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Zorro Markets claims to be registered in Amsterdam and indicates its address in the Netherlands, but there is no confirmation of this. Judging by the information on the website, the brand positions itself as a large European firm with more than 20 thousand active clients and many years of experience. However, the broker does not disclose the date of the project’s start, and there is no specific confirmation of its history, the site has only vague phrases that “time has confirmed the high reputation of our company”. As for the domain, it was registered in July 2023 by a registrar from the United States. In addition, the project does not have a license. Finally, the interface supports 10 languages, including Arabic, and Italian. Despite this, the client agreement and other documents are presented only in English. Judging by the phone number, the technical support is located in the UK.

Can you trust your money to this broker? Does the information on the website correspond to reality? We will analyze the company’s activity and make conclusions about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Zorro Markets provides CFD trading on Forex, stocks, indices, metals, and cryptocurrencies. Clients get access to trading on the world markets from a single trading account. You will be able to open orders after registering on the platform in the amount of 10 to 20 dollars per trade. You can replenish your deposit via bank transfer or card, as well as with the help of e-wallets. The brokerage company offers 4 types of tariff plans, which are structured by the amount of the minimum deposit. You can choose one of the following options;

  • Basic Account, from $250 – trading in all types of assets.
  • Business Account, from $2500 – leverage 1:100, spreads from 0.4 pips.
  • Premier Account, from $50,000 – leverage 1:200 or 1:30, spreads from 0.1 pips.
  • Dedicated Account – the broker approves the scope and set of services for each client individually.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $250/£250/euro for bank transfer. Transaction fee is charged at $50. The minimum withdrawal amount using other payment methods is $100/£/euro. Withdrawals can take up to 19 business days to process, including processing up to 5 business days and crediting up to 14 days.

If you have not traded from your account for 6 months, you will be charged an “Inactive Fee” of 10% for each month.

You will find the TradingView platform tracker with online asset value analytics on the website. Financial events around the world are reflected in the “News” section.


Would investing in Zorro Markets offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to make a profit with an anonymous company that doesn't even disclose its history. You run a high risk of losing your money in CFD trading on an unknown platform.

Does Zorro Markets carry out withdrawals?

Traders are very often unable to withdraw funds from this platform. Many users have already lost large investments on this site, as evidenced by their comments. You can share your personal experience with us in your review.

May I be scammed on zorromarkets.co?

The probability of being scammed on this website with a cheap interface is very high. Such signs as the lack of legal documents, certificates, and brokerage licenses indicate that the project is fake.

What's the best way to share my experience with Zorro Markets?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if zorromarkets.io is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

27 reviews about Zorro Markets

  1. malc
    April 19
    this company is an absolute fraud that will steal all your money. I invested my savings and even though I told them I am 71 years old they still stole everything I had. I can only hope that my money brings whoever has it nothing but the absolute worst that can happen to them. they must have parents and elderly relatives and if they put themselves in that position how would they feel if it was their parents who thieves prayed on. The account manager was supposedly called Dave Bloom and his boss was Oscar J White. I hope they rot in hell
  2. Idris J Gerry
    March 4
    Mr Luis Franco. Netherlands residents is a big scam broker for zorro market be careful of him.
    February 27
  4. GREG john DUNNE
    February 27
    zorro markets don't trust them 1.700000.00 us, gone mother fucking dogs.
    no platform no Email VANISHED MOTHER F***R
  5. David
    February 26
    Well what can I say..... add me to the list... I can't open the Sites at all, Dashboard, ( https://client.zorromarkets.com/ ) and
    Webtrader ( https://webtrader.zorromarkets.com/ ) When emailed Mike Goldman, the email bounced back. Hmmm
    "Your message wasn't delivered to mike.g@zorromarkets. com because the domain zorromarkets.com couldn't be found."
    was worried of late when trying to withdraw, excuses, can't withdraw while a trade is open, Hmm;
    Ah well, we live and learn obviously ( Now) that it was a scam, too good to be true.
    How can I even give it 1 star, why not have a symbol for negative or scam? suppose it was an expensive lesson.
  6. Anne
    February 15
    Zorro Markets....RUN FOR THE HILLS
    I have just had the pleasure of speaking with a very pushy rude gentelman from Zorro Markets after I had made an online enquiry after reading about it in the channel 9 news feed. I immediately knew it was a scam. My phone rang the second I pressed the mouse to complete the enquiry. This fella was immediately suspicious. When I asked for more information his response was "more information about what" how rude! I told him I thought he was a scammer and hung up on him. He called me back twice I hung up twice. He called me a third time and I answered to tell him to back off and stop calling me or I would report him. I then emailed him and told him what I thought of him lol. Stay well away from these guys.
  7. Rob
    February 6
    SCUM BAG!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Rob
    February 6
    Don’t go anywhere near this platform and if. Ron Ryder is your so called account manager HANG UP !!!!!!!!
  9. Robert
    February 2
    Don’t go anywhere near this I got done for around $5000 when I said I wanted to cash in got blanked from login in and no emails were returned if your so called account manager is Ron Ryder hang up
  10. Robert Benger
    January 23
    A complex and convincing scam!
    I have lost tens of thousands of dollars to these criminals and with no prospect of redress
  11. Gary Halliday
    January 23
    I have sent multiple emails to try and have a pending withdrawal lodged on 12 January 2024 processed and to make arrangements to close my account as soon as possible. Ron Ryder told me that this could not be actioned because I HAD CLOSED SOME TRADES BEFORE THEY FINALISED – as shown on your system this claim is utter rubbish and I advised him of this. He even suggested that a cat may have walked across my keyboard, this shows how serious he takes my requests to close my account.

    I have had no response to any of these emails and have also tried to use the “Customer Service” feature on the dashboard – this does not work despite assurance from Ron Ryder that this was the best way to contact him. I have also sent a message through your website.


    When I have spoken with John Ford, Mike Goldman and Ron Ryder, I have been repeatedly told how important trust is and how important it is to be honest – but this is something that is preached and not practiced.

    Despite being repeatedly assured that all the funds showing in the account are mine and I that can withdraw them at any time, this appears to be another deception.

    I have been told that;
    • Withdrawals cannot be made while there are open positions – THERE WERE NONE OF THESE
    • I need to give three days’ notice for withdrawals – THIS HAS BEEN DONE
    • I must leave 30% of available equity – THE PENDING WITHDRAWAL ALLOWS FOR THIS
    • Accounts can only be closed on the last day of the month; and

    There is an old adage that if something it too good to be true, it is - which is what I feel about my dealings with Zorro Markets.

    I am so glad I have not given in to the sustained pressure from these “advisors” to invest further funds in what appears to be a SCAM of epic proportions.

    I will be reporting this and relating all my experiences which have been documented to every agency and reporting organisation I can think of.

    I have also contacted Market Trends Education who were used when my account was initially opened.

  12. DM
    January 19
    they will steal your money!
  13. John
    January 12
    This is a bogus company which seems to operate from the Philippines, posing as an Amsterdam based firm with offices around the world. Once you open an account with a deposit it is as good as stolen and the contact numbers supplied are also bogus.
  14. litote
    January 12
    This is a scam site, they don't appear to be licensed, create fake news stories online with links to there sign up. I was snot contacted again my an account manager as promised once I made a deposit. No replies to emails. Many negative reviews online.
    The support numbers don't connect you they just end the call when you reach the top of the queue.
    Their trading platform appears to be bogus. Many claims are made by "clients" that can not cash out.
  15. Rob
    November 28
    Don’t go anywhere near them if you’re account manager is Ron Ryder HANG UP
  16. seaman
    November 6
    Not a good option for a successful start for a beginner
    You will lose all your capital on this resource and then you will feel disgusted with trading for the rest of your life. The trades here are not taken out to the real market, and the money immediately goes to the management of Zorro Markets, so you should not be surprised that over time it will turn out that you lost all your time and money here for nothing. All quotes, charts, and signals do not correspond to real indicators. Moreover, I will tell you that this project has been repeatedly seen in its dishonest and deceitful attitude towards clients. I lost 715 pounds here and realized that the broker lies all the time and it goes for everything to steal as much money as possible from its clients. And I don't know a single trader yet who has actually been paid something here. ‌I have not met anywhere good reviews, and for some reason, I went to this site and believed in the self-promotion of the company. You better not risk it, just pass by this site, it's a dump.
  17. waves
    October 30
    Thieves and scammers!!!
    These crooks have scammed a lot of people already, even though they have only recently existed. I believed in their lies, and in a week drained more than 1,000 dollars :( Do not believe them, scammers will deceive everyone further.
  18. raptor
    October 21
    The broker does not inspire confidence
    I am amazed at the brazenness with which dishonest people want to cheat traders! Zorro Markets doesn't even bother to create the appearance that it is officially operating and that it can be trusted. In fact, the broker has no license, and no information from its regulators (there is no regulation, most likely). That is, the broker does not inspire confidence at all and is not suitable for trading. The Netherlands is listed here as the officially named address. How far you will have to send a claim from China in case of problems?!! And it is far from the fact that the broker is actually located in Europe. Trading here is done using "the most developed and well-known trading platform in the industry WebTrader Zorro Markets", as the broker claims. This should be a huge plus, but it turns out that this trading terminal, which is known everywhere for its well-established work, is only different in that its processing speed is slower than usual. And there is no stability in passing orders. The program constantly hangs, and moderators do not want to fix it.
  19. Nick
    October 10
    Managers talk nonsense convincingly
    Platform owners bribe traders with favorable conditions with low swap rates, no commissions, and a small entry threshold, but in reality, they can charge you for every move. I don't understand how I have only 25 dollars left on my deposit for 4 days. I invested 420 dollars and I'm trading all in the plus wind up, there were no drawdowns. In technical support, zorromarkets.io can not explain anything to me. What kind of deception is going on at the trading platform?
  20. Harry Kramer
    October 2
    I do not know how profitable it is to trade here
    I can't even say whether it is worth cooperating with this broker in these market conditions. The company provides quite a good trading environment, but CFDs are risks and not small ones. If you look at the way the prices for certain assets are falling and rising rapidly, the same oil goes into minus at times, I do not see any common sense in the decision to trade on Forex. Zorro Markets does not give any guarantees for European traders, and in case of instability on the market, I would like to have stability from a financial intermediary. I will not risk opening an account here yet.
  21. Ainagul
    October 1
    The company is good
    I liked that the managers here won't get involved in trades if you don't need their help. Will not stress with advice, if you did not ask them to do so. But will help you as soon as you ask for that help. The platform itself works great too, no glitches. I have no complaints :) I evaluate my chances realistically and realize that any deal I can both lose and close with a plus. Everything depends only on me and I cannot and will not blame others for my mistakes. The broker is required only lightning-fast execution and smooth work. This is all Zorro Markets has been providing for several years now. I also like the fact that all activities here are conducted strictly in the interests of traders. If you are a beginner, they will teach you everything, and provide you with materials for successful mastering of all tasks. And certainly, ‌managers will not ignore your problems, if any. Everything works perfectly, the employees do not let you down, for which they thank you very much.
  22. Antony
    October 1
    I am completely disappointed with the work of the terminal
    The broker Zorro Markets prides itself on working on its web platform, but what good is it if the system doesn't work for a day without freezes?! On the network, I saw there are reviews from traders that the project does not pay and works unstably, but I thought that this is slander and decided to try it myself. The former clients were right. You can easily drain here 800 dollars in one trading week, as it happened to me, although I am a trader with many years of experience. The platform hangs exactly on important points and does not let you make money. Apparently, the trades are not taken to the interbank market and the company itself is manipulating the trades. It is profitable for it to make a trader lose and it copes with this task perfectly. I had enough for 3 weeks and gave up, disappointed in the project.
  23. Light
    September 28
    This site causes a lot of problems
    The server is constantly disconnected, and often when news is released. I have already written to tech support many times, and the operators have promised to take immediate action, but no action has been taken so far.
  24. Vl
    September 28
    Screen design is too cheap to trust this resource
    If you look carefully, the translation of the official site into Italian is a machine translation, using google translate, not a human. And the design of the site itself does not look like the design of any professional participant in the forex market. If you are a trader from Italy, then I think it is better for you not to risk and not to open a deposit in Zorro Markets brokerage company. Because it is a high risk. You should look carefully at the advertising text, this company is oriented to the Asian region because the technical support works in Asian languages, there is Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and so on. There are also European languages on the site, but this is not enough for the reliability of the resource, do not forget that you may have problems with the account, with the withdrawal of funds. The broker can easily block your account and say that it no longer works with traders from Europe. Here they offer clients to trade with 1:200, which is prohibited by EU regulations. These risks should not be, you should trade where it is not prohibited and safe so that there is only one risk - to drain your money yourself, and not to lose it because of the fraud of the company itself. If you try to find something on the Internet about this company, you will not get anything, because there is almost no information. It is an unknown company in Italy. And why trade in obscure establishments without a license?!! It's better to do it with regulated companies that are verified, that are reliable, and safe. There are many of them, just search the net.
  25. Xeon
    September 25
    Peculiar service
    I haven't dealt with such dishonest brokers yet, as I mostly traded on well-known sites, but recently I came across an advertisement for zorromarkets.io. I tried trading with a minimum deposit of £250. I can say that it is more favorable to work here kind of conditions than other European platforms, but the profit is low. The manager told me that the spreads are fixed, but I encountered floating spreads and I was surprised when on the news the spreads jumped several times! All the swap rates are on the site, there were no surprises for me here. But I still can't understand the system of debiting, because certain amounts are debited at different times, but always once a week. It is still worth understanding the conditions, if I can't get used to it, I will look for another partner for forex trading.
  26. senpai
    September 23
    I am among the victims who have had their deposits stolen by Zorro Markets. I lost 2,860 euros here, but if you think you will be an exception, you are in for a nasty disappointment :( You will be scammed too, just like everyone else. So I personally recommend staying away from these liars.
  27. whelp
    September 16
    There is no guarantee of payment
    Zorro Markets is not regulated by US laws, but how can another country help you?! Nothing!!! The company has no license to operate in the United States. Now the situation is already unstable, but some dubious companies like this one are trying to shake people's financial situation.

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