you can conclude how the false broker is working...
  5. Lidiya
    July 16
    This company is a scam, there's no doubt about it
    The broker stopped withdrawing money from my account. At first, zocdocstocks did not fulfill my withdrawal requests, and now they have invented a new method: the company does not pay and at the same time reduces my account balance. The broker deletes my withdrawal requests as execution, but my money is not returned to my bank account, i.e. in fact it is a clear theft of funds. This month the broker deleted 4 of my withdrawal requests totaling £1,032. Contacting support does not help. The phone does not answer, I wrote a bunch of emails, but I still have not received any response.
  6. amassss
    July 13
    Fraudsters!!! They stole my money and blocked me!!!
    There's an obvious scam on zocdocstocks.com, my advice to you is to forget about your money, any action to save already lost money will only lead to new losses. I paid $3,560 supposedly broker commission to complete my withdrawal. But it doesn't help! The broker has no money at all! Everything that you initially gave immediately goes into the pocket of swindlers, there is no real trading here, it's all a game that lasts until the scammers realize that there will be no more deposits from you, and their last "surprise" is that you have to pay a commission to get the funds. In the end, my account is blocked and my money, of course, the scammers took it for themselves. I'm wondering: how many fools like me were in the way of this scam?! Do these bastards think that justice will not prevail?! Or do they think the Almighty sees nothing and the payback will not come to them!!!?
  7. rator
    April 28
    A financial plan helps me
    I have been working with zocdocstocks.com for 4 months now! During this time I was able to realize that the company is reliable and works honestly, without deception. As for the financial plan, I can say that it is high quality and helps at least to get up to speed well, I ask my manager for more detailed consultations or in TradingView to find answers to questions. The deposit went from $1,300 to over $2,500. This is even though in recent months I started to withdraw profits regularly. Withdrawing funds from the account is not a problem.
  8. bundes
    March 22
    Deception of traders
    The broker drained my balance of €4,700 to zero after I wanted to withdraw my money.
  9. alex seven
    March 4
    I would like to share my experience of the service
    I went to the company's website only out of curiosity - I was looking for extra income. But I left my phone number in the registration form and the staff started calling me every day, offering me to start earning from the first day about $100 per day, the calls were almost every day and I made a huge mistake when I deposited $1550. My balance increased to $3,210 after 1.5 months of working with zocdocstocks.com, but when I offered to withdraw $800 for personal needs, the scammer's response was "you are not allowed to withdraw that amount" (they said I still need to trade). However, the next day after my withdrawal request, I lost $2,600, I had $610 left, I traded for three more days my balance increased by $87, after that I lost everything to 0, although I thought I had everything in my hands :( as you can see, the picture is clear! The scheme that promises you profitability, the inflow of vital energy and good mood, turned out to be a banal deception :( the moment you transferred money to the account of an unregulated company, - it is not your money anymore, the scammers themselves draw your balance as they want, and persuade you to deposit more money. As a result, you will lose your real money the minute you put it into your zocdocstocks account, I do not advise you to make such huge mistakes. Be vigilant and prudent, don't become another victim, a person who has suffered a financial loss.
  10. fnad
    March 3
    Don't believe the broker's promises!
    Managers want only one thing - to cheat you out of all your money. I also had problems with withdrawing money on ZocDocStocks and the broker does not solve it.
  11. tigrus
    February 25
    Overall good platform
    The broker has flaws, but who doesn't?!! I know brokerages that have such flaws that I wonder how they can stand up to the competition in the forex market. Zocdocstocks is loyal to clients, they constantly help to earn money and it's nice. I have been working with this company for a long time, but during all the time I had no problems with withdrawal of funds, withdrawal takes place within 2-3 banking days, according to the terms of the agreement 👍
  12. Deny VS
    February 15
    I do not recommend it to anyone
    The broker only takes your money and then ignores your requests and complaints. Zocdocstocks tech support operators just disappear and stop answering your calls and messages when you have problems with the withdrawal of funds, so they haven't processed my request for a withdrawal of 364 euros for 2 months...
  13. Sir Carrot
    February 10
    The platform is suitable for trading
    This company is average, it is not very bad, but it is not very good either. There are complaints about the execution of orders, the broker declares that it executes everything clearly according to the market, in fact, there's a small slippage. Quotes differ from the market, because of which the declared spread of 2 pips is actually 3-4 pips. There are delays in order execution up to 10-15 seconds. No matter how cool and experienced you are, there'll be periods when trades will be closed in the red. It's important to be able to endure it and to draw the right conclusions. All the same, if you trade correctly, the Zocdocstocks platform will give you the results you need.
  14. sarhosh
    January 27
    Cheap resource
    Fake charts and no broker support and no assistance from the "personal manager". He told me something on the phone for about 15 minutes, but I didn't learn anything new. He doesn't understand anything about crypto at all, where and what is traded now! Absurd is going on at zocdocstocks with the withdrawal of funds! The commissions are unreasonably high, you can easily withdraw only the amount you deposited, and the profit must be waited for an unknown amount of time, although there is no such information when depositing. I could not withdraw money, and now I plan to apply to the state authorities for help, maybe they will help this broker to get together and treat clients well! I don't want to do CFD Forex anymore!

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