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Montana Trading LTD clients can trade on the exchange and study educational materials. In accordance with the information on the main page of the website, the broker was founded by veterans of the forex industry. The company claims to have been registered in the UK in 2012. Despite this, the project’s website appeared only in 2023. In addition, we could not find confirmation of this information or a license to provide broker services.

Trading Conditions

You can trade on Montana Trading LTD with currency pairs, as well as CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities. The project’s website is available in English and Polish. Upon registration, clients are eligible for a 45% bonus on their second investment. The following trading accounts are available:

  • Beginner
  • ECN account
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The broker offers educational materials, trading signals, and analytical reports. Multilingual technical support is available 24/5, and the level of support depends on the type of account. Users can also earn loyalty points ranging from 20 to 50 percent. The WebTrader platform is used for trading.


Would investing in Montana Trading LTD offer the best returns?

CFD trading is always accompanied by huge risks of losing funds, so the chance to make a profit is low.

Does Montana Trading LTD carry out withdrawals?

There are almost no reviews about successful withdrawals. Share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The project was recently created and probably presents someone else's legal data as its own. Such companies often deceive people.

What's the best way to share my experience with Montana Trading LTD?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Montana Trading LTD is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 128$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Montana Trading LTD

  1. klu1271
    July 5
    Can you tell me more about the project?
    I've heard that Montana Trading has a really high-quality education and great personal managers. Is that true? I'm hesitant to register until I hear from people who have actually traded here, because there are both positive and negative reviews, and it's unclear where the truth lies….
  2. amengaker
    June 30
    I've already been scammed by a similar company, I won't fall for it again.
    Recently, representatives from Montana Trading called me offering to trade on the stock market, but I declined. I remembered that I had already lost three thousand dollars this way before. They told me at the time that I shouldn't trust companies that call me first. Good organizations don't seek out customers in this way.
  3. toolsforluls
    June 26
    A good broker, no problems at all
    I initially trusted the company because it's a British organization, not some offshore business. I registered here and so far my experience has been good. My deposit has increased thanks to the advice of my personal manager. In general, this is the exact company that I can recommend to anyone.
  4. Zofia
    June 21
    Proszę, nie handluj z Montana Trading Ltd
    Przeczytałem wszystkie opinie traderów na temat Montana Trading i chciałbym dodać swoje spostrzeżenia. To znane oszustwo. Co miesiąc wprowadzają nowe oszukańcze strony internetowe. Wcześniej oferowali swoje usługi pod nazwami Palmer Finance, Medco Finance Limited, Lamelle Financial Consultants itp. Są to oszuści z wschodnim akcentem. Na ich platformie wszystko jest tak ustawione, żebyś stracił pieniądze. Pracownicy stale naciskają, żebyś doładował konto. Pojawiają się cały czas jakieś nieznane opłaty, których nie ma u normalnych brokerów. A gdy odmawiasz wpłacenia jeszcze większej sumy, po prostu zaczynają cię ignorować.
  5. Intaux
    June 17
    Never trade with one-day companies
    The real lifespan of the website is only a few months. This means that the broker may soon disappear together with your money if you invest them
  6. ArtN
    June 15
    They can't even be called customer support
    They helped me to register and deposit money, but once I made the deposit, I suddenly became uninteresting to Montana Trading Limited. I tried asking something in the chat, and... it's been already three days since I haven't received any response from them. I am not satisfied with such an attitude, so I submitted a withdrawal request. The money hasn't arrived yet, and I don't expect to get a response from the tech service, which is really frustrating. I think they just scammed me and left me without money…
  7. realy
    June 10
    horrible trading conditions
    due to the slow performance of the terminal, slippage of trades on montana is very pronounced. the purchase price of the asset does not match what I was counting on... the quotes are not even close to the market averages. there is also no demo account, which means there is no way to test the platform's functionality before depositing real money. In general, I am disappointed.. I lost almost all my money and didn't even see the point of withdrawing the remaining amount because of the huge commissions that would render my earnings negligible.
  8. 68
    June 4
    This is a really great company.
    The trading terminal is pretty functional. You can work with different assets. The technical support answers pretty much right away on weekdays, never had to wait more than half an hour for a response. Overall, Montana Trading really helped me get rich and I'm grateful to them for that.
  9. Magnoly
    June 2
    Help me withdraw my money!
    After verification, access to my personal account was blocked!! I already realized that Montana Trading is a scam, but is there any chance to somehow withdraw my money? Please help!!!!
  10. Crasengover
    May 31
    The website is simply put together
    If you examine their website carefully, you'll understand everything. On the home page, the company calls itself Olympic Markets LTD, not Montana Trading LTD... it's likely that both of these scams are owned by the same people... scrolling further, we see that in the footer of the page, they made a typo and wrote CDF instead of CFD... it already indicates their level of responsibility... and that's not even mentioning the content of this text, where, by the way, it's written that the majority of investors lose money.

    And I also checked the age of the domain and found out that this project simply didn't exist before 2023. This also says a lot about the broker.
  11. Helika
    May 29
    I fell for it, and it was a mistake
    No experienced traders would have believed Montana Trading LTD and opened an account here. But I am a complete newbie, and the scammers took advantage of that. They convinced me to deposit money, promised quality training and personal manager consultations. And in the end, an employee of this company just drained my deposit. I didn't even have anything to withdraw from. And why did I trust them in the first place? That's a rhetorical question, of course.
  12. xyzxyz
    May 21
    Sounds like a typical scam
    There are many companies like Montana Trading out there today. Here's how they work:

    Scammers seek out the legal information of a real broker, create a company website with the same name, copy the details of the real company, and claim that their organization has been in existence for many years. In reality, if you examine the age of the domain, you will discover that there is no such thing as a long-term business there. Such companies don't have any real registration, even in offshore locations. Regulators frequently warn that such organizations are clones.

    Always verify all information about the brokers you're working with. A genuine company does not have such enormous leverage. They do not offer CFD trading, as these instruments are quite high-risk. They always have a license, do not hide the address of their office and real place of registration…
  13. Niko Belic
    May 17
    I'm glad I started trading here.
    Montana Trading has the most responsive managers and great trading conditions. The choice of instruments for trading is quite rich, not just currency pairs. I'm experimenting slowly, studying analytics, communicating with a consultant, and beginning to understand what to do to make good money.
  14. maq
    May 13
    I don't think I will ever see my money
    I opened an ECN account with Montana and started trading. I worked for a couple of weeks, didn't like the conditions, and requested a withdrawal. But I haven't received my money! And I can't report it to the police because I transferred the funds through cryptocurrency, which cannot be traced. By the way, the managers convinced me to make the transfer to the cryptocurrency wallet. Now it's clear why they did it.
  15. MILTA
    May 11
    They forced a loan on me that I didn't agree to.
    So, I recently tried to withdraw the money I earned from trading with Montana Trading for a month. By the way, the amount is not significant because of constant slips, I earned less than expected. But that's not the point. After I deposited money for the second time, they sent me some bonus money. I couldn't imagine that there was any catch until I tried to withdraw the deposit. And when I applied for a withdrawal, they told me that I had to work off the funds that they credited me with, not once, because it was supposedly a loan.

    I couldn't refuse this credit. And they started threatening me that if I don't work off this loan, I won't see my money, and they will even take me to court. What a nightmare! I hope to figure this out and in the future, I will read the rules better.

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